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moses basket sheets, fitted or flat?

Hi guys

I have a mamas and papas moses basket and I wondered where to get the sheets from as they are expensive from mamas and papas?

I wasnt sure if all sizes would fit all or if i would have to buy them direct from m & p?

Also would you recommend that we get fitted or flat sheets?


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Is it a standard size? If so then you should be able to get sheets from anywhere. You will need flat sheet on top anyway. I suppose if you got flat you will also be able to use in a cot?
  • My moses basket was from mamas and papas last time and I think I bought sheets from Mothercare that fit it. The moses basket sheets were smaller than cot ones so you couldn't have doubled up with them for the cot too but I guess you could buy cot ones and tuck them under, although Im not too sure how lumpy and raised this would make the moses basket matress as there is quite a big difference in size. I bought both fitted and flat and to be honest the flat ones drove me insane if used on the bottom matress as I had a long legged wiggly baby and he kept pulling them up, the fitted were perfect on the bottom and never came up. I used a flat sheet and a blanket on top and they did pull up at times but theres nothing you can do about that really, plus they don't take as much re-tucking in as using flat sheets on the bottom.

    Hope that helps! image
  • Hi, we had a m&p Moses basket and I got my sheets from there but i got a couple of both the flat and fitted! I liked the fitted ones beat on the Moses basket bur I uses the same sheets on the pram matters so having some flat sheets gave me a bit of flexibility!

    Not sure about the sizes for moses basket but I brought some mothercare cot/bed sheets and they were miles too small for our m&p cotbed! I also was not keen on the quality to be honest! My friend swears by the John Lewis value range-and she is a fabric buyer by trade!!

  • Scrap what I said about us buying Mothecare sheets for the moses basket..just went and checked there because I was offended by HRoper saying she was 'not keen on the quality' (though she was completely entitled to her own opinion!!!) of Mothercare sheets as I knew the ones we bought were beautifully soft and luxurious and wouldn't have got aything other for my precious baby!!!...then discovered that ours were from Mamas and Papas so can't dispute the Mothercare issue either way image

    Maybe have a little look about and feel of the different makes yourself though and see what works best for you image
  • I would just get standard flat cot sheets and fold them in half to be honest they will be a moses basket for 3-4 months maximum. I had 2 girls both had mothercare sheets and they were just fine and they got alot of washing! John lewis are very good too.
  • I had a m+p moses baskets and bought fitted sheets from there too. Was very happy with the quality (they are a bit on the expensive side but are on offer 3 for 2 along with other bedding). Ended up buying 2 sets in total which was a waste as our son only lasted less than 1 month in his moses basket before outgrowing it!
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