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Hi all,

Is anyone else having any problems arranging everybody?

We're getting married in Cyprus September 2012 but not in a hotel & we're staying in some private apartments near Nissi Beach. Some of our wedding party like my family are also staying in the same apartments as us but others are wanting to go all inclusive or half board at nearby hotels.

When I'm telling them the prices they are shocked but they're really good deals I've found so I've tried to explain Cyprus isn't cheap like Spain etc.

A big worry is H2B's brother(best man) keeps saying it's ok we'll sort it next year but unless they start saving they won't be able to afford it.

Sorry for the rant girls. Is anyone else having these kind of problems?

Nic xx


  • jorosiepjorosiep Posts: 334

    You are not the only one! H2B and I booked our wedding in October 2009 and told everybody so they had two years to start saving for it. We are getting married in just over a month.

    In May this year, my best friend of 25 years and my chief bridesmaid told me she couldn't afford to go. She had problems booking early because she was going to go with my other best friend who is my witness, and my witness was not sure if she could go because she was under threat of redundancy. When my witness was ready to go, my chief bridesmaid said she couldn't afford it. My witness, who is now my chief bridesmaid can only go for two days, but I think it has cost the same as having a week away.

    I was extremely disappointed, my H2B was livid. My best friend is single and she has had some work to do on her flat, but at the end of the day she had two years to save up for it. I haven't said this, because I was afraid of causing an argument and my friend is extremely upset anyway that she won't be there on my day. She still arranged my hen weekend which was brilliant and she will be there at the celebration party we are having in September, but I refuse to let it ruin our wedding.

    We have had other people drop out due to family members being extremely ill, there is nothing we can do about that. We have had other people who haven't even RSVP'd to the wedding and are too scared to tell us they are not going in case it upsets us. I would rather know, but that's just me.

    At the end of the day, the most important people at your wedding is you and your H2B. We have about 20 people going now, my close family (not H2B's, that's a separate rant!), a couple of my aunties and uncles and H2B's best mate and his family. It's a nice number and I am looking forward to it!

    Don't worry about ranting, I have just done it, and we can all do it here!

  • Personally, I think you have to accept that due to the cost of a wedding abroad, lots of people won't be able to afford it, and even given time to save up, it won't be the top priority for everyone to be spending their money on

    I think it's unfair to decide to get married abroad and then get annoyed if people can't afford it, it's a choice you make when you pick your wedding venue

    Personally I'm not going to get involved in telling people prices for accommodation or flights. We're telling them where we're staying and that's it, if they want to come they can research where they want to stay the same they would if it was a normal wedding image
  • jorosiepjorosiep Posts: 334

    When someone tells you that they are definitely going to your wedding and they have an important part to play, and then tell you three months before that they can't go, being disappointed is a natural reaction. We have a lot of people who can't go because they can't afford it. I am not disappointed at them because they told us straight away. My h2b and I knew a lot of people couldn't go when we invited them because we knew it was a downside of getting married abroad. We never got involved in our guests' booking, we let them get on with it.

    So, yes, I was disappointed, but as I said earlier it won't affect the wedding and I got over it. This is why we are having a party so people can attend who cannot afford to go.

  • ejrogers1ejrogers1 Posts: 8
    I think the easiest thing to do for people who are coming is just to tell them where you're staying, provide them with some information on flights and possible hotels but leave them to make the final choices and do the booking themselves.

    We just got married in Santorini which is notorious for being expensive and we just told people which flight we're were getting and which hotel we were staying at.

    People then booked their own flights (some for 2 days, some for 2 weeks, some on package holidays, some with Easy Jet), and then booked their own hotels - again some people booked really expensive luxury hotels and others went for cheap as chips places, but at the end of the day everybodys choice was their own..
  • I have to agree with what the others have said. I will be telling my guests where were staying and what dates and the date of the wedding and they will be left to do the searchng and booking themselves. Before i book anything i will ask family and friends for a definate answer as to who is coming and who thinks they will not be able to afford. I can completely understand why you would feel disappointed if they have sworn they were coming and then drop out at the last minute. I understand that getting married abroad means that not everyone can come which is what i want really, just a nice small intimate wedding with a few people.

    One of my friend said i was nasty and would i not feel guilty about the friends and family that wouldnt be able to afford to come, er No, its me thats marrying my H2B not them and as long as its the most special day for us both then i really couldnt care less who else comes, i dont even care if its just me, H2B and the kids and we have to drag in 2 witnesses from the pool. it has always been my dream to marry abroad and thats all that matters to me x
  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    Same as. Told people where we were staying, gave them a list of which hotels were nearby to us ( a good mix of half board, self catering and all inclusive), then left people to get on with it.

    We had loads people tell us how excited they were and how they were definitely coming, but still haven't booked yet. We dont mind, just have to deal with it.

    We also have just under 2 years notice, and realise not everyone can make it.

    What I will say, is I wish people would be careful at their reactions, as so many people said they were 'definitely' coming, and I would rather them not have said anything until they were sure and booked. Cos some of those people we know arent coming now and just havent told us xx
  • GOE2012GOE2012 Posts: 103
    Thanks for all the replies.

    We have only invited a small amount of guests to our wedding in Cyprus as we only wanted close family & friends to attend. I have told them all where we're staying & what flight we have booked but they're asking me for information for what they can book as I know more about Cyprus & the best ways to book etc so I've been helping them out as much as I can but they have final decision as they're booking it.

    As for the best man situation he's able to afford it as long as he starts saving from now if he leaves it until next year he'll struggle with the cost. As he's agreed to be best man & it's costing us money to buy his outfit it's not fair on us if he decides he's not coming at the last minute.

    I understand not everyone we've invited will be able to afford it or get time off work etc & we're having a reception back home for this it's just guests that are playing an important role in the wedding x
  • I would make him pay for his outfit when it is bought and return the money once he has booked and payed for his holiday. That way if he is really serious about coming he will know he will get his money back and you will not lose out if he decides he's not coming. I completely agree that if someone agrees to play a special part in your wedding day, it is not very fair of them to drop out at the last minute, especially if you have spent money on their outfit for the day.
  • Quoted:
    I have told them all where we're staying & what flight we have booked but they're asking me for information for what they can book as I know more about Cyprus & the best ways to book etc so I've been helping them out as much as I can but they have final decision as they're booking it.

    If people start asking me too much I'll be telling them in the nicest possible way to visit a travel agent! image

    Like you say, people ultimately need to make their own travel plans and decisions, not all our guests will be staying the same amount of time or want the same things out of their accommodation, I don't want to end up responsible for booking things for them and with organising the wedding as well you don't really need additional things to be resonsible for image
  • MrsB2bHullMrsB2bHull Posts: 81
    Hi Ladies,

    We booked to get married in Mauritius and i decided as people were making the effort to come i would make all the arrangements, I found a hotel which was reasonable that we could all stay at all inclusive and 13 of us all booked together, which was great, the problem was h2b's mum, partner, bro and friend didn't book straight away, when i went to book them on it had gone up £1400!! so i then had the stress of getting the prices down managed to book his mum on yesterday after 2 weeks of stress but now his bro and friend are messing around, The worst thing is I know hey both want to come and can affod it but are being typical blokes!

    I really wish i'd have give everyone the detail and left them to it! As long as me and h2b and few close family and friends are there nothing else matters.

    Rant over image
  • Oh MrsB2B - I feel your pain, that must been really stressful!

    I defintely won't be making travel arrangements for anyone else, they can do it themselves!!
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