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anyone else getting married abroad?

i'm getting married on the 21st feb 2007 out in florida. in a gorgeous hotel called the plantatio inn, in crystal river. we get married in a gazebo which is surrrounded on three sides by water.

anyone else getting married abroad? where and when?



  • bride1bride1 Posts: 1,664
    yeh im gettin married in vegas on july 12th. also in a gazebo in gorgeous grounds
  • jana24ukjana24uk Posts: 6
    I am getting married 2nd of June 2007 in castle near Prague!
  • bilton001bilton001 Posts: 288

    Im getting married in Paphos on 23rd October and cant wait !!
  • hi ladies im too saying"i do" in lovely grounds of a hotel in Cyprus less than 3months!!!
  • lktigerlktiger Posts: 11
    We think we'll be getting married in India...probably Goa or Kerala. I'm living overseas so almost anywhere will be abroad!
  • hannbloomhannbloom Posts: 19
    I'm getting married in Mauritius this November so I'm busy dress-hunting at the moment (only 198 days to go!).
  • ckj2bckj2b Posts: 12
    yeh im gettin married in vegas on july 12th. also in a gazebo in gorgeous grounds

    that is also my birthday!!!

  • I am getting married in Sunny South Africa on 10/02/2007!!!!!!!!!

    Can't wait........
  • bride1bride1 Posts: 1,664
    cki2b its the day before my 30th birthday too. doing that for two reasons 1: i can say i was in my 20s when i got married and 2: h2b cant forget our anniversary!! have you checked out registering marriage here when you get back from florida. I emailed the county clerk and they said there is no need ,so that took a lot of pressure off cos i was a bit worried !
  • GledsGleds Posts: 6
    Im getting married in the Dominican republic on 20th October this year. also in a gazebo surrounded by water and pink flamingos (bit of a theme running here)

    I cant wait!!

  • zfoster1892zfoster1892 Posts: 86
    im getting married in maine america but staying there for good once i go, and moving back down to florida for the winter, ckj2b that sounds amazing, im sure youl have fab weather, and get amazing pics
  • poshbex1poshbex1 Posts: 29
    Hi All...I'm getting married in Moon Palace Mexico Beach wedding. Cant wait. How many are travelling with you all? We are taking 20 all together had a bit of a stress head on me last week trying to find a hotel that is big enough to loose every one!!!lol! No seriously we are staying in the hotel for a week, and then after we are married we are moving to the sister hotel in Rivera Maya for our honeymoon. We will then have a reception when we get back. Whats everyone else's plans? My worry is seeing another bride on my special day, as i no its becoming more popular these days.

    Has anyone started to look at wedding dresses yet? i get a bit fed up when i walk into a shop and as soon as i say I'm getting married abroad, they point to about 6 dresses on the rail. Id still like a proper wedding dress, does anyone feel like me. I know it will be hot and sticky, but its something you dream about all your life. you want to feel as special as possible. I still have 374 days until i get married but when is too soon or too late to buy your dress?...i think i found the one, but am i to early:\?
  • vaniaukvaniauk Posts: 93
    getting married in portugal (somewhere around lisbon) 8th september 2007!
  • Hi we are thinking of getting married in hawaii on my guy's birthday, 20th March 2007
  • hello i'm new to this and just at the very begining of planning my wedding in a ski resort in usa bit up in the air at the mo where do i start :\?
  • rinnieukrinnieuk Posts: 158

    I am getting married in Austrlaia in November and i was really worried about getting a wedding dress as i still wanted to look like a bride, but be able to last in the heat. I wen into Pronuptia at Romford and said that i was getting married abroad, the lady gave me a brochure to look through and said she would go and pick out alll of the lightweight material dresses for me to try. Some of the dresses were huge but still really light so easy to transport and great for hot weather.

  • pixelempixelem Posts: 5
    We are getting married in Budapest, Hungary on the 24th of jun. 2006.
  • kai123ukkai123uk Posts: 4
    we are getting married in Zante on the 15th September...........anyone else got married there?........could do with some tips, thanks image
  • Lou_1986Lou_1986 Posts: 1,584
    we are getting married in Mauritius on 11th November 2008 (hopefully) it is in the middle of the week so just got fingers crossed it will be ok :\)
  • kellebowerskellebowers Posts: 40

    where in mauritius are you getting married?
  • kellebowerskellebowers Posts: 40

    where are you getting married?
  • Lou_1986Lou_1986 Posts: 1,584
    not 100% at the moment but am looking at Royal Palm. i think i am waiting on opinions from all these lovely ladies getting married this year over there :\) plus i have a friend out there at the moment touring the hotels as part of his job image

    have you picked a place?
  • dbowlesukdbowlesuk Posts: 8
    I am getting married in South Africa in March 2007. All your venues sound amazing - love the idea of getting married in a castle near Prague. Bex - friends of mine had their honeymoon at Moon Palace hotel in Mexico and they couldn't find fault with the place! I am sure if you ask the hotel they will tell you if anyone else is getting married on same day - or make a request for that not to happen. Re dress - I have found the same thing - actually have found that for the money the designers are asking for wedding dresses I expect better than what I am seeing. The bead work in most cases is chavish, the material is cheap and seams are poorly joined. This applies to the £1.5 -£2k "boutiquey" dresses as well as the £500 to £800 - Pronuptia dresse. I have now resorted to having my dress made - which is surprisingly the cheapest option!
  • debbie_wdebbie_w Posts: 229
    I'm getting married at the Grecian Park hotel in Protaras, Cyprus on 22nd September 06...I can't wait...:\)
  • I'm getting married in Lapland on 12th Dec 2006 would love to hear from anyone else getting married in the snow!!image
  • LisaMukLisaMuk Posts: 358
    I'm getting married 14th June 2007 in the Greek Island Skiathos. 26ish people going. I want a big fat greek wedding (although I hoping to be a size 10/12 by then) I can get fat after!!!image

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  • Hi!

    I am also getting married next year. I am going to Grecian Sands Hotel, in Ayia Napa, on 31 May 2007. I can't bloody wait!


    It surpose to be a nice place. I have never been to cyprus, that is why it is more exciting!!!!!!!

  • shelkevshelkev Posts: 26
    HI I'm getting married 18th oct 06, and we are doing it in jamaica in negril, any one else getting married in jamaica?
  • 20131452013145 Posts: 23


    I am getting married next year and want to say "I do" in Vegas but i don't know where to start? many places!!!:\?
  • Hi girls,

    I've just got back from my wedding and honeymoon in Puglia, Southern Italy. I can honestly say it was the best experience of my whole life and I could'nt have dreamed for a more perfect 3 weeks. It also worked out to be more reasonable than a wedding in the UK and a lot of our guests combined it with their annual holiday as many of them had'nt been to Italy before.

    We used Luna Rosa who were simply amazing from start to finish and the day went so smoothly I didnt have to worry about a thing. Their website is and I can wholeheartedly recommend Emma who was an absolute angel.

    Good luck girls and happy planning!

    x x
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