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The wedding that almost wasn't - video and pics

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Ours was the wedding that went smoothly until 10 days before!! Emergency appendectomy, volcanic ash, spire blown off chapel during a bad storm and 101 other smaller things went wrong! More details later but it all worked out in the end and we even made the news!

I have noticed that brides usually wait a while before posting their wedding reports and now I know why!! Post wedding busy-ness is almost as intense as pre wedding busy-ness! And even when that settles there is a great feeling of there being very little that you HAVE to do - loads that you want to do but having the freedom of fewer demands on your time or sanity is a fantastic feeling!

So any way, after almost 3 months of marriage, here it is - MY WEDDING REPORT WOO HOO!! I'll start at the end with our highlights video and a few pics of the wedding as I'm always dying to see how the happy could looked!



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  • I LOVE your dress, gorgeous, which designer is it? image
  • NMG2BNMG2B Posts: 295
    And now back to the beginning. 6 years ago I got a phone call from one of my best friends asking if I wanted to join a kayaking course. I swiftly said no as I wasn't that kind of girl! Give me a bar of chocolate and Hollyoaks over outdoor pursuits any time lol!

    But I was eventually persuaded and it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. For when we arrived, one of the instructors caught my eye - Big G. It turned out that my 2 friends knew him but I didn't, and I quickly resolved to remedy that! During the 5 weeks of the course, we got chatting and I discovered that he was lovely! He was really friendly and made me feel very safe even though my kayaking skills were rubbish!

    I realised on the first night that he was a very special person and I looked forward to every Wednesday night to see him again. As the course was coming to an end, all the instructors and learners arranged a night out at a local bar/club and I spotted my opportunity. We had swapped numbers - purely to make arrangements for the night out (yeah, right)- and we spent the whole night chatting and dancing. When we went outside to get taxis home, we had a sneaky snog and the rest is history image

    One of our first photos together

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    Oh WOW!! Toatally amazing hun, Am really looking forward to reading your report now. image
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    We had an amazing first summer together, lots of nights out and as we had the same circle of friends (although we strangely had never met before) there was lots of fun. As I've mentioned, Big G is really into his kayaking and that summer he started surf kayaking (surfing but in a special canoe rather than on a surf board). We spent lots of time at the beach and although I had didn't really stick at the kayaking or surfing for long, we had a fantastic time together.

    In July, after about 6 weeks together, he got us tickets to see KT Tunstall in the October and I was delighted that he was making plans for down the line and obviously saw us staying together for the foreseeable future. I was falling for him quickly and when he told me he felt the same I was made up!!
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    Thanks Sarsaparilla, it's Amanda Wyatt Jess, I loved it!!

    Hi Sam 0407, more to follow soon!
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    Ok, so here's another little bit!

    When we met, we both lived alone, he owned a house and so did I. We had talked about the future in an abstract way, we both knew this was -it' but hadn't made any definite plans. We were together almost 3 years when I moved in with him and I was delighted that we had taken the next step. We had talked about marriage, it was something we both wanted but knew that we didn't want to get engaged until we were ready to plan a wedding. I'm sure most of you have experienced this, but we were always being asked -When are you getting engaged?' and -No sign of a ring yet?' Well, Big G is not the kind of person to bow to public pressure lol! He does not like being told what to do and all the questions only put him off the idea! But after nearly 4 years together I was starting to wonder if it would ever happen!

    My older sister got engaged in Dec 2007 and married in July 2009 and it was such a fantastic time. Her wedding was amazing! I was her Chief Bridesmaid and had a ball. Here's a pic of us at her wedding.

    Her wedding was a few days before my 30th birthday and G and I went to Rome to celebrate my birthday. Again, when we came back everyone was expecting a sparkler! But we were still on a high from my sister's wedding I was glad it didn't happen then.

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    So as Christmas 2009 approached, I was starting to think, he's bound to do it now lol! I went to my parents on Christmas Eve and my other (younger) sister announced that her boyfriend had proposed that day and she had a gorgeous diamond to show off. I can honestly say that I was over the moon for her. They had been together as long as we had and although she knew they wouldn't be in a position to get married in the near future, she was so delighted to be engaged to him.

    When I went home and told Big G, his face dropped, and I thought it was because he thought he would be in trouble that he hadn't proposed first lol!

    We exchanged our gifts on Christmas Eve and I got loads! An iPod, bracelet, books, perfume, clothes and the most gorgeous shoes ever! No ring, but I was happy enough. It was my sister's turn and my turn would come another time. Anyway, I had my -I don't care I haven't got I diamond, I've got these shoes' shoes lol!

    So the next morning, Christmas morning, we are getting ready and he comes into me saying he forgot to give me my card the night before when he gave me my gifts. I open the card and it's a To My Fianc????e card!!! My first reaction was, urgh what a fool, he got the wrong card. But when I opened it up, he had written inside -Will you marry me?' WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!! After waiting such a long time and thinking he could never surprise me, he totally did lol! I was so shocked and kept asking if he was serious and if this was real! He had picked my ring (although I was very apprehensive before I opened the box thinking what the hell has he picked lol!) and I loved it, so gorgeous. We had the best day ever, visiting friends and relatives and sharing our news. The buzz was amazing and I hope I never forget that feeling of total euphoria!

    The moment I got my diamonds (well, my 8 diamonds lol!)

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    So, now to plan a wedding! I was a bit bridezilla at the start. I realised that we had been engaged for 6 weeks and I had been to 4 wedding fairs! We talked about going back to Rome to get married with only our bridal party, but eventually decided to get married in my local chapel that we attended every week, then a hotel reception in a small village Ballyliffin where we visit regularly for G to go surfing. But although we were having quite a traditional format to our wedding, I wanted to make sure the day had character and reflected us and wasn't just a -wedding by numbers' if you know what I mean.

    The rest of the planning was left to me really. I bought every magazine I could find, joined this forum and although I didn't post much, and I was on all the time looking for ideas.

    We asked my older sister to be Chief, and my friend to be bridesmaid. Big G's brother was Best Man and his good friend was Groomsman. We had 3 young nieces who we wanted to be flower girls.

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    The dress

    At the start of the dress hunt, I was loving it! However, I was starting to think I would never find -the one' I tried on 38 dresses, (which I know isn't a lot compared to some brides)but I was losing the will to live!! I would have bought the 39th even if I didn't like it just to end the torture. I had always imaged I would go for a Grecian style dress, but when I tried them on they didn't suit me at all. I know I didn't want a huge train or anything that I couldn't move about in, dance in, go to the loo in and eat my dinner in!

    I discovered that trumpet style dresses suited me and flattered my shape, but I found them a little difficult to wear. Some of the dresses that weren't too fitted at the knees were ok though, and as the search went on I decided to stop trying other styles on and I they suited me best. I had seen several tea length dresses in magazines and always loved my great aunt's wedding pictures from the 1950's when she wore a mid length dress.

    I went to another dress appointment and just out of curiosity I asked if they had any tea length. They did - Amanda Wyatt Jess - and as soon as I put it on I knew it was the dress I was meant to have!! It was gorgeous, flattering, fun, comfy, within my budget - ticked all the boxes and went beyond what I could have hoped for. They also had a gorgeous birdcage veil too which suited the dress perfectly, although I did have this adjusted as I didn't want the netting too far over my face.

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  • NMG2BNMG2B Posts: 295

    I had always wanted to wear blue shoes for my wedding, but when I picked a shorter dress I changed my mind. What I really wanted was a pair of Christian Louboutin red soles! I hunted for a suitable pair but they were not to be found. When my bridal shop got a new range of shoes in, I found the most perfect pair. It was as if they were designed around my wedding dress and I loved them.

    Big G isn't called Big G for nothing - at 6 foot 2 he towers above me even though I'm quite tall myself at 5 foot 7. Well, with these shoes on I was near enough the same height as him! Perfect!

  • You look fab, I love the wellies!
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    Wow - the pics are great! x
  • more more more pleaseeeeeimage
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    Congrats, your dress was gorgeous!
  • Keep going...I want to hear the rest of the story image
  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    Im hooked!! More please image
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    Hi Ladies, glad you're liking it so far! Here's some more....! image


    I had posted on the forum looking for some advice on BM dresses to complement my dress. I couldn't decide if they should be short, long, soft and floaty or stiff and sticky outy if you know what I mean. I decided that as my dress was a little different I should carry that theme through and decided on a short style.

    December 2010 and I still hadn't decided on a colour - it changed daily from coral, midnight blue and yellow! I had been checking some highstreet stores and looking online but just couldn't find anything i loved. And then I found these beauties!!

    That last photo was taken in the honeymoon suite, check out the size of it lol!! More about that later image

    I loved them, my bridesmaids loved them, they fitted in with the 50's theme that had developed and were so flattering on both girls that I blew the budget and ordered them! They were Kelsey Rose.

    They both wore nude closed toe platforms from Next. I was really easy going about how they wore their hair, but by pure coincidence they both had short concave bobs and matched perfectly!!

    My mum made our flowergirl dresses, as I wanted them to have dresses based on mine - it was so cute having miniature versions of me on the day lol!

    I'm having a few probs with our internet connection, but I'll add photos of the flowergirls shortly
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    I'm having a nightmare with our internet connection, more to come shortly when I get it sorted!
  • NMG2BNMG2B Posts: 295
    Hopefully this doesn't crash again! Our wee flowergirls, they were gorgeous and so well behaved all day.

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    The flowers my sister had for her wedding were gorgeous, but I was gutted the next day as they were wilting and browning so quickly. I was reluctant to spend all that money on something that would barely even last until the end of the wedding day so started to look at artificial flowers. I was gonna go for cream roses for all of us when I stumbled on these beauties online.

    They came in the striking colours which complemented the BM dresses perfectly, but also in softer tones which I picked for my bouquet. My amazing friend offered to do them as a present, so sje made the 3 bouquets, 2 baskets for the 2 oldest flowergirls (I didn't make any for the youngest girl as she was only just turned 1 and I thought she might eat them!!) .

    She also made corsages for my sisters and a few other special ladies, and button holes for the men. She even made a bouquet for me to throw, Big G's cousin caught it and she was delighted she could keep it! We had so many complements about the flowers and nobody realised there weren't real!
  • The flowers are perfect! Love it all, waiting to see more image
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    Hi Ladies, here's another wee bit for you all.

    Men's suits

    Big G and I knew that we didn't want traditional morning suits, or cravats or anything like that. G doesn't wear ties and we were at a wedding the year previously where the men all wore straight fifing suits with skinny ties. He loved the look, and I did too, and when he realised the option was there to go for something a bit different, he was relieved! We went to several of the local suit hire shops but they didn't have anything other than traditional suits, but then found one who stocked a gorgeous black satin finish tuxedo! I fell in love with it straight away!! It was so different and he looked really handsome in it!

    He was still against the tie idea, but the man in the shop suggested on of the old style cravats that you wear inside the collar. OMG it was perfect! Comfortable to wear, so gorgeous and really in keeping with the style we (well, I!!) wanted for our day. We chose black tuxedos and skinny ties for the Best Man and Grooms Man and same for our dads (although they had regular ties)

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    This was the hardest part I think - trying to decide what kind of honeymoon we wanted! We couldn't go anywhere too exotic due to the time of year and hurricane/monsoon season. We looked at a Mediterranean cruise, which seemed to be total luxury and we would have booked. We had to wait to book anything as I was waiting to see if my job contract would be extended (which it was thankfully!) and it is lucky we did as a few doubts started creeping in. We weren't sure if it really was for us and it seems quite expensive compared to other holidays we could have had. We looked at going back to Italy, and I would have loved to go to Lake Garda, until I realised G had gone there with an ex girlfriend years ago and I swiftly threw the brochure out!!

    On the Beach in Biarritz

    We both liked the idea of France so we started looking there. We had talked about wanting to do nothing much the first week so we could relax and recover from the wedding, then have a bit more to do the second week when we had rested. We decided on Biarritz and Paris and it turned out to be the perfect choice for us. We had a fantastic time away, although a few adjustments had to be made due to G health - I'm getting to the whole appendicitis thing I promise!!

    This was a great night out - we went for a Mexican in Biarittz, I got to wear my wedding jewellery and drink tequilla! image

    Haven't got any photos of Paris on this laptop but will put some up tomorrow. We went to the very top of the Eiffel Tower and nearly had a panic attack!! Plus, we saw someone propose to his girlfriend - but she said no!! It was terrible image

    Edited to say that the next bit will be my hen nightS (all 4 of them!!!) I almost enjoyed this more than the wedding! Too tired to do any more tonight but I'll get another wee bit done tomorrow. Na nite ladies

    N x
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    Hi ladies, back again for another bit!

    Hen details to come but a few pics of Paris first!

    At the top of Notre Dame, it was very bright and high!!

    The dinner cruise on the Seine, it was our last night and really romantic. I love this picture as you ca see G's wedding ring lol!!
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    Hen nights

    My amazing bridesmaids organised my hen night - 3 official nights in total and one weekend in Spain with my 2 friends!!

    Welsh Hen

    I'm from Derry in Northern Ireland and my BM Helen is from North Wales. She was unsure if she would make it over for my hen so wanted to have a Welsh Hen for me, any excuse eh!! I was in the dark about what was happening but was excited for the surprise! In February 2011, my Chief (my sister) my mum and my sister went over to hers for the weekend. We went shopping in the Trafford Centre to get their jewellery and shoes and had a great day.


    That night, Helen told me were going to her local pub for a few drinks with her mum and sister. When we got there however, she blindfolded me, we got in what I thought was a cab and set off for ... well I didn't know! It turns out it was her husband who had collected us, took us back to her house where 12 of my friends that I met through Helen were waiting for a surprise party!! She had the house all decorated with pictures of me and we played a few naughty games, sang karaoke and had a great night's fun! I really enjoyed it and was great to have a celebration as I quite stressed at that point with all the planning!

    As this was the first time I had a veil or sash i was super excited lol!!
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    Unofficial Hen

    My 2 best friends and I, these are the girls I joined the kayak course with, decided to take a wee weekend in Spain, 8 weeks before the wedding! One of the girl's sister owns an apartment near Almeria and we had always said we would go. It was other girl's 30th birthday and she moved to Canada a few weeks after the wedding, so we knew this would be our last chance. So up and away we went and had a fantastic time. So although not an official hen, it was a girlie weekend with lots of sangria and fun so I'm claiming it as another hen lol!

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    Next Installment!

    Derry Hen

    Again, I was told to keep the date free but knew nothing! My Chief told me a week before that I had to wear black or white and I got a gorgeous new dress. She took my out for lunch, and then to get my hair done then sent me home for an hour to get ready. She collected me in a taxi and took me took a really trendy local Chinese tapas style restaurant, where she had booked the roof terrace for us for food and cocktails!

    There were 22 of my friends and family all dressed in black and white and we all looked really classy - I even had a personalised sash!! This hen was for my wider circle of friends, my mum and Big G's mum, our aunts etc. My Chief had a great game of Mr & Mrs, with lots of black and white prizes - I was spoilt rotten!! A great night was had by all!#

    The Final Hen

    I knew absolutely nothing about this one!! I only found out 3 days before that I needed an overnight bag, but hadn't a clue where I was going! I knew my Welsh BM was coming over for a dress fitting that morning and that she would be joining in, but I didn't know who else would be there or what we would be doing! Anyway, my sister had arranged for 12 of my closest friends to travel by limo to Belfast to see Footloose The Musical and stay over in the Europa Hotel!! Again all the girls were in classy black with personalise sashes and I was in white. We looked great! The show was fantastic, and we ended up in the residents bar of the hotel until the small hours! I was up singing with the band and sliding down banisters - I still have the scars to show for it!!!


    Great fun!!
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    Getting Close

    OK, so mid May and the countdown was really on. I had taken the Easter/Royal Wedding week off work at the end of April and had got loads done, so I felt in control and really excited. All the stresses of the last few months were evaporating and I was cruising along nicely. Boy, I didn't know what was around the corner!

    Monday 16th May, 12 days before the wedding, G wakes up with pains in his stomach. He went into work but had to come home again, which is really unlike him. He is strong as an ox and I've never know him to be sick. I got out of work and got him Pepto Bismal and pain killers, and wasn't very sympathetic I have to say! I was so busy in work as I was taking 4 weeks off and that's all I could think about. Anyway, he felt a bit better on Tuesday and returned to work. He even went surfing on the Tuesday night. Again, totally distracted by work and the wedding, I told him that if he was well enough to go surfing then I didn't want to hear him mention feeling ill again! I'm all heart!! So he went surfing and came home complaining that the pain was now just in the one side. That was when we started thinking it could be his appendix. Now, I had my appendix removed when I was a teenager and I remember the pain clearly - it was excruciating and there was no way I could have went to work or went surfing. So I still didn't really think that's what it could be, and was far too focused on the wedding to stop and think about any of it! My exact words were -Suck it up' OMG you must all think I am heartless cow!

    The pain was worse the next day and he eventually decided to go to his GP and got an appointment for that afternoon. The only reason he went was because the wedding was so close, otherwise he would have soldiered on and not bothered. It was lucky he did, as he was sent straight to the hospital,

    The doctors there were great, and when they knew he had a -pressing engagement' in 10 days they really looked after him! He was rushed to surgery that night as they didn't want to wait any longer, and word quickly spread around the hospital that a groom-to-be was in and everyone was so kind. When word got out around our friends and family, I was inundated with calls, texts and Facebook messages to see how he was doing and how I was doing. That Wednesday night was a blur and Thursday wasn't much better, but we knew we had a decision to make although neither of us wanted to face it. The doctors had advised, even before surgery that he would be fit to attend the wedding but I had to be sure that he would be fit to enjoy it all. The last thing I wanted was to go through with a day that he couldn't really enjoy if he was in pain or too tired. He felt so guilty and was determined to go ahead with it for my sake, and I was determined to cancel it for his sake!

    He was discharged from hospital on Friday, 1 week before the wedding. As I helped him home and into bed, and realised how frail and sore he was, I couldn't see how he could possibly be better in a week's time. OMG I am starting to cry again now writing this and re-living it all, it was such a terrible time image

    I had contacted our hotel and several of our suppliers to see what would happen if we couldn't go ahead. Everyone was fantastic and all said that, under the circumstances that we could change the date without incurring any charges. That was such a relief, especially in relation to the reception venue as that's where most of our budget had gone. But the next Friday they had available was 5 months away, in October. We knew that people had made their plans to attend the wedding but I couldn't go ahead knowing that G wasn't well and in my head I had decided to postpone. We decided to wait until the Monday, just to see how he recovered over the weekend and make a final decision then.

    The other thing we were unsure of was whether G would be able to travel on honeymoon. And as Biarritz is a big surfing spot, G was really looking forward to catching a few waves, but he had been told he would be unable to surf for at least 6 weeks after his operation. The other disaster that week was the volcanic ash was back, so even if he was fit to travel, we may not have been able to get there anyway. He had been stuck in Spain for a week in April 2010 during the first volcanic ash episode and knew all too well the risks it posed!

    He took it easy over the weekend and got plenty of rest. We had a lot of visitors, people had started to call with wedding presents and cards and they also wanted to see how we were coping with the illness and the stress. I never doubted that we had the best family and friends but the love, support and kindness we experience during those few disastrous days was unbelievable and we drew strength from everyone's well wishes. By Monday he was feeling much better and we decided to go ahead with the wedding. All back on track....but not for long......
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