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17 days to go!

DuddersDudders Posts: 1,659 New bride
And not feeling one bit jittery but strangely not super excited yet!

Just wondered how you ladies (marrieds and also soon to be's) feel (or felt!) in the run up to your big day. image


  • jason852jason852 Posts: 8
    I can feel your situation, and I am sure this will be very tough to attain with this one,.
  • MezCMezC Posts: 563
    I've got 11 days to go! I am feeling very excited! Also nervous cos there's still a lot to organise and I keep thinking of more!
  • maris1111maris1111 Posts: 351

    I only got a little bit jittery on the morning itself nothing in advance, with 17 days to go I think I was more concentrating on things left to do than getting excited so I can see where you're coming from.
  • AmyLGKAmyLGK Posts: 375
    Now that the majority of things have been paid for I'm sooooo much more relaxed than I've ever been (with 11 days to go). I just want it to be here now really!

    Just had our first hitch - there seems to be a misunderstanding between what our venue have told us we can have regarding chairs in the ceremony room and what the linen lady has just told us. I'm now not too bothered either way but the H2B is stressing about it - he's slowly turning into a groomzilla HA!

    Yeh so in all I'm REALLY excited and I hope that everyone enjoys themselves! xxx
  • DuddersDudders Posts: 1,659 New bride
    OK now down to 12 days - when does the real excitement kick in?????

    Everything's pretty much sorted so nothing to panic about or stop me feeling excited so why aren't I bouncing off the walls yet? image
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