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3 weddings and a baby! Our wedding story!

How we met

Rob and I meeting for the first time isn't much of a romantic story, it was really the usual meeting through a mutual friend on a drunken night out in our local town. We hit it off instantly, not really flirting but chatting and having a good laugh. It wasn't until quite late on in the night that we started to flirt and have a dance together. When we did eventually kiss it took me by surprise. There was real electricity. I knew from there that he was something special, I couldn't remember ever feeling this way about someone before, I had to see him again. We took a while to meet for our first date in a cosy pub but we were pretty much inseparable after that

Some pictures of us in the early days...



  • Getting engaged

    Myself and Robs first holiday together was at the Lake district so it felt right to revisit for our 1 year anniversary. We love it there, fresh air, beautiful scenery and country pubs. The weather was awful, wet and windy but we decided to brave the elements for a walk around Derewent Water. We were happily chatting away I was talking about our future and the order that we would do things... we agreed we would like to get married first, have a child then a dog. Life all planned out!

    The rain had finally stopped and there was a break in the cloud, looking back Rob was quiet and slightly sheepish but I didn't think anything of it. Then I realised he had stopped walking, I turned around to see Rob on one knee. I have no idea what he said to me as it was an absolute shock and it now feels like a blur but what I do remember is I cried, Rob cried (he rarely cries so this made me cry more) and I remember squealing ???????Yes, Yes??????? We were so happy and skipped ran and jumped around much to the bemusement of people passing by. We found a nice bar, ordered a bottle of champagne and starting ringing family and friends.

  • 1st change of plan; a new addition to the family.

    In September we bought the first addition to our family a beautiful chocolate Labrador named Tilly. (Ok it wasn't quite the order we originally planned but we would be getting married soon so that would definitely be next and then baby)

  • Starting to plan.

    Myself and Rob were adamant that we would not have a long engagement and that we were engaged to be married so it was with great excitement that we started to plan our dream wedding. I was hooked, checking websites and forums daily getting great ideas and dreaming of what our day could be! We knew we wanted a personal wedding and also knew we needed to keep costs down whilst it still being elegant and sophisticated. We quickly decided we wanted to get married at my local church where I was raised and that was attached to my primary school (which also happens to be BEAUTIFUL) and the reception in a marquee at my Mums house (I was fortunate enough to be bought up in a beautiful cottage in the country with some land) and decided to have a beautiful marquee. Elegant? Yes. Sophisticated? Definitely. Reasonably priced... ergh no!!

    We booked our wedding for 14th August and happily got down to some serious planning

    Holly Bank Cottage, my mums house:

    I was busy, busy, busy booking lots of suppliers and doing research by December we had booked and paid deposits on the caterers, band, photographer, dj, car, hog roast and found my dress...

    Sophia Tolli Tatiana, it was just what i was looking for, i loved it!!
  • I decided to try to keep costs down by doing some things myself such as:

    Making my own invitations

    Making my own cake

  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100
    Aww, I love your cake, well done you!
  • Alexa1471Alexa1471 Posts: 1,959
    Your cake it lovely!

    Love the invites too, how did you get the flowers on them with the writing?
  • Honeymoon.

    This was something Rob and myself were very excited about. As we were getting married in August it limited the exotic destinations that would be good to visit due to hurricane and wet seasons. After speaking to Trailfinders we decided on a trip to Kuala Lumpur and Borneo... We were both so excited, elephant safaris, seeing orang-utans in the wild and staying 4 and 5 star the whole time... paradise.

    New year, New life

    Christmas came and went and I was due to start a new job in new school in January and was so excited about further planning of the wedding and getting my teeth into my new job and challenging school. By mid January I was knackered, planning the wedding and job stress was starting to build, I was pulling 12-hour days at work and still had work on my mind and pilling up. Wedding plans would have to take a back seat I was simply to tired and under the weather to plan. Little did I know that my life and all our plans were about to completely change!

    As I mentioned before most of January was an exhausted blur with me often feeling poorly and faint. By early February I had had enough and decided I would go to the doctor to see if there was anything wrong (anaemia perhaps) After visiting the doctor before with similar ailments they always ask the same question.... ???????Could you be pregnant???????? so I thought, -I'll take a pregnancy test so they cant try to fob me off again and so they have to do further tests on me'

    Never did I really believe that I could be pregnant (I was on the pill) however, life loves to throw some curve balls and to mine and Robs surprise and delight I got as positive pregnancy test result... we were having a baby!!!!
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    Oh wow!! Can't believe it stops here....keep going keep going! Your puppy is sooooo cute xx
  • Yey lovely!
  • Change of date.

    We decided we had to postpone the wedding. I did not want to get married heavily pregnant and we couldn't afford to do it earlier. All the suppliers were fantastic, lots of congratulatory emails and messages, our wedding would be postponed a year (to August 2011) but would remain the same. The next people we needed to inform were the vicar and church.

    We had been attending church regularly and built relationships with the congregation but always found the new vicar slightly strange... He didn't have a great reputation in the town and seemed quite money centric and all in all not overly Christian. I was very nervous about informing him of the change of situation but thought ultimately he would be pleased, a new member of his flock and a child brought into a loving family, what's not to be happy about? How wrong could we be! He was vile! Told us that our child was to be born a bastard and surely we should be rushing the wedding through instead of putting it back. We were taken aback and very upset. We could not afford to bring the wedding forward and I did not want to waddle down the aisle 8 months pregnant. We left the church angry upset and unsure what to do. Do we really want a man who calls our unborn child a bastard with such venom to marry us, do we want to continue to worship in a church with a priest who holds those views....
  • Pregnancy

    I was extremely fortunate and had a very healthy pregnancy. We didn't find out if our bump was blue or pink and enjoyed decorating the nursery and making plans for our family life. The wedding went on the back burner, we had a new focus and that was our unborn child.

    Our life had already completely changed, our priorities completely different, our outlook of life altered forever. The life growing inside me was bigger than the wedding, bigger than us even. It was an immense feeling, which encouraged us to change our wedding, plans again but this time takes a completely different route!
  • He's arrived

    On October 3rd 2010 at 3.55 am after almost 4 days of labour (that stories for a different forum I think) I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Noah William Loveland. He was and still is absolutely amazing. A really happy boy who has always been a joy to look after and be the mother of. I cannot express what Noah means to Rob and me. We were in love, absolutely amazing!

  • and one last picture of my amazing little man...

  • Noah is gorgeous! As is Tilly! All your plans went backwards but also perfectly! More please!
  • This is bigger than us

    As I said before in the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy myself and Rob decided to completely change our plans. We made the bold step to change from the traditional British wedding at my local church and parents house to going away with just immediate family and get married abroad. I realised all I wanted was for me, Rob and Noah to be there. Anyone else was a bonus. This wedding was about family, my family, my 2 boys and us being united and sharing the same name.

    However, I did still want the day to be beautiful for us. So where more beautiful to get married than in Italy? In my opinion there is nowhere more perfect, romantic and gorgeous than the Italian Lakes (myself and Rob had visited a few years previous and fallen in love with the place)

    I did some r3esearch through the forums and Internet and found a wedding planner who was kind, reliable, professional and above all fantastically organised.

    The venue was agreed: Torri del Benaco on Lake Garda in Italy, August 2011. Noah would be 10 months old, perfect!

    The planning for Italy was really smooth and easy. Pam had it all in hand. I would send pictures of the bouquet I wanted. Done! The type of menu I would like - No problem. Pam offered advice of where to stay, where to eat, and what extras to include and also organised an amazing photographer to immortalise the memories for us!
  • Haha! Another big change but then I'm not surprised with that horrible vicar, I'd want to get as far away as possible too! image
  • I was extremely laid back about the wedding in the lead up to it. The main problem I encountered was dress.... I tried on my wedding dress again that I had chose for my British wedding and just knew it wasn't for me anymore. The 12 months had changed me completely and I didn't feel like the same woman that chose that dress anymore. I leftt the bridal shop in tears. It just didn't go with my laid back Italian wedding. It was definitely not the dress, not anymore!

    To try and make myself feel better I went to a local wedding dress shop to prove to myself that I wouldn't like the type of dress i felt I should have and that I was being silly.... Big mistake. The first dress I tried on was just -THE ONE' a lot simpler and relaxed, smaller and felt more like me! I knew now more than ever, I could not wear the Sophia Tolli gown for my wedding. I needed a different dress.

    Rob was incredibly supportive and relaxed about it! (More than I would have been if he had told me that he'd changed his mind on something worth over £1000!) It was just 3 months before the wedding and I needed another dress. The hunt was on. I went to lots of local shops but I kept thinking about the first dress I tried after the distresing experience with my original gown. It was a perfect fit and they were going to let my buy it off the peg. I was sold, I had found my dress!

    Happily, I also managed to sell my original gown to a lovely girl whose dream gown it was but she couldn't afford it! She bought the gown brand new and very happily and I was able to purchase my dress with the money raised WIN WIN!!!

  • Here come the girls

    I was unsure of what to do for my hen party, at one point in the lead up to the wedding I would have happily forgotten all about it. My sister was adamant that I had to have a good send off though and I was pleased I chose to have a hen party. We went to Chester races. It was a really sunny day and we all had lots of fun! Later we went back to Nantwich for drinks and dancing.

  • Stag do

    Robs brother and best man was fantastic in organising the stag do. They went for a walk on the peaks in the day and then spent the evening at a comedy club and then drinking in Manchester... I don't know much more about the day and I guess that's the way it should stay!
  • MrsFaulkyMrsFaulky Posts: 6,671
    I'm loving the report so far!! Congrats to you both! I can't wait to see the Italy pics, I bet it was gorgeous. Love your dress too!!

    What a disgusting vicar to say such a thing. I think you definitely made the right choice! Except I probably would have told him to stick his service where the sun doesn't shine! image
  • Italian Dreams.

    On the 8th August myself, rob and Noah travelled to Italy, we caught the flight with 1 minute to spare due to an accident on the M6 which gave us a very stressful start to the holiday, luckily though we made it being the last to board the aeroplane and had a safe and enjoyable journey to Milan.

    A few days before the wedding we had an engagement shoot with our photographer. We treated this more like a family photo shot, as I was unsure as to if it was worthwhile having an engagement shoot. I was proved wrong though; we had the most fun and got some beautiful pictures of me with my boys. We love how vibrant and alive they are and it also put us both at ease with the photographer for the wedding day.

  • and a few more from the engagement shoot....

  • The night before the wedding myself, Rob and our 23 guests all went out for a nice meal and catch up. Everybody was in love with Italy and Lake Garda, they couldn't believe how beautiful it was and were very excited about the wedding.

    It was so lovely to be on holiday with my brothers, sister, nieces and parents. Everyone was so relaxed and in the holiday spirit, which gave the lead up to, and the day of the wedding a fantastic relaxed atmosphere.

    The morning of the wedding was a bit of a blur, we were not getting married until 3pm but the morning flew by. I had an amazing hair and make up lady come over from the UK to do my hair and make up and my bridesmaids hair (this was a big splurge but she did the most amazing job and made us all look our best) Kayspaven

    The morning also gave me chance to skype my sister in Australia, She was 8 months pregnant so unable to make the day. It was a very emotional phone call and I would have given anything for her to be there.

    The photographer came to take some getting ready pictures around an hour before the ceremony. This was also around the time where things started to get quite stressful. With 3 girls hair to do as well as my hair and make up time was running out. I tried to remain calm but there were more than a few moments when I felt overwhelmed and stressed!

  • The bridesmaids looked beautiful in purple maxi dresses from Monsoon and flower girl dresses from debenhams

  • Bouquet:

    I chose to have hydrangea as my wedding bouquet

    a) because I love them and they are beautiful

    b) b) because they remind me of my dads mum, my missed Nan.

    I also attached a guardian angel pin of my mums mum onto the ribbon in memory of her and as my something old.

  • The boquet lasted really well all day (outlasted the roses on my bridesmaids corsages)

    I was really surprised by this as people told me they are likely to wilt in the heat. I kept my boquet for over a week after the wedding and it cdontinued to look stunneing.

    Im so pleased i went for a bold coloured boquet, i really think it made my pictures pop and complemented my bridesmaids beautifully.
  • Lovely wedding report image
  • lucelalucela Posts: 551
    AAaawwww absolutely beautiful report! Your doggy & little boy are so cute! Congratulations hun! You made me shed a little tear (sign of a good report)

    I too am getting married in Italy.....we leave next week!

    So hears a toast to us Italian wedding girls....cheers!!! xx

  • Thank you for all the nice feedback. I'm so pleased i'm writing down all my memories of the lead up to the day as i'm scared i'll forget the details with time.

    Luce1985 - i'm so jealous! Italy is the most beautiful place ever! |We had the most perfect day and i'm sure your day will be perfect for you too. Where are you getting married?

    Re: Picture of hydrangea on invites - I bought a watercoulour of the flower, scanned it in and then used textboxes to position it on my invite. I used this theme for my Italian wedding invites and for the menus and placecards. If you would like a copy of the scanned image give me your email and i'll happily share x
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