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Anyone written or writing a book?

As if I didn't have enough going on already with my wedding in 7 months time, running a house, being a mum to a three and a half year old ball of trouble, and going to uni, ....phew.....I have started to write a book. (Huge eeeeeeeek!!)

So I was just wondering if there are any other insane people out there who have done/are doing the same and would like to share their experiences?

I am finding it very exciting at the moment and want to be writing at every opportunity. However, certain people in the house keep wanting to talk to me, and eat, and other annoying things! How inconsiderate! image

If there is anyone out there it would be great to chat to you.

Love, Clairebear xx


  • gemncalgemncal Posts: 1,210
    Hi Clairebear, how are you?! I started writing a book a year or so agobut got busy and then my laptop crashed i have been thinking about starting it again, although a bit disheartend with loosing the first draft!!! But you have inspired me, if you can do it with a family and every day life then i can!!! So how far along are you?! Have you read anything to help you or are you just writing away?!! Luv xGemsx
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    Hey girls,

    This is something I'd like to work on.

    Are you writing fiction?

    I have bits and bobs of writing all over the place.

    I'm only really inspired to write a memoir though, and these are soooo many of those about!
  • Hi, so nice to hear from you both!

    I am writing fiction, stemming from an idea I had about 9 years ago. Life got in the way but I always had the idea in the back of my mind. A few weeks ago I found the original first couple of chapters I had written and I realised I still wanted to finish it. A similar situation to you, Gem image

    I'm a fan of the genre anyway so I have done a lot of reading. But since I have (re)started writing, I've been hesitant to pick up another book to read as I want to sound like myself, not someone else.

    I'm terrible at keeping things to myself so certain family members have read what I've written and I'm editing as I go.

    Mrs. Rue, having seen your style of writing on here, I feel sure that you would write an amazing memoir. Do you keep a diary?

    Do either of you have dreams of getting your writing published or is it more for personal satisfaction?
  • gemncalgemncal Posts: 1,210
    Hi sorry it has taking me so long to get back to you im hopeless!!!!

    It would be fiction and probably a crime i have so many different ideas though for different storys but think i will carry on the first book i tried to write!!

    At the moment just for personal satisfaction but once its finished i might get it copy writed and send into a few publishers see what happens!!!!
  • gemst84gemst84 Posts: 6,961
    h2b is always telling me to write a book because people would love to read about the wierd things that come out of my mouth , i would love to have a book published , i am always reading and just think it would be amazing.Only problem is i have no idea how you really go about it.

    Do you need an agent to present your books to publishers?I have heard you do as so many people send books to publishers direct and they just sit in a pile , never getting a look in.Not sure how agents charge as you can imagine with planning a wedding and saving for a house , there aren't many spare pennies

  • Hi girls,

    Thought i'd join in the chat. I wrote a novel quite a few years ago, from the ages of 16-19. I had the idea at school, and noted loads of ideas down for ages. Then when i was in college i wrote it. I just did it in my free time, so instead of watching tv, i'd be writing. My problem is, that the story itself is great, theres twists, a great plot, detailed characters who i know inside out, side stories the lot! However....i do not have a way with words. My writing isn't always beautiful and cleverly written. To be honest, i think it would be great as a film, or if someone else came in and wrote my story, only wording it differently. I think i have some great ideas and to me it would be an epic love story, but i'm just not good enough at the writing bit. I have never even considered sending it to publishers. I just have it for myself. I enjoyed writing it and i love to reread it every so often, but its never gonna become anything. At the very most, i'd love to improve the writing myself and maybe get it nicely printed and bound just for myself.

    I think even if you have a lot of other things going on in your life, you should still go for it. Is there someone who could babysit for say 3 hours a couple of times a week, just to give you some space to write?

    Lots of luck X
  • Hey ladies, just stumbled across this thread! I have started writing two books, one thats a chick lit book and the other is like a sci fi type book. I have always been told i have a good imagination and am loving taking these stories further. I find that i do have a good way with words and can really put things together on paper. I am considering sending them out to agents and seeing what they think, i have had both books edited and the response was really positive. Its hard because like everyone else, i work full time and dont appear to have much spare time left once i have got back from work and done everything i need to do.

    Clairebear, i think its hard sometimes not to sound like other people, i have had that problem when ive read a book and then tried to write a story that was similar to that. Eek!!

    Its been a while since this post was originally started and i just wondered where everyone was now, are you any further along than you were orignally or have you given up?
  • I have been coming up with ideas for a few years now but find the whole writing thing hardwork. It never sounds the way I want it to and then I get disheartened by the whole thing and don't look at it again for months at a time. I have so many great ideas and not enough time to dedicate to it. Would love to write a book though x
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I love writing and have always wanted to be an author - but I am having real trouble finding my inspiration at the moment.

    I have bits of ideas floating around in my head but nothing concrete enough to mould yet.

    So frustrating as I am not working full tme just now and it would be an ideal time to write my first draft!

  • My uncle has just had his first book published, (see my other threads) so it can be done girls!

    He sent his drafts to a literary agents for them to proof read and tell him what he needed to change etc, and this happened for about a year, and now matador publishing have published it for him!

    You have to fund the publishing runs yourself at first, which can be expensive because you're dealing with small quantities at first, and you have to try & sell them yourself because the big stores take at least 30% of the sale price!

    So with his book, it rrp's at 7.99 (5.99 through his website) and costs (i think) £3 to produce, so the profit margins aren't huge at first, and would be eaten up by waterstones/whsmiths etc. This is only really viable when you're producing them at large volumes and the cost price comes down xx
  • I've just released this wedding planning book,

    Thought I should share it with you girls.

    I'd love to hear what you think.image
  • Hey,

    I am writing one at the mo :~)

    Nothing too intelligent or amazing, just chick lit with a bit of sex and fun lol

  • Looks fab KayaSilver!! xx
  • I started writing a book a few months ago, but have neglected it ever since image

    I have however, been asked to illustrate for a friend that's writing a children's book. Which is challenging in more than one way. The fact I have to draw all these things, and her always picking at the drawings lol.
  • ejhunterejhunter Posts: 678
    Just found this thread. I started writing a book just over 3 years ago when I moved into my house on my own, it kept my fingers busy and stopped me eating!

    Then I changed jobs and had to give my company laptop back, so I didn't have anything to work on it on. Then I met hubby and my life got really busy. I miss it, I came across the first draft several months ago and spent ages translating it from the first to third person as I realised I didn't like how it read in the first person.....then I lost my memory stick, argh!!!! And had no back up, typical.

    Then a few months ago my car was broken into and as my Dad was helping to clean it out he found the stick wedged under the passenger seat. Might go back to working on it now the wedding is over with, feeling in need of a little project! x
  • helentinkhelentink Posts: 976

    I've been writing short stories and poems on and off for years, but only recently have I decided that I want to be published, so I've made a start on three (yes you read correctly - THREE) fiction/romance books. I'm planning on one being more of a "based on real-life" book, more like a diary to be honest, but as the whole plot spans six years, i'm finding it difficult to keep it moving as a diary.

    Another one is part of a series, because the brilliant idea that I had ( no, i'm not sharing it, sorry lol) hasn't been done before as far as I know.

    I'm finding it quite difficult to sit down and type everything out though, i've been carrying lots of notebooks with me, and I've discovered that I normally get all my ideas while I'm on a night shift at work! I'd love to be published, but the only problem I have is that i find it difficult writing in first or third person constantly.
  • Hom2010Hom2010 Posts: 282
    I was always passionate about creative writing when I was younger, but stupidly didnt pursue it as a career choice and went for the safer option of English Lit at Uni. I feel like i'm so far behind those who chose to take it further nowm and I don't have the ideas flowing like I used to!

    Saying that, if I ever had the time would LOVE to give it a go. When my h2b and I went travelling two years ago I kept an online journal for family back home to follow, this would be the base for a comedic novel and h2b is always onto me to try it out.

    For those who have, or intend to... could you post a little paragraph to give us all a taste of your talent?!

  • I would love to be an author. When I was younger I used to love writing and could find lots of creative things to write about but now I don't feel like I am very creative at all and tbh, I wouldn't know where to start with writing a book. I might give it a try just for my own fun though image
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    Wow - for once a spammer did some good work!!!

    Is there anyone else out there writing now???

    I've written 16 novels, all kinds of genres (and started over a 100 or so!). At the moment I'm working to get 'Many' into a publishable condition. I've just cut the very long-winded first part by 17,000 words!!!
  • I am - or I am trying to.

    I've been interested in writing novels since I was a child. At the moment I have two on the boil and chop and change between them when inspiration strikes.. I haven't written much over the past 3 months or so but will be getting right back into the swing of things after the wedding..

    Then I will eventually want to look at getting one of them published..

  • Hi Clairebear!

    I've written a novel and it's available on Kindle and paperback right now, though I have an agent working on finding a publishing house too at the moment. It's called Bliss Chase and it's about a jilted bride who has everything but the groom and decides to hunt a new one down in time for her wedding day. It's narrated by her highly opinionated wedding dress, Radiance. It's a fun, satirical observation of the wedding industry and falling in love.

    Took ages to write and it's partly based on my own life. But it was such a great experience and it felt quite cathartic too.

    If you're into writing, you should check out the writers' workshop website and the associated word cloud forum. Fantastic site. Actually got my agent following one of their writing festivals. image
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