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Hi - am desperately trying to pin down a 'theme' for my wedding next spring. We are getting married the week before Easter and our reception is in a Victorian gothic mansion. It is quite a dark building and I am keen to make it a bit brighter and light, however am worried about making it too far removed from this period. I was thinking of having a spring flower theme (new beginnings/new life) but using bright yellows, oranges and purples and having the daffodil as my over riding flower. Will this seem too random in a building like this? Should I opt for a more vintage approach and go for paler colours anda more tea room feel? HELP! Am panicking as want to base all of stationary on the one theme! Am having a formal wedding breakfast and church ceremony - any advice would be most welcomed image


  • bradowellsbradowells Posts: 694
    Hi do you have a website for your venue that we could look at- I can't quite picture it but it sounds fab! My first thought was that you should go with what you want to have not what fits with the venue so if you prefer brighter colours then go with them!
  • ezz100ezz100 Posts: 1,029 New bride
    I would look at other people's weddings for inspiration..check out the newlyweds section for wedding reports. I think daffodils are great but they do have a short life so I would check with a florist. Maybe tulips would work better and I have seen weddings with a spring / tulip theme which look fab. Butterflies also represent new beginnings. Or how about blossom ?
  • there are many web sites giving advice to wedding newbies,like the project wedding and wedding bee,you can check them out~
  • Thanks for all of your comments. Our venue is at I agree with the tulip idea and have started to try some designs with blossom as well. Although I love my daffodils image May opt for a selection of a mixture of spring flowers. Have sort of come to a decision that it is probably best to stick with a spring flowers over acrhing theme as have now designed a seed packet and am sending spring flower seeds out for my save the dates.

    Bradowells - let me know what you think venue wise image
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    Have you done your seed packets yourself or got them printed somewhere? How much did they cost if you don't mind me asking? Gonna have a squiz at your venue now! x
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    Looks stunning! I agree with the person who said before that you should choose what you would like, all flowers etc can be adapted a little to sympathise the venue, but I think a spring theme would be lovely! x
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