teeth whitening

dont think i posted in the right place! but has anyone had any successful teeth whitening anywhere? dont want to spend a fortune but my whitening toothpaste isnt quite cutting it. any recommendations? I've got three weeks to go and live near london/south east!!! louise x


  • This was advertised in my bridal mag http://www.smilepod.co.uk/whitening.aspx but in my opinion that's fairly pricy, have read on this thread http://www.youandyourwedding.co.uk/community/forums/thread/1545898 that it's possible to get it done for £150 so maybe just call all your local dentists, see who offers whitening treatment, whether they can do it in time and what they're quoting. Something that's cheap and does make a noticeable difference but maybe not enough of one is a trip to the Hygienist at your dental surgery if you've not had one recently. I went to the hygienist about a week ago and she gets in between all the gaps with a metal pick and then buffs it with this horrible gritty stuff which is nasty when it's in your mouth but does make a difference, took about half an hour and cost £30 and removed some stains but didn't really change overall colour though I am very happy with how much nicer my teeth look.
  • JeB87JeB87 Posts: 46
    Yes! I found a great deal on teeth whitening at Groupon. It worked well. It was a 90 minute pain free session. My teeth look much whiter. They were pretty stained from drinking too much coffee and cigarettes but those stains came off. It's suppose to last up to 2 years. It's been 6 months and they still look good. It costed about £40.
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