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HELP!!! Invites

hi i'm really stuck getting married in june this year i still havent sorted my invites out. Im stuck on wording not sure weather to put anything regarding gifts me and my other half dont want gifts as we've lived tgether for yrs but we thought it would be nice if we could have a wishing well at the reception and if people wanted to donate money to our charity hope house for terminally ill children then they could . We are only havin close family and friends there so i think theyd understand as our son goes to hope house and they are very kindly having our son over the wedding and bringing him down to be with us and they will look after him so our wedding is going to be very lovely. But help shud i put it sumthin in the invites or not !!!!!!!!!!! image


  • Joc20Joc20 Posts: 17
    That is an absolutely lovely idea. Forget etiquette. You can say what you like on invites. If you say nothing you may get unwanted gifts and then your guests might feel that they wished they had known in advance about the wishing well. Enjoy your special day
  • I'd just write something like

    'A charity close to our hearts is Hope House. Please donate on the day instead of giving gifts'

    Be honest and to the point, don't worry too much about how it comes across. It's a lovely thing to do!
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    We feel no need for wedding gifts, but would be touched if you would express your generosity by donating to Hope House. A small wishing well will be found at the reception.
  • thanks for the advice wasnt sure if it would look rude but now i'm definetly goning to thanks again xamyx
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