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Make sure you try the wine

Good tip. I'm not too worried about our bar company, as our venue ties us in to a 5 star and expensive one, so I would assume it's good quality, but we have to go for a wine tasting anyway to choose what goes with the food, but so many weddings I've been too have had bad wine and it ruins the taste of the food.


  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    I'm going with the judgement of my FIL2B on this one; H2B's mum and dad are Wine Society wine lovers and we're asking them for help with our table wine (we've bought a separate drinks reception) and with making the choices!
  • All you are saying is so true. I used to work in hotels and they generally use different wine for drinks packages, cheaper the better! here today gone tommorow attitude.

    All the hotel cares about is GP!!!!

    drinks packages average about £10 per head and will use spark wine for arrival at £1 per bottle with cheap oj for bucks fizz, bin ends bought cheap and in bulk for dinner wine (fingers crossed its not Romanian) and again cheap fizz for toast.

    Drinks package costs 80p per head sells at £10

    defo negotiate corkage if doable or name wine included in packages
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