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HELP.. tattoo cover up!!!

Hey all,

anyone have any ideas,suggestions or advice on how i can cover my tattoos for my wedding day. I'm getting married in the month of October I'm hoping to get a dress with a bolero or shrug but would like to take this off for the evening.

I live in cardiff so if you know of anyone who can provide this service please let me know...

look fwd to hearing from you

xx image


  • I know there is a certain type of makeup, like stage makeup or something that is used for covering up scars and tattoos.

    Can't remember what it is called though.

    What tattoos do you have and where?
  • Hey,

    I've got one on the top of each arm old school type a star and moon and my name, they are quite small and will be easier to cover, its my back really i had a whole upper back piece done in memory of my mum this is going to be difficult to cover!!!!

    stage make up sounds good will Google it now and see what i can find might see if there any make up artists in my area who have been trained in theatre make up too!
  • atlast2atlast2 Posts: 171
    mac do some "Camouflage" make up which they advertise will cover tatoos. i've never tried it, but maybe pop to a mac counter and try it and then get a mac make up artist for the day if you're not doing your own
  • MAC wow I'll def look into that, i love MAC!!!

    Thank you image
  • Hi Depending what colours you have in the tattoo, a Great one that i use is Veil tattoo coverage , worth having a practice run with it to ensure you get the coverage that you want . you can buy this direct from

    The tip with this is to make sure you use the setting powder as this will ensure that the coverage lasts.

    Hope this helps

    Andria x
  • Thank you ladies

    i to am worried bout it coming off on my dress image

    I'm going to have a trial run with the MAC and then will decide it might be cold in the October so i might want to keep my bolero on lol!!!
  • Hi, I have a tattoo on my arm of all bloody places!

    I'm having it removed and it's coming along a treat, should b gone by my wedding.

    When i go on holiday I always use tattoo make-up all the time, beach, pool etc etc.

    I buy the Ben nye palet off eBay, its a wee colour wheel, and u can buy the setting powder which works a treat and helps it stay on.

    I'm not going 2 lie and say it is 100% all day coverage it does start 2 fade if it's rubbed or brushed against, but I find it covers really well and stays on for the duration.

    For my birthday I had it professionally covered by a make up artist, and it was flawless coverage, and lasted the whole night! She used the mac tattoo make up image x
  • Hey MrsM2b13

    I swear by this and no worries about it rubbing off on your dress. I had to order from the US but well worth it/ Also my sister is a photographer and she uses it on models etc. Hope it helps xxx
  • Ladies

    thank you so much for your ideas and opinions, much appreciated image
  • I've got the MAC one, its quite good, but you need a few layers if you have a dark tattoo
  • Do you need any powder to fix it or just the concealor?does it rub off easily too? i went to town today and went to MAC but there was only one girl working and she was rushed off her feet so didn't hang about..
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