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Getting married abroad in 2008 but can't decide where to go!

Hi everyone,

following some problems with family (see previous posts!) H2B and I have been talking about running away to a desert island and getting married there! Running away is probably a bit strong as we will be inviting family and friends to join us! The thing is we can't decide where? Any suggestions?

We have planned for September 2008, and would like somewhere warm, so we can marry on or near a beach! we're thinking probably mediterranean / european as we feel it would be too much to expect everyone to travel to the Carribean or further! We obviously don't want to spend a fortune, so are there any places particualrly good for smaller budgets!!

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

Cas. :\)


  • kamakiriakamakiria Posts: 5
    Hi Cas,

    I can suggest Sardinia as your destination! I went last year and want to marry there. It's really well connected with UK by low cost fly and it's not so exensive...I have already get in contact with a wedding planner and they sent me different proposals of weddings near the beaches.

    If you want more info give me a shut!

  • mehubandbubmehubandbub Posts: 932

    We are getting married in Cyprus. We are getting married in a villa, there are 16 staying there and a few people near by.

    There are loads of options in Cyprus as it is quite popular, hotels, villas that organise it for you or you can arrange it all yourself or book with thompsons and other companies.

    Hope this helps x
  • sarahharveysarahharvey Posts: 707
    I agree with Mrs E, Cyprus would be a fantastic destination as they weather is gorgeous then. Carribean can be affordable, for example we were going to Cyprus but then changed to Mexcio because it was actually cheaper. (Hotels i like in Cypris were B&B and couldnt face thought of people buying rounds for 20+ people everyday) but hurricane season runs between may-nov.

    Sardinia is also lovely. Greece is still ok if you go beginning of September. Malta is also popular.

    Happy brochure-reading!! xx
  • Here I go again, I'm an ex wedding abroad specialist so I'm sticking my oar in everywhere!!

    cyprus or malta are perfect for weddings where family and friends are coming too. My sister has just booked her wedding for Cyprus next year and we can all afford to go. the good thing with Cyprus is the fact that you can all fly out together, the wedding is in the first week and the relatives can fly home leaving you to enjoy your second week with your new hubby alone!! Austria and Italy are other options - I've got a feeling that the weddings in Italy are always during the 2nd week though, not sure, it's almost 4 years since I last booked one.

    First choice and Thomson have good weddings departments. If you decide on Cyprus then Libra or Argo weddings are pretty good.

    Hope this helps.

    Emma x
  • Claire2308Claire2308 Posts: 58
    Hi, I looked into getting married in Cyprus but soon realised that it would work out expensive as the nicer hotels are very expensive and most are not all inclusive so spending money would have been a fair bit, also paying for the reception would have worked out a lot and i just don't have the money to do it, so we decided to get married in Cuba in a 5 star hotel, although it is classed as 4 star plus over here, we have 3 children, i stay at home to look after them so that is why money is so tight and the wedding in Cuba is costing us £4395 and that includes a 2 week holiday for myself, h2b and the kids, if it were just the 2 of us it would cost £2610 and that includes a band for the ceremony and upgrading our package slightly (£110) of the price is for those extras, i will list the basic package and the one we are upgrading to

    ? ? Private Check in

    ? ? Welcome Cocktail

    ? ? Personal Wedding Coordinator

    ? ? Legalization of all documents and wedding certificate

    ? ? Judge's fees

    ? ? Bottle of Sparkling wine in room on arrival

    ? ? Decoration of wedding venue

    ? ? Bouquet and buttonhole

    ? ? 5 wedding photos (5' x 7')

    ? ? 2 Bottles of Spanish Cava for Wedding toast

    ? ? Wedding cake for 6 persons

    ? ? Horse and carriage for the couple

    ? ? Bottle of Spanish Cava in room the wedding night

    ? ? Turn-down service on wedding night

    ? ? Continental breakfast in bed the following day to the wedding

    ? ? Wedding dinner for 6 in a la carte restaurant

    ? ? Late check-out without charges (according to


    ................................. Price: 500 GBP

    Includes all services of the Basic Package and more:

    ? ? Upgrading to Superior Room according to availability

    ? ? Complimentary massage for the couple on wedding day

    ? ? Extra amenities in the room on wedding night

    ? ? Maid service after 11:00 am

    Also included


    Wedding arch decorated with white tulle, silk roses and tropical natural

    flowers, white chair covers and tablecloth, centre piece.

    Wedding toast

    With the tropical rum based Cuban cocktail of your choice (Mojito, Playa

    Pesquero or Cuba Libre), service for 6 persons.

    One-tier wedding cake, flavored with Cuban rum.

    Supplement: 100 CUC (Payment directly to the hotel)

    Design your own wedding by adding any of our a la carte services

    We are also having a all the champagne we need for after the ceremony and a meal for all of our guests in an alacarte (decorated) at no extra cost, although if you decide to get married in an all inclusive resort do check this as after i booked the hotel told me that they were changing their policy and we would have to pay more for the meal but i argued and eventually got them to say i could have it for free. My cousin is getting married in Cyprus in september and her wedding is costing twice what ours is, the hotel is more expensive and so are things like flowers, cake, reception, she has the money to do it but i don't and in Cuba if you want extra things like flowers and more photos and a dvd it is so cheap, i think the dvd is about £23, flowers are about £4 for a bridesmaids bouquet. The only thing that worried me was that even though it was chepaer for me it was not going to be cheaper for my guests as they could have gone to a cheap hotel in Cyprus but i need not have worried as i now have 30 booked and 6 more saying they are coming, 6 are only coming for a week and it costs about £750 pp and as it is all inclusive they won't need to spend anymore money if they don't want to and 2 weeks is a £1000pp. I don't know the costs of the other places mentioned but i just though i would give you my opinion after doing a lot of research on trying to have my wedding as cheap as possible. If you do decide to go somewhere like Cuba i would check the weather for the time of year you want to go as September is a rainy month, i would wait 2 months and go in November, a lot less rain. Hope this has helped you and please let us know where you decide to go.

    Claire xxx p.s sorry this is so long

  • HeidiErdoganHeidiErdogan Posts: 518
    I love Turkey and if it was not for my sister ( who just had a baby and does not want to fly) I would have got married in Turkey, it is very affordable, the service is second to none, the views are outstanding, especially around the Olu Deniz, Kas and Fethiye area, the 5* hotels are great for the guests and you can get married in some beautiful places....check the links!!

    Good luck!

    Heidi xxx
  • cas1980cas1980 Posts: 171
    Thanks everyone for all your advice! I've heard both Cyprus and Sardinia are good for weddings, but also interested in Cuba now too!

  • chriss77chriss77 Posts: 11

    we just got married at the beach in spain (barcelona). we had an absolutely romantic ceremony at sunset.

    if you want some more infos or help organizing your wedding in spain talk to jessica, she was our weddingplanner. she really saved us alot of stress and money.

    her email: [email protected]

    have fun planning your wedding

    bye chriss
  • Sorry for butting in on the post but just wondered where you are getting married claire 2308?

    We are getting married at the paradisus rio de oro in 29 days. (Guardalavaca, Cuba)

    cas 1980,

    Have been to Cuba before and loved it so much we decided to go back and get married!! Cuba is a wonderful when you get there and if you can get a good holiday price too all the better! The people are so adorable....make every part of your time there feel special!

    Good luck with choosing....there are so many gorgeous destinations!! image

    x cb x

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  • Claire2308Claire2308 Posts: 58
    Hi Cuban Bride,

    I am getting married at the playa pesquero on the 18th Feb 2008.

    Claire xx
  • Claire where abouts in Cuba is that? Is it Guardalavaca too?

    X cb X
  • Claire2308Claire2308 Posts: 58
    Yes Cuban bride, it is also in Guardalavaca, your hotel is the one above ours, slightly out of my price range, also they are making it Adults only at some point soon and i have 3 children and obviously want them to be there when there Dad and I get married. I have heard lovely things about Weddings at prdo.

  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    My Friend got married in Varadero last year it was gorgeous, and VERY VERY HOT ...i will just warn you that it gets very HOT because i ended up with Sun stroke LOL ..We had a great meal prepared for us the band were lovely and they even let us have the whole disco room to ourselves for 3 hours which was great considering there was less then 10 of us !!...

    We are actually getting married in Greece we have hired a private island so that it will be just us and our wedding party of 50, we did originally want to go to Kenya but decided it was never going to work as it was expensive and i wanted friends and family to come out with us!! to greece can be as cheap as 50 quid return so it was an easy decision really ...I think personally you should really know the destination before you choose to get married there so that you can be sure you like the food/people/climate etc ...

    We are actually off out to greece this september to check it all out and make sure all the catering and bits are up to scratch ..can not wait !!
  • MrsRafMrsRaf Posts: 1,802
    I second Turkey! Dalyan is beautiful and very cost effective (try Otel Asur) - Kas is great fun and has some wonderful hotels (eg Villa Tamara) - Olympos is simply magical (Olympos Lodge Hotel)

    Turkey was my original choice of location but we've changed are minds and are now fairly set on a chateau in France - it's closer and the older members of the family are happier travelling by Eurostar

    good luck and let us know what you decide on!
  • chezmartchezmart Posts: 18

    We were originally flying out to Malta Sept 08 with 30 guests. That was up until 2 weeks ago, we cancelled it all and booked Sri lanka for just the two of us for Feb 08...Cant wait.

    Family hassle's etc etc changed our mind. Malta looked fantastic though, really reasonable too. £500 for 2 weeks B&B in the Riu Seanbank (4 star). The wedding package was only £600.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.

    C x
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