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2012 wedding, can i have some help with planning please?

I got engaged in september last year, and we have just booked our venue for september 2012! We are getting married in a hotel with a beautiful chapel and having the rest of the day there as well! I went to look at wedding dresses, and the owner told me i was planning too early, and shouldnt plan things until about 6 months before, especially my dress. So now im a bit confused.

I have 18 months until the wedding, and im not sure now really what im meant to be doing! Help please? xxx


  • DoolzDoolz Posts: 33
    Thats ridiculous you can plan whenever you want.

    The best of photographers and things get booked up well in advance so you are right to start looking around.

    I got engaged 2 1/2 years before the wedding date and have been planning bits right from the start. I started looking for my dress just over a year before my wedding this July and it took me months to find the right dress. I literlly was looking for 4 months and so leaving it to 6 months before is risky. Plus a lot of the shop I went to said they needed at least 7 months for the dress.

    In respect of other little bits and bobs it's worth remembering that your tastes might change. I changed my colour scheme a million times and ended up with something I never thought I wanted.

    But it's your wedding so you can do what you want!!

  • I'm gettig married in Sept 2012 too! I don'y think it's too early to plan at all, I actually went to my first dress shop last week and they didn't think it was too early at all -infact they advised to have at least 12 months to find your dress, as it can take time to find the ONE and then they hav to have time to order the materials and obviously allow time for your fittings.

    I think you do need to allow for the fact that your taste in dresses might change in 18 months but I would say go ahead..try dresses on and enjoy the time you have to plan! It's better than trying to do it all last minute.

  • Ooh typed that fast - apologies for all the typos! Must have more coffee lol xx
  • n_e_rosen_e_rose Posts: 1,562
    I will tell you know, i went to a wedding shop 2 and a bit years in advance, and i told them i just wanted to see what suited me, and she basically told me to go away and come back 6 months before the wedding. so went to another wedding shop just up the road, and she told me to screw them, and then helped me find a dress, and i got a dress in the sale from £1,875, down to £850!!!!

    i have just under 18 months to go, and i have the ceremony booked, reception booked, dress brought, bridesmaid appointments made for next month, rings ordered, stationery made, photographer booked, videographer booked, florist booked, cars booked and paid for, cake money saved (as making my own), suits booked, shoes brought, hair accessoire brought, decorations for the reception almost all brought, gifts almost all brought, adult favours saved up for (as also making), children favours made, band booked, sweets table almost all brought and sorted bar the sweets,

    basically everything is booked and planned only things to do are chair covers, cake of cheese (which i have booked appointments with in april), hair and make up artist, and honeymoon, flower girls (which i'll do about 4 months before hand, as one might have a growth spurt before hand)

    ingore what they say, do what you want to do, and if they want your business then they won't care about that. I wanted to get everything bar the honeymoon booked before august 2011, and we are well on the way!!!!
  • I'm getting married in august 2012 and was told the same in a dress shop however went elsewhere and I have my dress now, I also have venue reception photographer videographer and florist booked, stationary decided on rings ordered and cars/ horse and carriage are next ob the list x
  • That's rubbish!! I'm getting married 5th sept 2012! I've booked the venue, car, photographer, registrar & I've just found my dress and put a deposit down!! The dress wasn't planned just went to see what suited me and I knew it was the one!! It's a bit risky to leave it till 6months before to plan everything, things get booked up well ahead!!

    If you want to start now, you go for it!! imageimage
  • I'm getting married Aug 2012 and there's no way i would leave dress shopping til 6 months before!

    6 months is plenty of time to get a dress ordered, but for me I want to enjoy dress shopping and pick one at my leisure. i've been dress shopping about 3 times since November and have not had one negative remark from a shop assistant.

    Have also booked venue and photographer xxx
  • thank you everyone for all your help image

    im a bit annoyed with the lady that said im planning too early, as obviously a lot of people are planning for a 2012 wedding. im definitely going to continue planning, and like a few of you have said 6 months i feel is leaving too late, i like to be prepared.

    thanks girls image xx
  • We are hoping to get married August 2012, booking venue end of March and until thats booked can't do anything else! My mum's friend owns a bridal shop (handy)and she has told me i need to be getting my dress by may june this year! I think the sooner the better until I get my dress I can't choose bridesmaid dresses or pick colour theme!! Ignore the woman!! xx
  • Hi I'm a sept 2012 bride too, I have only booked the venue but going to lots of wedding fayres and will book something if I like it, I went to book a hairdresser and she is booked on the day image so my advice is to start planning, I'm going to book some dress appointments next week, you may buy the first dress you try on or it may take you months but it surely can't hurt to be organised then hopefully it won't be too stressful last minute.

    Happy planning xxx
  • Hi, I'm getting married in about a month and despite being engaged for nearly a year, we haven't had enough time to get things done (busy at work, then feeling lazy, now ill). We'll probably get organised but could do without the pressure really. So you go for it, book everything you can, then you can relax, have time to pamper yourself and look forward to the big day. Hope you enjoy it!
  • I say plan away! Ignore the negative comments! image If you want to start planning then do so image one of the first things we did was to buy the bridesmaids dresses! It was almost 12-13 months before our big day but we liked them so snapped them up in the sale!

    Planning is half the fun so start whenever you like to image there are no hard and fast rules so enjoy and plan as much as you like image joy is you have time to really look at lots of ideas and get a really good idea of what you want for your big day! hope you have lots of fun image x
  • I'm getting married Feb 2013, and looking now!! Don't listen to her. Do what you want.. if you yo start planning now, you start image
  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700
    Hi September 2012 girlies,

    I am getting married in Sept 2012 too.

    I have booked venue, registrar, photographer, sent save the date cards and chosen theme and started seriously considering buying bits and pieces to spread the cost. We are currently looking at bands/DJs.

    I have also bought and completely paid for my dress! I have been engaged for 2 years, and been in love with Johanna Hehir's dresses since I saw them in my first ever bridal magazine so just popped in in Jan this year to try some on. Fell in love with a sample dress reduced by over £2,500 and couldn't resist even though I thought I was going to wait!!!!! It is currently bagged and waiting until next year in the shop for fitting and hemming and a bespoke bolero to be made to measure.

    I don't agree it is too early to plan. I think if you are the kind of person who changes their mind lots then it may not be a good idea but if you know what you like then go for it! The only thing I would say is if you are going for an 'on trend' dress I would wait until 2012. There will be new dresses around Mar 2012 so may be worth waiting i.e this years dresses seem to be quite puffy and balletic in style whereas next year's may be different. However, if you want something traditional it won't look dated whenever you buy it. Also designers carry over their most popular dresses year on year!

    Basically, do what makes you feel comfortable. My colleague is getting married in June and still hasn't chosen a dress. She has been into about 12 separate London shops and found nothing and is really starting to panic!

    HAVE FUN! image

    P.S Come and join us on the 'I am getting married in September 2012' thread! We have date lists and introductions etc. if you want to see what other brides getting married then have done!
  • joeykapoeyjoeykapoey Posts: 118
    Completely agree with what others have said. We are getting married in July 2012, venue has been booked for months and I bought my dress last week after looking for a couple of months. I would start organising as much as you want to as early as you want to, I would have thought it would keep the stress levels down! Good luck.
  • Cheeky10_2Cheeky10_2 Posts: 1,989
    I was told to wait until about 6 months before our wedding to search for a dress, so I did

    Bit then was told I was pushing it for time and had to make a decision within a week which was really stressful!!

    I'd look for your dress as far in advance as you can. You don't have to order it until nearer the time but at least you'll know what you want and won't get rushed into making a decision

  • moggy75moggy75 Posts: 24
    I haven't even booked my venue yet, got an appt in a couple of weeks to view the one that I love from online pics.. if I can get the date I want then I will be getting married in June 2013! So much, much later again and I am already looking at stuff now. If anyone tells me to go away and come back nearer the time then they can sod off basically!

    Already decided on a theme and colours and will be buying bits and pieces over the next 2 and a bit years when I find them so that it doesn't feel like such a big expense (I know the cost would be the same, but I can fool my brain and my bank balance this way).
  • MrsSandisonMrsSandison Posts: 458 New bride
    We booked our venue 3 years before, and the photographer and cars 2 years before. I ordered my dress in September '10 and it came into the shop in early Jan '11. I'm going for it to be altered in 2 weeks time. My bridesmaid dress for my sister (only bridesmaid) was ordered in September as well (from a different shop) and its still not here!!! so you definetly need to go more than 6 months in advance just for the fact some shops are slow at getting them your dress in. The shop I got my wedding dress from were really good and kept me updated. The wedding shop I got the bridesmaid dress from have not kept me updated, I phoned them this morning asking was the dress in yet, and she said no and that I'm to phone back in a couple of weeks to see if its in then! No sorry or I will get on and see where it is. So at least a year before you should go, if they want your custom they won't turn you away!
  • scrummie2bscrummie2b Posts: 266
    You can plan your wedding whenever you want Fairytale.

    I say the sooner the better then you can get what you want.

    I booked my band 18 month before the wedding and even then could not get my first choice as thy were booked up! My venue,registrar, photographer, videographer, transport were all booked 18 months before and I ordered my dress 15 months before!

    I feel with 4 months to go I'm well orgranized and only have the smaller things like favours to get sorted! Oh and paying for things now!

    Enjoy your planning!xx
  • Hi im getting married 07/07/12.

    So far we have booked the church, venue, photographer,dj, a band, cars.I have my dress, veil, shoes and accessories, ordered all mens suits. All table decorations have been bought, my nephews suit and bridesmaid dresses have been ordred. Rings and cake priced up and invites, menues, orders of service and name cards half made up.

    Each to there own but i would hate to be panicing 6 months before trying to find everything. My wedding photographer is booking up really quick for next year.
  • How2IDoHow2IDo Posts: 11

    I run wedding planning workshops and I advise people to book the venue, photographer and entertainment asap as all of the good suppliers will be booked early and you don't want to miss out or end up paying more.

    I would book everything else from 9-12 months before. Leave at least 9 months to pick a dress as they can take up to 6 months to be made and you may need a couple of fittings. It's always worth getting your date pencilled in with suppliers like florists early even if you only decide what you actually want at a later stage.

    Most suppliers will want confirmation of your choices about 6 -8 weeks before the wedding so by then you should know what flowers, cake, food etc you want and a good idea of your guest numbers.

    I would just do what feels right for you but I think you have had bad advice about waiting until 6 months before.

    Good luck
  • BabsMelonBabsMelon Posts: 983
    I get married July 2012. We booked the venue in February 2009, photographer and decorators end of 2009, cake May 2010. We now have everything booked and most things sorted except my dress. Please don't wait until 6 months before to start trying, I've been looking for a year and haven't found it yet! leave yourself enough time to find a dress you love!

    Plan as much or as little as you want, don't let other people tell you when to plan. If I listened to the people who told me not to plan in advance I wouldn't have anything booked and would have missed out on the suppliers that we wanted. x
  • Hi

    I got engaged on xmas day 2008 started plaing in the Jan for our big day that by March was booked for August 2010. I would not recomend leveing it till 6 monthsd before as the best of the suppliers IE photographs - cars etc get booked up in advance.

    Its your day and if your anything like myself you will want everything perfect and ready and not rushed at last min.

    If you need any help with weddiing stationery please check out my web site

    I have set this up after all the positive feed back I recieved from my wedding and I really enjoyed making it all for my wedding.

    Happy planning

  • thank you so much girls for your help, ive definitely realised 6 months i feel would be leaving it far too late so still going to carry on planning the way i am. we have booked our pianst, cars, reception and wedding venue but cant book registrar until a year before, sent save the dates out, and im still going to go dress shopping now image

    thanks girls xx
  • I have been engaged about three weeks and only just decided on a date a few days ago. We are aiming for 22nd June 2012 but haven't even started looking at venues or anything. I feel in two minds about reading this thread. Firstly, it makes me a little nervous when people talk about being as organised as you lot, but on the other hand I think that by booking so far ahead it is just feeding the devil that is weddings today. It is only creating its own hype that makes things get so panicky.

    I remember the days when you could by festival tickets the day before the festival, now they sell out in hours. Are weddings heading this way too?
  • unfortunately yeah i would say weddings are like that now, i think only because everywhere books up quickly that to get something you want you need to do it early,especially with the dress, from what everyone has been saying it needs to be found, altered, made and recieved which takes ages, and venues photographers cars etc book up 2 years in advance. also im a stresshead and would be scared of things going wrong at last minute.

    from what all the girls have said in their advice planning early is a good thing, at least you are prepared, BUT it all depends on what suits you best image
  • wow really, thanks MrsS2b17

    my fiance rang them previously and they said not to book until within a year, but im going to ring again and see what they can do image xx
  • tiger_liltiger_lil Posts: 96
    I left dress shopping until 6 months before and would definitely recommend going earlier. I felt pressured to make a decision as many of the dresses I was looking at take about 6 months to order (including the one I have - fingers crossed it arrives in time!) However, as I ordered late on, my fittings will not be until very close to the wedding image
  • We have booked the venue which includes ceremony and reception and put down deposit on cake, we think we've found our photographer but are doing more research before we book and my bridesmaid has found the dress she wants and i'm not getting married until june 2012. It's good to start early, every decision takes time and you don't want to feel rushed or like you've got to go with a second choice.
  • NowMrsWoodNowMrsWood Posts: 438
    I am getting married June 2012 and I have booked my venue, caterer, bar and band. The one thing I really want to get booked is the flowers but every florist I phone won't see me until at least 12 months before the wedding. The thing is I need to get a rough idea of how much the flowers are going to cost as this will affect other parts of the wedding. Did you ladies have this aswell?
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