Makeup artist South Yorkshire??

Hi wondered if anyone can reccomend one to me. I am struggling as a lot I have contacted are booked up. Many thanks image


  • Hi,

    I'm using Lauren Sally. I have my trial first week of May. X
  • looba04looba04 Posts: 106
    Lauren was the first one I rang and shes already booked image

    She has reccomendedx a couple more but only one is available so just waiting for her to reply. Its Helen Archer x
  • jobean1985jobean1985 Posts: 161
    I have two suggestions:

    Becky at Conrad blandford hairdressers in Sheffield. Does both at £36 each plus call out charge if you don't have it at the salon. I'm having a vintage look/style and she totally gets it.

    I also have a friend available at she is based in Worksop but travels to most of south Yorkshire. I'm not having her, obviously, but she's done other friends hair and make-up.
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