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Getting desperate now.

I just bought acai berries. image

And the other week I had laser lipo. image

I'm not even huge but my dress seems to be tiny and it won't zip up (although apparently they ordered the same size as the sample dress as that fit me last year). Has anyone else resorted to extreme measures yet?!


  • Not yet but I've been recomended some slimming pills that are supposed to work miracles! Lol how many times have we heard that?! But I'm going to give them a try starting this weekend. How did the the laser lipo go? I saw that on tv last week! Was it expensive? And more importantly, did it make a difference?!

    I'm trying my dress on for the first time in 2 days and like you, i'm not big (size 10) but the dress is a size smaller than the sample and im terrified that its not going to fit! I've been running 6k almost every day for the last few weeks but nothing seems to be making my jelly belly go away!
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    Just before my sisters wedding i went on slimfast for two weeks- most miserable two weeks of my life!! image

    Im 5 lbs off target at the mo and I have 3 months to go- im hoping i can get under my target image Im different to you guys though coz at the start of this weight loss I was big!! image

    What pills have you been reccomended Chez?
  • They're called symply magic, supposed to be some eastern European miracle! My future BIL spoke to a couple of friends who took them and they lost huge amounts of weight, like 2 stone in as many months but I'm hoping just to lose about half a stone then maintain it with them. Quite expensive (£45 for a month) compared to some pills but also not that easy to get hold of. I'm hoping they'll work for me, I've tried all sorts in the past!
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    Hi girls. Not in this position myself but my hubby and his mates us the all about w8 plans and usually lose upto a stone in a week. its you buy the meal packets and shakes, it doesn't look a lot but it gives you everything you need so you shouldnt feel sluggish or tired, its £52 for a week which is pricey but well worth it. Xxx
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