foundation dilemma...please help


I'm thinking of using Mac Pro longwear foundation but it has SPF 10, does that mean i will look like a ghost in photos?

Any advice appreciated!



  • I have always hated liquid foundation but am totally converted by mac studio fix fluid, it has SPF 15, I've been practising my wedding make up and have lots of photos of nights out etc and it doesn't look ghostly at all, I use the mineralising powder too and I think that helps with any shine. I love mac!
  • Hi there

    As a makeup artist a few tips for a fab base

    Get a great skin primer - mac do some great ones, strobe is nice but only on your cheekbones.

    Mac studio fix is fantastic foundation!!

    If you do feel you look ghostly with the flash back any bronzer (red pigmented powder) will bring you back to human shades again! image


  • LittleRed_10LittleRed_10 Posts: 1,453
    I honestly couldnt tell you in faith because I am milk bottle white- but I used MAC at my prom and I looked fairly flawless in the photos despite the fact I had very teenagerish skin. I do love that stuff and as long as you blend it in you should be ok
  • Thanks for your replies!

    I'm feeling reassured.

    I'll just make sure I have loads of bronzer at the ready!
  • SheraleighdSheraleighd Posts: 1,336
    Hi chicky,

    I'm doing my own make up on the day and as such have spent the best part of the last year researching foundations (how easy it it for boys by the way, face cream and away they go! grrrrr image ) and I had the good fortune to happen across the Bobbi Brown foundation stick- it's a miracle... light with fab coverage and comes in every shade possible so a BB make up artist can help find your perfect match.

    I actually had a one on one with one of the make up artists from the States who said that it's the only foundation they'd ever use for wedding make up as it has a yellow base which is great for photography and staves off any pink/red blotchiness.

    I can highly recommend it having tried everything from Mac to Lancome, used with Laura Mercier's hydrating primer it works a treat for a radiant & dewy finish.

    To actually answer your question a foundation with an spf won't give you a chalky finish as it won't be the same consistency as actual sunscreen image

    Hope this has helped

  • No, no, no and no! SPF does NOT make you look ghostly/pale! I use Doublewear from Estee Lauder which has SPF 10 too. It's a great thick foundation, will cover up anything you want it to! I'm very pale but I don't think I look ghostly in the photos I've had while I'm wearing it.
  • beckixloubeckixlou Posts: 14
    I always use Mac Studio Fix & Estee Lauder Double wear & never had a problem with the flash (I use bronzer & blusher too)

    Mac Mineralize skinfinish is great for giving you a flawless look & I suggest a good primer to keep you inplace image
  • boobear45boobear45 Posts: 236
    I agree with the above two contributors. I use E Lauder doublewear, Mac prolongwear/studio fix fluid and MAC sculpt all with spf and have no probs with my brides' pics.
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