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Bridesmaids hair- matching or different???

Hiya ladies,

Im getting married in August of this year (ahhhhh!!) image and im still undecided about what to do with my bridesmaids hair. I have six grown up bridesmaids and as i have 120 guests coming to the ceremony, i want them to stand out. Im having my hair curly and to the side, with a tiara. My bridesmaids have long black strapless maxi dresses. Should i have their hair down, up, the same/not the same??! so confused imageimage ! Any advice would be muchly appreciated image

Love Vicky xx


  • Sam0407Sam0407 Posts: 489
    I was thinking the same things,I have 5 adult bridesmaids.I came to the conclution that they are all have different personalities so i have told them they can have their hair however they want. x
  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580
    Mine are having theres diffferent as they've all different personalities.... one's shoulder length and mousey, one's a tom boy with very long dark red curls and the other's a girly princess with long blonde hair
  • I have 5 adult bridesmaids and they will all be having the same hairstyle, h2b's sister is sulking because she wants her hair down but it's only 1 day so they can have it how I want it, even if it does make me sound like a bridezilla image xx
  • mrsroe2bmrsroe2b Posts: 131
    Different - they're different people why try and make them all look the same?!

    But then mine are completely different, different shoes, accessories, bouquets and dresses, so their hair and make-up won't really matter either lol. x
  • LadyFordLadyFord Posts: 551
    I have my girls in different dresses and accessories as likewise they have very different personalities, but both of their hair will be up (just in a different way) I just wanted a contrast to me as I'm having my hair down; but they've chosen how their hair will be image

  • Quoted:
    I have 5 adult bridesmaids and they will all be having the same hairstyle, h2b's sister is sulking because she wants her hair down but it's only 1 day so they can have it how I want it, even if it does make me sound like a bridezilla xx

  • Thank you for the feed back fellow brides2b!

    I was going to let them all have what they wanted, but iv got a couple which are quite "barbie-ish" and didnt want them going too over the top with that lookimage im thinking that ill probably have them all having it down and loosely curled..With maybe a flower, as their hair will fall into place with their own style then.

  • xriax1xriax1 Posts: 282
    Ive got 3 adult bridesmaids & one 12 year old. Im getting them to have what they want, they all have very different hair and styles anyway, I don't want them all uniform. One of the BM's is struggling with that thought as when im BM for her we are all having the same regardless image she thinks im strange. image
  • i definately think its personal preference when it comes to bridesmaids. But because they are all the same strapless dresses, i thought it would odd if they were all different?? xx
  • mrslane2bmrslane2b Posts: 1,205
    Im letting my 3 bridesmaid chose how they have their hair. I want them to be confortable and happy on the day, and express their own sense of style. They have the same dress (despite me not setting out for this to happen!) and they will all be carrying bouquets so i this that is enough matchy matchy!
  • Just a thought, but I wonder if some hairdressers might have an issues with the bridesmaids being different? I imagine that working with up to 6 different styles instead of 1 might be more complexity than some would be willing to accept, or might simply require more time and hence lead them to charge more. I could be completely wrong, but it might be something to factor in... Any hairdressers on the forum who could give a view on this?
  • four of my six bridesmaids are hairdresser friends haha! we also have 2 other girls from the salon coming to help image so thats not an issue, but thank u for thinking about it, another angle i hadnt thought of! i am now thinking that maybe the pairs iv put them in, could have the same as each other, but have three different styles? xx
  • Oh wow - that's very convenient! I think your idea of 3 pairs of matching styles would look nice.
  • That u very much Tanzanite for you input, got enough on my plate without worrying bout hair!! xx
  • I would have thought it would make it easier for hairdressers doing different styles rather than try and coax different hair types and lentghs into the same style! X
  • S8mmyjoS8mmyjo Posts: 111
    My adult bridesmaids all have similar colour/length hair and will be having the same style. They are all totally happy for me to make the final decision on the style.

    My junior bridesmaid (9) will have something age approptiate but i want to try and make it similar to the adults so she feels included.

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