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ARGH- so sick of not losing any more weight!!

In need of some serious motivation girlies,

I've been working out really hard at the gym and doing the 30 day shred- I generally do 5 days a week with 2 exercise sessions a day.

My diet is fairly healthy- I often have one take away a week, but try to have the healthy option and for the rest I eat cereal, wraps and jacket potatoes.(and the odd custard cream!) I have given up chocolate, alcohol and white bread for over 3 months now and lost a stone initially.... and now Im stuck there! Scales havent moved for 2 weeks and Im getting so demoralised. And my measurements arent getting any smaller either!!

Any advice please??



  • MangoToesMangoToes Posts: 477
    DON'T get de-moralised! It sounds like you're working really hard, so well done!

    You should ask at your gym about getting a body fat percentage analysis as my guess is that as you're replacing fat with muscle, your weight is staying the same (as muscle weighs more than fat) and also as you reduce the thickness of the fat under your skin, your muscles may be getting bigger, hence the measurements.

  • kitty_12kitty_12 Posts: 117
    I actually could have wrote this myself, feeling the excat same only thing is im getting so fed up I think that if I eat healthy and not loosing anything whats the point so this last week or so ive been really bad. Its so hard!! I think that im going to try and start in the morning go for a cycle b4 work....only thing is im not a great morning person lol
  • VicshornsVicshorns Posts: 173
    There must be something in the air I didnt lost this week and i worked twice as hard as usual working out and on my diet so annoying! I have decided that for the next couple of weeks i am going to try and cut out carbs from my evenindg meal and see if that is any good!

    I completely understand how you feel demotivated but try and focus on how fitter you have become and more aware of what you are eating and the other benefits of serious exercising!!

    PS I am with Kitty I also over indulged on friday feeling really deflated but then got back on the wagon on saturday so hoping that slight blip doesnt ruin another weigh in....
  • ElsaFianceeElsaFiancee Posts: 759
    I wrote the same post this morningimage

    I don't know what to do anymore... I had 2 glasses of wine over the weekend, but have been below 1,200 calories a day for the last 3 weeks, and nothing, not a single gram off... so frustrating...
  • Ok.... have been doing some research.

    First, if you regular eat below 1200 calories a day your body goes into meltdown and refuses to give up anything, so you will NEVER lose weight. Oops.

    Second, these 'plateaus' can often last for up to 4 weeks!

    Best ways to overcome them are:

    Cut out excess salt and ALL white carbs and refined sugar.

    Drink loads and loads and loads of water. Then drink some more.

    And work out twice as hard for a week.

    Also, mix up the diet so you eat between 1500-1800 calories one day, then 1200-1500 the next, so your body never gets into a rut and doesnt know whats coming.

    This apparently will help. I have started today (funnily enough am picking a high calorie day to start!!)

    Lets see what happens in a week!

    Thank you all for your support- glad its not just me!
  • ElsaFianceeElsaFiancee Posts: 759
    thanks for the research wandering bird! it is so counter intuitive to eat more to lose weight! but i've seen that too on a few places, will give it a try...
  • Hello,

    I feel exactly the same as you. I just want to cry..last year I did WW and lost 2 stone by following the points and not doing any excercise. The weight dropped off. Since start of Feb I have put weight back on so have wanted to lose weight for my wedding at start of June. I lost 9 pounds and have now reached a plateau. For the last 3 weeks I have been going to the gym 5 times a week doing an hour of cardio and I havent lost anything. I dont know what I am doing wrong as I am eating very well. I have started tracking my calories on Myfitnesspal..i dont know what to do as time is running out!

    I feel like i should just not excercise and eat 1200 calories as this worked last year!

  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    I am in exactly the same boat.

    I am doing weight watchers and lost a stone fairly easily but now im struggling to lose anything.

    Some people have suggested i need to shock my body into losing weight- mix up the diet a bit but i just dont know.

    Also remember if you are exercising muscle weighs more than fat!

    Good luck girls! xx
  • Oooooohhhhh- I've lost a pound and a half since monday! I know weight fluctuates and everything, but thats more than it was doing last week! Ate 1800 calories on Monday (a day of not being hungry- yay!!) and about 1600 yesterday (was supposed to be 1200 but we went out for dinner!) and yet despite all that the scales have dropped.

    Fingers crossed for the rest of the week!!
  • Thats great to hear, i'm going to try that then. Cant get below 10st 7lbs!
  • MossumMossum Posts: 650
    I've heard it's good to have the cheat day every 4 weeks. Also, one of the best things for fat burning is interval training. Having a good ratio of protein to carbs after a workout can help too.

    I will do just 10 mins of interval training on my cross trainer, working at about 80% intensity during the hard bits, same with an evening run, but for 20 minutes and the weight is dropping off me.
  • XWendyXukXWendyXuk Posts: 754
    Im so glad I found this post! I have been the same, lost weight easily and now I have been stuck for the last two weeks, but I guess that sometimes we dont eat enough (I am a pain for just eating one meal a day) so going to try and raise the cals a bit! Thanks for the help! Let us know how you get on x
  • ElsaFianceeElsaFiancee Posts: 759
    just wantedto share a discussion I had with my GP yesterday: I was telling her that I found out that around the middle of my cycle I gain 2 pounds and then nothing drops for 2 weeks, and then suddenly I lose 3 pounds or so. She thinks it's fluid retention, and that when I am at that time of the cycle, I should try some over the counter diuretics.

    I'm going to give it a try to see if it helps. Just thought I'd share!

    she did say though to be careful and not choose something too strong!
  • Im sorry to say I have been awful this weekend and stuffed myself full of yummy things! So its impossible to tell whether anything I tried during the week worked!! Will try again this week!! image On the plus side, feel horrible now so much more motivated to be healthy!

  • KKBrideKKBride Posts: 280
    I can totally relate. My happy weight is between 8 st 10 and 9 st 5 but gradually over the past few years I've crept up to 9st 13 (a whisker away from 10st).

    The annoying this is, pre Christmas I did no exercise and ate loads and never gained any weight. However since January I've been exercising loads and more recently a strict 1500 calories per day. I seem to gain and loose the same 2lb but no further. so frustrating.
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