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Been engaged 8 days!

Am so very excited but don't really know where to start! lol!

Have got 2 hurdles so far - there's only one date I really would like to get married and that date next year my best mate is being bridesmaid for another wedding so won't be able to be there. and if i do it this year i can't get married in the church i want due to it not being our parish and having to workship there for 6 months before the wedding image

other than that, i'm enjoying all this being squealed at and getting engagement cards!


  • RuthukRuthuk Posts: 12
    Congratulations...Give yourself lots of preparing time. We got engaged last June and plan to get wed on 9th Sept this year. That gave us 15 months and we or should I say I started planning ASAP. Now with only 4 months to go everything seems to be under control and I can just enjoy been engaged. Good Luck with everthing...Ruthxxx
  • CherrymaiCherrymai Posts: 185
    We got engaged in 2002 and it's loadsa time to organise yourself. I organise things into lists and delegate! (I have mentioned this before! its a good tool!)

    Ruth! we are getting married on the same day!
  • RuthukRuthuk Posts: 12
    138 days CherryMai!! AAHHH. HAve my next dress fitting in 3 wks but my waistline seems to be increasing. Lets just hope it's true when they say that you loose weight a few weeks before the big day!!
  • CherrymaiCherrymai Posts: 185
    It's very exciting we can count down together!! Easter was a bad time! I got about 10 Chocolate eggs! I am munching my way though them. I tried my dress on yesterday when I visited my mum's house and it still fitted ok! I have the hollyoakes workout dvd to work off the eggs!
  • karenngkarenng Posts: 77
    I'm getting married in October. Actually proposed years ago but we've never got around to actually doing anythng. Then the whole proposal happened again in November in front of everything so it shall be done!!!

    I had no idea how stressful it would be but got to be strong and organised image
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