Make up for a wedding abroad?

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone could suggest which make up is best for a wedding abroad? My usual routine is tinted moisturiser (Superdrug own brand!!), garnier eye roll-on, Clinique bronzer (bought as a present, otherwise it's natural collection!!) and whatever mascara is on offer! As you can tell, I don't usually spend much on make up, but as I am doing my own on the day I wanted to treat myself. Was thinking of booking trials at Mac, Bare Minerals and Bobbi Brown, is there anyone else I should see? Also only got a max of about £100 so are there any products which I can scrimp on and which should I defo get? Was thinking of getting a good foundation and bronzer but maybe getting a cheaper blusher/eyeshadow etc?




  • I think you're right here, a good quality foundation that really suits your skin is worth spending on (Estee Lauder will match you and give you a 10 day trial of foundation) but you can save on blusher, there are some lovely, good quality blushes about about which aren't high end such as 17 or Bourjois depending on how much you want to spend. If you're going abroad and the weather is going to be warm it might be worth thinking about a primer to make sure your foundation doesn't slide off in the heat!

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