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The Gross Questions About TTC You're Too Afraid to Ask

We had our first 'try' last night and it got me kinda wondering too many things! Can anyone tell me the answers to these gross questions?!

- If you have a freshen up (a buff of the muff if you will :lolimage before the event will any soap or wipes etc be detrimental to the sperms - even if you're only washing the 'outside' as it were?

- After ejaculation if it feels like it's coming back out of you even with a pillow under your hips will it still work and can you go clean up? And if so how soon after can you??



  • Ha! This made me laugh.

    Not sure about your first question but I would hazard a guess that if you're just freshening up the outside before, you won't be doing any basically keep the inside of you as natural and normal conditions as possible!

    As for your second question I think you should try and stay 'propped up' for at least a good half hour to ensure you're giving the swimmers the best chance possible, good excuse for a snooze and a cuddle anyway! As they say it only takes one, but the more that stay in, the more chance you have of one making it! I wouldn't clean up if you can help it for a little while afterwards..except around the edges...if you know what I mean! ha! Try not to get straight up because as soon as you stand more will escape!

    I've got to admit that it worked literally first time for us without any propping with pillows etc..I know this because we were so knackered with work, looking after our two yr old etc that we only did the deed once, two nights in a row, when I suspected I was ovulating. Im sure I had a bath before bed both nights too, I didn't prop myelf up afterwards or anything but what I did do was place a tampon in immediately after..I don't know whether this is proven to work but it worked for us! I did it mainly because it was bedtime and I didn't want to be wet and uncomfy all night but it also kept alot in too. I popped the tampon in, wet wiped and dried myself- I wouldn't immerse yourself in soap and water! Then slept all night and when I got up I had a shower etc as normal the next day. This way you clean up enough to stay comfy but don't actually have to get up, move around and risk too many escaping!

    Reading that back sounds gross! But if it helps, it helps!
  • Oooooh I've never heard the tampax thing before!

    Thanks for the advice - I've done some googling today too and it supports what you've said pretty much - I'm all up for the propping etc.

    Can't wait for the next try! image
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