Wanting extra photos

We got married in September and our photographer uploaded our photos last week. They are lovely and I don't know how I'm going to pick which of the 339 to go in the album. One thing is that I don't love any of the posed shots of us together. I don't dislike them all but many are of us going to kiss and we're not keen on them. Also there aren't many of our nieces and nephews.

Now he obviously took a thousand or so photos on the day so must have some he decided not to touch up and publish. So has anyone asked their photographer whether they had any more shots they could work on and upload? How did it go?


  • DuddersDudders Posts: 1,659
    Hi Jane,

    There were some shots I knew were missing from what was uploaded and did query it. I was told that they felt they didn't work. Fortunately for us we weren't too bothered - it took bl00dy ages to narrow down the 500/600 pictures they did offer without worrying about more!

    However, as you obviously aren't entirely happy with what's been offered, you should definitely query it - make sure you say what you don't like so they can avoid those. Hope they have some more shots you like image
  • MrsLightyMrsLighty Posts: 466
    I didn't realise with our photographer that we didn't get a choice of which photos we had - he did the choosing for us. As you can imagine, this meant that there were quite a few we weren't happy with, so we did ask him if he had any others and this meant that we did receive a few more that we were more pleased with, so I think it's definitely worth asking if he's got more that you can look at. xx
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