Scraggy Hair - What to Do?

I have PCOS and the hormone imbalance this has caused has affected my hair. It used to be thick and wavy, but it has gradually thinned out (my scalp only shows in a small area at the front) and become very fine, frizzy and brittle. I've been practicing the style I want, I can get it perfect, but can't get it to stay in for more than an hour or two. I'm loathe to either cut my hair or wear a hair piece and I don't have enough hair for a bun. My hair is just below shoulder length. Any ideas, please?


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    Im sorry to hear this hun- ive got pcos too and it sucks.

    How about using extentions? My sister did for her wedding and they looked really natural. That way you could have an 'up do' if you wanted?
  • I'm having the same problems with my PCOS..

    my hair has recently started to noticeably fall out when I wash it

    I've started taking skin and nails supplements sold it boots? I think it's called perfectil?

    Not sure if it's helping me but there's no harm in trying!

    How long do you have until your wedding?

    Hair extensions sound like a great idea.. as long as they are professionally done... I've seen a few home attempts and
  • Hoe long until the wedding? I'm sure FutureMrsBryan suggestion of hair extensions would look great (I'm wearing some for your wedding!)but if you've got the time I'd really recommend the Louise Galvin hair care range - its super natural and the deep conditioning treatment has worked wonders for me.

    I had severe depression a few years ago and every single stress symptom you can have, I had (spots, ulcers and hair falling out) I used this stuff and my hair got a lot better and really looks just like it did before now. I'm sure there are lots of vitamins and supplements people on here will recommend. But extensions will be a great quick fix.

  • My mums hair started to fall out, not due to pcos, she was a bit run down and she took iron tablets and they worked really well for her!

    I would also try the supplement for hair and nails.

    I'm having extensions for my wedding to add thickness, my friend had a weave in for her wedding and it looked just as good. I think weaves are less expensive and easier to get out!
  • Thanks, Ladies. PCOS is the bane of my life too. Spots, hair, patchy skin - you name it, I got it.

    I don't really have the money for extensions, but I'll definitely give the supplements a try.

    The wedding is in 11 weeks away, and I'm starting to panic a bit now! I was talking to Mr J's niece last night and she suggested I put a shallow parting in the front to act as a bit of a comb-over for the sparse bit (who'd a thunk it? I turned into the baldy man!!! image ) and used a 'bump it' (which I presume is some sort of hair padding thing) to make a small beehive, then pinned the rest of it into a french pleat, hiding the scraggy bits.

    What do you think? I'm not sure what it will look like, but I'll give it a go. It can't be worse than it is at the moment, can it?
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    Ditto on the pcos - it's b****!

    Vitamin A is supposed to be really good, and you can get some vitamin A topical hair lotions that just help to swell the shaft of the hair making it fuller.

    I'm fortunate to have long hair, but scraggy and some missing bits. I'm not having an up-do as it doesn't stay in my hair and shows off the bald patches. I'm going for a slight beehive (bump it's do this) and just having half-up half-down.

    There is also something at Boots called Lable M Resurrection Dust for dynamic lift and volume. My friend (who has pcos) swears by it, and being honest her shoulder length hair looks really bouncy when she uses it. With my long hair it doesn't really look right, but with shorter hair it's brilliant.
  • Thanks, Flo Ant, I'd never heard of this stuff, but it does have good reviews, so something else I can try (I'll try anything once!) I like the idea of the beehive with the back down, it sounds really pretty.

    I think I'll get hold of one of the bump it thingys and have a bash at different styles

    Thanks again x
  • Kerastine 3 min miracle wonder and hair mousse too. My daughter in law is a stylist and swears by this for your condition.

    I also like the weave idea but its not good for weak hair so be careful as they back comb hair to add a weave. I don't recommend back combing delicate hair. x
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