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Bridesmaid colour problems

Cant decide what colour to go for Black poss ivory band or dark purple help thanks laura


  • Hey has your bridesmaids tried any dresses on yet? if so what colour suits them and what do they like?

    I havent a colour yet as I havent been bridesmaid shopping yet but I think I will choose whats suits them out of the colours I have in mind- purple, coral, pink, aquamarine! plus it will depend on what style of dresses we like and what colours they come in..

    Good luck xx
  • LolastarukLolastaruk Posts: 102
    Black with an ivory band would look lovely, really classy. I'm going for a dark burgundy sort of red. I like deep jewel-like colours, like dark red, emerald green, cadburys purple, that sort of thing. Do you have a theme in mind, and do you have your dress? If so, what colour have you gone for?
  • Have you determined on your wedding theme yet?I think some color light will go safely.
  • KLC27KLC27 Posts: 580
    I had a colour and everything then i saw a picture of a bouquet I wanted and changed the whole colour theme!!!

    Cant find anyone to make the bouquet now though!!! image how bloody typical!!
  • Thank you for all your help im keeping my wedding very simple nutrels so think i might go for deep purple and pray it looks fab x
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