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Good luck everyone!


  • MrsDVMrsDV Posts: 322
    Can't believe I am doing this but I guess we will be "TTC" as of our wedding day (14 May).... Yikes!!!
  • MrsDVMrsDV Posts: 322
    Just realised how traditional that makes me sound! We have been livign togetther for 6 years, just T has been hanging off the kids issue until we are married! He'll probably find another excuse after that... image
  • NowMrsENowMrsE Posts: 79
    Hi everyone I'm movin over from April. Fingers crosse this month but still going to docs next week.

    Baby dust to us all!

  • NowMrsENowMrsE Posts: 79
    Need advice my periods are like clockwork 28 days and usually light. I've come on after 25 days and for me it's a very heavy period - do you think this could have been early miscarriage?

    I'm chartingy temp so I'll put them in my chart and see what it says but seems very stranger for me.
  • chick-basschick-bass Posts: 563
    Hi everyone. I think I'll join now as although we are not TTC until right at the end of May after our wedding (and I'll probably miss the window for May) it is still May right?!!! And I am very excited!

    Good luck to everyone just starting out and fingers crossed for all of you ladies who are jumping over to May from April. Hope everyone receives the news they want next month

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Now Mrs E really don't know. Did you test at all in that time?
  • NowMrsENowMrsE Posts: 79
    Nope cos I wasn't late but Had really bad pains this morning that paracetamol just didn't touch and then had a heavy AF it seems to be getting a bit better now. Just very strange for me to be 3 days early cos I'm so predictable.

    Oh well anyway got to concentrate on this month now x
  • mrsm1mrsm1 Posts: 28
    We will be officially TTC after my sisters wedding at the end of may image

    I have been very light bleeding since Friday 8th April from this date it was very very light so last Mon did a test and got a BFN and then last Tues I got my AF which was later than expected but also heavy, that lasted 2 days and now still today I am very light spotting. Anyone any ideas?

  • Hi im moving over from April too. Trying to stay positive although it is starting to get to me a bit now. why is EVERYONE pregnant?!!! everywhere i look someone is preggers. only on month 4 but i am a bit fed up with whole process now x
  • So glad I just read your post because I feel exactly the same. All I seem to see is pregant women in the street or hear of people I know getting pregnant, and it is really starting to get me upset.

    Good luck for May
  • cazfaycazfay Posts: 643
    Hi everyone

    Month 9 for us. I have taken a few months out from the forum to get my head together as have started to feel that it will never happen.

    Anyway, keeping my chin up and off to Doctor in 2 months if no BFP!

    Good luck to everyone x

  • cazfaycazfay Posts: 643
    BTW agree- everyone i see if I know 3 good friends who are now. It's hard!
  • MrsDVMrsDV Posts: 322
    So... personal question, but is there a consensus about how best to start TTC? BD every 2 days? I'm not sure T and I will cope! image
  • No AF yet but got BFN number 7 today. I think I may just win the most miserable mare on the planet award. Cried all the way to work, was a witch to everyone all day and cried all the way back home. Scoffed a whole easter egg, a large glass of wine and decided to come online and see if anyone is about who is feeling as poo as I am. I'm just in the middle of trying to convince hubby to go private for fertility screening ( £1000 is a small price to have all your dreams come true in my book) to save wasting any more time. He's agreed after the next cycle to see GP and if GP won't refer us then to go private. Now I'm counting. Aunty Ruby where are you?
  • stupid double posts
  • NowMrsENowMrsE Posts: 79
    Emmie don't get yourself worked up cos that won't help the TTC process either easier said than done I know! Month 7 for us and I went to the docs this week he's sending me of for blood tests on my 21st day of my cycle to check all hormone levels cos I also have underactive thyroid and I'm 35. Not sure of your age but know once you reach 35 they say don't wait longer than 6 months. I had exactly the same with my husband so we made a deal that by April period if we're not pregnant I would visit the docs. Hubby also has to get his swimmers checked.

    Don't get disheartened as someone said on here another month your nit pregnant it's another month your body is getting healthier and ready for when you do fall pregnant which is a nicer way to look at it.

    Chin up, agree your plan with hubby and then enjoy your time together having lots of BDing!!
  • Hi Ladies

    Ive been stalking this site since before i got married last year and now the time has came for me to pipe up and join in the conversations. Really excited beyond what i thought i would be and although we have agreed to just have fun and see what happens there is that bit of me that is just uber desperate for it to happen.

    Good luck to everyone

    ps everyone i see is pregnant too and i have just had 4 friends give birth over the last 6 weeks and 2 other friends due in may and june

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Hi Emmie

    I feel for you, this was month 4 for us and I really thought as I was so late I was pregnant but AF came on day 32. Now I am driving myself nuts with my cycles. As range from 24 days to 32. Madness to try and work out
  • Thanks Mrs E image. I'm not far behind you- I'm 34 (35 this year) and impatience is setting in. After next cycle we will go to the doctors and see what he says. If he won't refer us we'll just have to pay privately I suppose. Cebpickle- its a nightmare isn't it when your days are inconsistent. I'm sorry to hear your AF came image. Still no AF for me and its now day 31. I'm trying hard not to hope too hard that I tested too early or I'm in for the 2nd disappointment in one month! I have a years worth of records kept of cycle lengths which will help if we need assistance.
  • nannynoknicksnannynoknicks Posts: 673
    Hi Ladies,

    Can I join too as I think it's over for me this month.

    As my AF usually arrived 2 days early exactly she's shown up over a week early the cow!

    I did have a short moment when I thought it could be one of those early signs becasue this has never happened before but I don't think thats the case.

    Even my friends dog has managed to get preggers before me I found out last night...gggrrrrrr..

    So much for me promising myself I wouldn't become obsessed again.

    good luck again this month ladies

  • PJFyffePJFyffe Posts: 142
    Hi girls,

    Thought its about time i joined a thread, hubby and i are going to start trying this month whilst on holiday! image

    Im only coming off my pill this week but as told by my GP you can get pregnant the first month you come off? Anyone had experience of this in the past? (GP said speaking from personal experience!)

    We have been married for nearly 3 yrs and i was constantly on here before we got married!

    I have only told a few friends that we are trying and am already scared at the prospect of telling my parents when we are prego! image

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Age wise I am not too different, 33 at the moment, 34 in July. I only tested early last month as was going away but as most cycles 29 days I really hoped that I was pg. Realistically I know that the longer it is before I conceive the better off we will be financially, as I finish paying for my car in September etc. But now I don't mind having to be careful with money etc.
  • Krystle050610Krystle050610 Posts: 147
    hey pjfyffe

    my friend got pregnant on her first month of trying, and you hear of people on here falling really quickly too. maybe we will be lucky and will happen for us aswell. If not then just think of all the fun trying lol

  • NikNiksNikNiks Posts: 736
    hi girls, think I'm moving over from April too.. due on today and had very very light spotting when I woke up this morning, but since then nothing... must admit I don't feel like AF on her way, but not sure if she's playing her silly games again (ie as soon as I post this she will arrive with a big TA DA!!!) I do feel a bit queasy and boobs are a bit tendar (sorry if tmi!), but not sure if thats cos wondering if its happened or not or just AF changing her usual symptoms?!?!?

    Age is a big worry for me too... I think I'm the oldest on here (38) so have kinda got in my mind that I've missed the boat so to speak - we've been trying since the wedding 6 months ago - so think if nothing happens this month, then will go for chat with GP..

    baby dust to all

  • Hi NikNiks. I know how you feel. It seems AF has a mind of her own. She is teasing me too. BFN and still no sign. image We have an appointment with the GP tomorrow- he suggested it as we have been trying for several months so I was well impressed with that. Go and see your- maybe he/ she can at least put your mind at rest x
  • PJFyffePJFyffe Posts: 142
    Hopefully Krystle050610!!

    I am really impatient and have been broody for years so now really really cant wait!lol. image

    For those of you that feel you have "missed the boat", a bit of hope for you - my mum got married for the 3rd time 4 months before i did in June 2008 - shes 46 now had been sterilised after having my brother (17 years prior!)She went to Atlanta December 2007 to have her sterilisation reversed (no docs would do it over here - she already had 3 of us too!) and Xmas Eve 2008 she told us she was 8wks pregnant image , now I have a gorgeous 21mth old baby brother who is happy and healthy! image

    It can happen - even after all those years and everything being stopped etc, please dont give up hope!

    Baby dust to everyone.....and happy baby dancing image

    Paula xx
  • NikNiksNikNiks Posts: 736
    Hi girls, well after waiting for AF, she still not shown and I defintiely feel different... so I did a test frist thing this morning....

    ... and I got a BFP!!!!!

    OMG am still shaking, me and hubby were in tears this morning, now I;m sat and work and all a dither!!!

    No idea what to do next, but wanted to say to all you lovely ladies who are worried, to try not to, if it can happen for me at 38 then you girls willl be fine too!

    Baby dust all round

  • MrsmcsweeneyMrsmcsweeney Posts: 852
    Yay NikNiks! So chuffed for you image I've been staying off the site for a while but just had to congratulate you! Well done you guys..lots of luck with your pregnancy and wee bambino image
  • NowMrsENowMrsE Posts: 79
    Yay Niknicks I'm sooo happy for you - so tell us your secret what did you do this month that was different and got you the BFP????

    Huge congratulations xxx
  • NikNiksNikNiks Posts: 736
    thanks ladies... still not sunk in really but just got back from dr's, she was lovely and confirmed EDD of 6 Jan 2012!! given me loads of bumpf to read and some free multivitamins, and now I have to wait for letter to confirm which hosptial out of my 2 requests will take me on....

    NowMrsE I don't think we did anything different, other than I changed my cycle count from 28 to 35 as given the last two months I thought I had fallen as was 7 days late each time, so maybe we just hadn't been baby dancing the right time... I also think I kind of stopped really worrying about if it was going to happen or not... concentrated on enjoying our trip to Scotland and relaxing over easter etc...

    Good luck to all you ladies too...

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