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HELP! olu deniz blue lagoon, carole & Tayfun or

Hi eberybody,

i have just joined after reading lots of posts on here for some time now, but needed to ask my own question.

we are wanting to get married in Olu Deniz next June, and i can't decide whether the use Carole or

Carole is coming up cheaper (although you don't get quite as much in the package) and some of the things are better with the other company (such as you arrive by boat on to a private beach) image

the thing that is putting me off is that with Carole & Tayfun you seem only to be able to get married at 6 or 7, but i think regardless of the heat, i would prefer it to be about 4 as we might feel cheated at our wedding day only starting at 6.

also, we want our wedding to have a really classy feel, so does anyone have any suggestions / or experience with any of these companies. i really don't know what to do and appreciate any words of wisdom!!

thank you image


  • vt1311vt1311 Posts: 22
    Hi Rebecca!

    I had exactly the same dilemma! I am getting married with oludenizweddings (Moira) 16 June 2012! I can't wait!

  • that was one of the dates that i asked for, hehe, 14th-16th, but we have been offered the 17th! we might see you there.

    the only thing that is putting me off is that you don't get a full wedding day! 6pm is late in the day, do you not think that you will feel cheated out of a wedding day?

    where exactly are you doing it? where is the ceremony and the reception? how many people are you having?

    thanks x
  • Hello

    My sister got married in Olu Deniz last year, on the Blue Lagoon. It was gorgeous. The setting is just beautiful. She got married at 6pm - I think this is to do with the heat (I've never experienced anything like it before) and they time it so you go off and have your photos with the sun setting in the background.

    It was a lovely day - we were picked up at 12 for our hair and make up - there were 5 of us bridemaids and obviously the bride, plus my mother. This took us until about 3.30, then we got taken back to the hotel and got ready. One thing I will say is make sure you have a hair trial at home and take pictures of the style you want - the hairdresser we had couldnt speak english so we had an interpreter - pretty difficult but worked out good in the end. The hairdresser also did our make up which was fab.

    After the ceremony we were taken to the reception and it was like a normal reception - 3 course meal, cake she had even organised a belly dancer. I cant remember the name of where the reception was held but i can find out if you want?

    We stayed in Olu Deniz Resort, which was just by the beach. Fab holiday and fab wedding. Would definitly recommend it!

    If you want to see pictures, let me know and i'll send some on to you

    Emma x
  • Hi Emma,

    thank you for your reply.

    I would love to know the name of the reception and see some photo's iof you don't mind?

    should i send you a private message with my e-mail?

    thank you image x
  • Hi,

    I've just sent you a few pics to your email address

    Emma xxx
  • My sister got married at the Meri Resort and the reception was held at the See Breeze

    Emma xxx
  • vt1311vt1311 Posts: 22

    Well originally we had booked to have the wedding at the Meri Resort, so we went out there in May to have a look. Moira's wedding planner was so helpful, she picked us up in a taxi and took us to the Meri, and all of the other places they had on offer. I have to say i was so happy we did this, as once we saw all the venues, we both decided that the Paradise Gardens are for us! So we are having the whole thing there, its so beautiful!

    We have our itinery and it says the ceremony starts at 5. I am quite glad of this, as we don't have to rush around, and get plenty of time to get ready, which i need haha!

    We have chosen to have a blessing and party back at home aswell, so I don't mind that its later that day, and also I know myself and some other people who find weddings all day very long winded, so this way it wont be...i hope ha!

  • vt1311vt1311 Posts: 22
    Oh and I think we are having just under 40 people, but who knows until nearer the time!xx
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