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Coral Beach Wedding panic!

Hi, I have booked my wedding for August next year at St Paul's Pillar Church then Coral Beach Hotel on the terrace. I am stressing out now as I have found out that we have to be off the terrace for 10.45pm, as I feel the party will only just be starting then, seeing as though we are eating until about 8.00pm. I was just wondering if anyone else has had their wedding there and how they found having to pack up early. I am regretting booking there now as I know some venues in Paphos allow you to contine until 12pm and I am paying alot of money. Any comments and pics would be extrememly appreciated. imageimage



  • lucygidlucygid Posts: 44

    we are getting married here next may however we are getting married alot earlier, and we are staying in the hotel our thoughts are that not many people really keep going well on an all day wedding and if they want to we are allowed to move into the other bars in the hotel. or if you want there is a nightclub in the hotel is you want to carry on??

    I know some people have gone onto other venues after the hotel buts its choice and how much can you drink in one day.

    The other thing is cant you bring your wedding forward a little so you have more time to enjoy your day??

    hope this helps a little x
  • Hi there,

    We have just got back from our amazing wedding at the coral beach. When we booked I too was concerned about the 10:45 finish, but there was no need to be. We partied until 11 and then went to the hotel terrace until midnight and it was fantastic. We did eat at 7 though, so may be worth bringing the meal time forward.

    The venue was absolutely beautiful!
  • MrsZ2b2011MrsZ2b2011 Posts: 190
    We got married there a month ago, and we did get married about 3 and have our food at 5/6 so for us finishing up early wasnt a big deal, although I dont think we left the terrace till about 12 in the end, we just had to turn the music down. Its a perfect venue and so private! Just depends on your personal opinion xx
  • I'm getting married at St Paul's Pillar Church too! image

    I would ask them about the finish time, as MrsZ2b2011 says, you should be ok if you turn the music down a bit image
  • Hey,

    ive just booked the terrace for aug 2013 and soo glad to have found this post!! gives me some ideas! im getting married at 3 so would be having the meal about 6/7. This post has got rid of my nerves!!! xx
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