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soooo confussed Cyprus wedding


was wondering if people can help me as i am soo confused with whats best to do and would love to hear peoples views and experiences.

we are planning on getting married in cyprus in may 2013 but really dont no where to start!we want a low budget either beach or garden wedding.

has any one used travel agents or is it better and cheaper to use a wedding planner??

we would either like a wedding in a hotel and reception there too with just the all inclusive food ( we are on budget) or a town hall garden wedding with recpetion in a villia with a bbq.

please could people give advise image

abi x


  • jujoukjujouk Posts: 147!/pages/The-wedding-Organisers-Coordinators-Cyprus-Photopia-Gardens-of-Eden/101541106590719

    We used the above independant wedding planners and they were fab! we had the day of our dreams, they only do one wedding a day unlike tour operators who do several.

    I wouldn't go through a travel company for the actual wedding, the support and advice we got from karen was invaluable and they can arrange any type of wedding from 2 people to 200, you won't be disapointedimage
  • NurseYatesNurseYates Posts: 472

    I am also a May 2013 bride. It really depends what you want. We have decided to book the hotel only with the travel agent.

    The actual wedding we have gone with a planner, as we decided against the actual wedding in the hotel.

    You could then pick a good quality hotel but slightly cheaper, and use the extra cash on a wedding venue.

    We have booked Stella from Zaffrons as our planner,she has been great. Vasilias is our chosen wedding venue for ceremony and reception.

    Good luck,

    Andrea x
  • lucygidlucygid Posts: 44

    We are getting married in a hotel if you want to do it more on a budget i wouldnt possibly go with a planner as they can be expensive if your good at searching on webs etc you can do it all yourself if you want and save alot of money.

    We got a wedding planner with the hotel and shes fab she does all the extra bits and will bend over backwards and is not expensive she comes as part of the package, we booked direct with the hotel as we went out there this May.

    its really up to you how much you want to spend i know there are some very good planners out there but remember they cost.

    By the way we are getting married at the coral beach hotel and resort.

    I know some people on here have got married at the town hall which is about 300 euros and then done a bbq at a villa thats a cheaper options, or going to a resturant. it also depends how many guests you have as that will bump the price up.

    Really nice resturant we looked at is called the Doria and thats off the main the road and has some beautiful views take a look at there web site the prices were very good as well.

    hope this helps alittle.

    good luck x
  • We're booking through Linda at Total Paphos Weddings, I think the fee we're paying her is actually very fair and they prices she's getting us for things like cars/cake/flowers are cheaper than I've been quoted direct
  • MrsSzpur2BMrsSzpur2B Posts: 91
    hello image

    thank you to all of you 4 giving me advise. think i am going to have to try and do lots of research on hotels etc and whats cheaper.

    really dont think im going to be able to afford a wedding planner as they all look so expensive and we want to spend as little as possible as we are trying to save for our house too!!

    i think maybe the best thing 4 me and my budget would be do the whole thing in the hotel and either do it myself or hotel planner or travel agent. or the other cheap opition that we like alot is reception at a vilia with a bbq and get married at town hall but in gardens image !!

    this is all soo confussing and hard lol !

    ABI X
  • We used Thomas Cook for our wedding last year & they were absolutely fab. You only ever hear bad reports about TC's but never the good. We had the deluxe wedding package through Thomas Cook, which included the wedding venue, mayors fees, admin costs, sparkling champers for afters, brides bouquet [but I took my own out to Cyprus so we were given a table display instead]. Grooms buttonhole, 1 tier wedding cake [fruit or sponge] & 24 colour photos [we purchased the whole disc in the end with over 200 pics on there]. At 2010 prices it was £699. We married at Peyia Town Hall in the gardens & went on to Zaffrons for our reception, but there's no stopping you to have your reception at a taverna or restaurant.
  • MrsSzpur2BMrsSzpur2B Posts: 91
    Aww thank you so much tinks that is really good to no image ! All i hear is bad reports about travel agents but this has given me more confidence to use them !!

    Abi image
  • You'll probably find they are cheaper than an independent wedding planner/coordinator.
  • MrsBarnettMrsBarnett Posts: 35

    Have you looking into Northern Cyprus? I went to my friends wedding a couple of years ago in 'Bellapais Abbey' & it was amazing. Also because it is the Turkish side of the island you get a lot more for you money because its the Turkish Lira have a look at the link below

    It was my first time visiting the North of Cyprus & it was stunning. It isn't so commercialiased has the south & theirs some fantastic beach front resturants that would be perfect for a reception meal.

    Have a fantstic Wedding xxx
  • GOE2012GOE2012 Posts: 103
    Hi, we're getting married at The Garden of Eden in Cyprus September 2012, they have their own wedding planner called Jackie & great packages for all budgets.

    Definitely worth looking into when you're doing your research.

    Their website is:

    Nic x
  • Hi.... im getting married in St Elias Gardens in Protaras in 38 days.... we have booked through a wedding planner and i must say they have been brilliant.. they have taken care of all the wedding aspects and we booked our own hotel
  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    I don't think thats always true, I have heard bad reports about some independent wedding planners too. Travel company wedding planners can be just as good as the independents. You think how mnay people get married in Cyprus every year. I have spoken to both travel and independent coordinators, and have had good experiences with both. x
  • Hi,

    im an august 2013 bride and just booked my wedding through a wedding planner at coral beach hotel. I was advised to book through hotels as it can be more personal! one of my friends booked it through a tour company and did not have much say in what would happen. For me i just want to be able to email and get a reply really quickly which our wedding planner does!! I think its personal choice on the bride! Any ideas of hotels etc?! Ive been to cyprus around 12 times so know paphos quite well!!! image
  • MrsSzpur2BMrsSzpur2B Posts: 91
    Hi littleminx...

    Well we have never been to cyprus but we like the louis ledra hotel and the other louis hotels but any all inclusive hotel reviews would be a great and such a help image !!

    I would love to have a wedding planner as it sounds so much easier and nicer but really all depends on price as we really have no money to waste image !

    Abi x
  • hey.. im the same.. im a student nurse in m final year so every penny counts! the louis hotels are lovely.. they are in paphos near the harbour which would be amazing for photos.. ive seen a few people down there getting them taken and its soo pretty... clear blue seas, palm trees and the castle are lovely! there is the coral beach where i am going and its not bad priced, its in coral bay which is a wee bit out of paphos itself but is quieter. Kefalos beach, its not all inclusive, but its on the beach and its a stunning setting, really relaxed and its near some really good restaurants. Im the same about the wedding planner but im only paying 300 euros, which is alot, but im hoping it saves me the hassle of having to phone loads of places!!!! image
  • Hi

    We are getting married in May 2013 in Cyprus at St Elias Gardens. We are on a budget, and we have a planner, i have found it fairly reasonable cost wise, i guess it depends on your budget, outs is less than 5k, hopefully image

    Check out Aisle of Love, packages from around 900 euros including the fees xx
  • The fees were 260 euros x
  • 2bmrsb2bmrsb Posts: 39
    We got married in March 2010 and booked the basic package with Thomas Cook (service, paperwork - all the legal bits so nothing went wrong). Everything else I organised myself direct via the internet with the companies involved - it was easy and I didn't have to pay anyone to do it for me. We got married at Peyia Town Hall - lovely, pretty, romantic setting. Transport was the traditional village bus from Jacks Taxis. Cake was from The Cake Lady - it was delicious. Reception was at Vardas - a beach side restaurant with fantastic photo opportunities. Photographer was brilliant - Nicky at Cyprus Images Photography. We stayed at Riu Cypria Resort in Paphos and no one in our 29 people party had any complaints just praise.

    Have an excellent day x
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