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Berkshire Hair and Make-Up artist?

Hi All,

I am getting married at Wasing Park in Aldermaston, Berkshire next August. I live in Surrey so do not know the area well at all! Any recommendations would be gratefully received image

Lucy xxx


  • Hello. I'm getting married in Berkshire too. Haven't sorted this yet, but if you need help with other suppliers let me know. X
  • Hi I cover parts of Berkshire. Feel free to have a look at my website and contact me if you like.

  • hi Lucy, You lucky thing - Wasing Park is a dream venue. My friend got married there 18 months ago and I was soo jealous as we couldn't stretch our budget that far. But that's where I met my make-up lady, Mel Kinsman. The one thing I wanted was great hair and make-up, so I did splash out in that department. She works there a lot and covers Berkshire and Surrey and thankfully Hampshire where I am from.

    Not sure of your date tho - cos that's my Hen weekend and I asked if she would be able to do my make-up for the Saturday night and she said she was already booked. Give her a try tho.

    Good luck,

  • Wasing is my venue too! I am getting ready in Bucks though so I don't think my makeup person would be close enough for you. I am happy to ask her though if you like (having my trial tomorrow so hopefully she is good!!)
  • Thanks so much ladies!

    How did your trial go MissB2MrsB? And when is your wedding day?

    Thank you watershed1, we fell in love with Wasing straight away - have had to have a 2 and a half year wait to save for it! Thanks for the reccommendation - I will def have a look, and at yours Juliet image
  • The trial went really well - it took only one attempt at both the hairstyle and the makeup look for me to love it so I was so pleased! I'm using Katrina Bridal Beauty if you did want to see if they will cover Berkshire. The wedding is in 2 weeks and 6 days, aaagh! I can't believe how quickly it is creeping up.
  • HLB1970HLB1970 Posts: 280
    Hi Lucy,

    We're getting married on the 4th Feb at Wasing.... and desperate in need of a make-up artist too!! I'm going to have a look at Mel Kinsman and will check out Juliet too. I'll let you know how I get on and if I hear of any other recommendations.

    Are you getting married in the church? What table decs are you having? I've done a planning thread if you want to have a look...

  • Aww I love your planning thread - not seen one of those before! Hope all is going well with your dress image

    Yes we are getting married in the church, started going a couple of months ago - are you? Not sure about table decorations yet. We saw some lovely ones at the open day at the end of October (think some of your pictures were from there?) Going to have alternates of low and high centre pieces but not sure anything else yet! x x
  • I got married in Berkshire in May and used Katrina Bridal Beauty and rate them highly - they were a pleasure to have with me on the day and the hair and makeup for me, my bridesmaid and my mum lasted all day and was exactly what i wanted and i am VERY fussy!!!!!

    Good luck x
  • Thanks smiffy101 - it makes such a difference when you get real feedback from real brides image They were great at the trial so I am really looking forward to the day now!
  • Li1736Li1736 Posts: 324
    the lady i am using is based in Reading and she does hair and make up - she is amazing!!! so so good, her name is Tuesday and message me if u want her number x
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