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anyone having a seperate honeymoon after?

We are off to Cuba in Sept for our wedding with 15 of our closest friends and family for a week then coming home to hold our reception for 180 people. We want to head off on our own for a few days to wind down after it all but cant decide where.

I have been moaning about wanting a fancy honeymoon because we wont be able to have another chance with having two young children but he has reminded me that most people that have these exotic honeymoons get married in their local towns not Cuba image

So i need help with finding a european city for up to 5 days that doesn't cost the earth to eat and drink in. We're not too fussed about architecture just somewhere thats a bit different.

Any ideas?? image


  • MrsS2be2012MrsS2be2012 Posts: 208
    I also tried to wangle a honeymoon as well as a wedding abraod... but it didn't work! image We are staying on a week after so I suppose that counts and we're having a little sneeky weekend end away the week before the wedding. Has it got to be abroad? Maybe you could have a week away in a spa hotel in the UK? xx
  • LilyPopLilyPop Posts: 42

  • I would go to Venice, totally romantic and beautiful and not too expensive to get to
  • MrsKG2B_12MrsKG2B_12 Posts: 48
    We are going to Thailand for two weeks after our wedding in Italy.
  • EmsBuddyEmsBuddy Posts: 280
    We are getting married in Cyprus with 21 guests up to now, we'll be home for a week then we go to Rome for 4 days as our honeymoon!
  • shivsershivser Posts: 186
    Thanks girls i think we'r gonna do a couple of days each in two italian cities but now need to pick which ones.
  • We are getting married in Cyprus and will be staying on 8 days after the wedding, so don't plan a honeymoon as well. However, we do plan to jet off to Ibiza for our 1st wedding anniversary image
  • jorosiepjorosiep Posts: 334

    H2B and I are away for just over three weeks, we are staying on Santorini where we are getting married for just over a week, then getting a ferry to Rhodes for a short weekend, then we are getting another ferry to Bodrum in Turkey for the rest of the honeymoon. As we have been to Santorini before we decided to have a little adventure!

    Berlin is a great city to visit, it is probably more pricy than Krakow. Istanbul is another great city to visit!

  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    We got married in Paphos, Cyprus and then went over to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt for our honeymoon and it was the most fantastic idea we had because (dispite saying that we would have time to ourselves) we couldnt just ignore our guests seeing as they had travelled so far to be with us, therefore we ended up spending everyday with at least one of our guests!

    So, for us, going over to Egypt meant that we were actually able to have our honeymoon uninterupted by anyone else! image

    If you are looking for a Europe honeymoon, have a little look around cos we did a driving/camping trip around Europe in 2009 were we went to France, Belgium, Neatherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Litchenstien, Austria, Czech Republic and Luxembourg and it was great.

    Prices were very reasonable - particularly in Czech Republic!

    There were some beautiful log cabins at the campsite we stayed at in Pilsen which could be nice for a few days, but there isnt really much to do there.

    We have also previously done a 2 day city break over in Milan which was very cheap but a brilliant experience.

    Hope this helps?

    Kate xxx
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