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shell save the dates?

Do you think large scallop shells (about 12cm) with our names and date written on them could be used as save the dates? I want something a bit different! Going to make message in a bottle invitations but dont know whether to just go for normal save the date cards or do the shell thing as something a bit different? Do you think it sounds ok? Honest opinions please!


  • I think it sounds really cool and would love to receive something like this!! The only thing I think you'll have to think about is postage - you'll probably have to put them in a small box which will mean extra postage to pay, and possibly bubble wrap them to stop them breaking.

    As an alternative, what about shell shaped card? Or a 'normal' save the date with small shells stuck on it? Really love the idea though xx
  • I was thinking of just putting them in little organza bag and then in a padded envelope for the postage. The shells are quite big and says they can be used as serving dishes or soap dishes so thought they could use them. Might not actually write on the shell, going to see if I can drill little hole in the top and thread some ribbon with a luggage tag on with the date on that?
  • I think that sounds really lovely, as I said previously, I would love to receive something like this! Yes that sounds alright if the envelopes are padded, you might just need to send them as large letter postage, as I don't suppose they will be that heavy?
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