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Greek Island Wedding

I am looking to get married in May 2014 in Greece. I am after a small wedding on a beach with a reception in a Taverna or similar. Been looking at Ionian Weddings, has anyone used this company? They offer some packages which are exactly the kind of thing I am after, but not flights, though they can do hotels. But wary of booking through a UK travel agent, as most wedding packages seem to be at large hotels, and this is not something I want. Can anyone offer any advice? Do I book the wedding separately to the holiday? Have you used this company or similar or done it by yourself? I want everything to be right, but not get too stressed by it all! Any info or ideas would be great! Thanks


  • mrshughes2013mrshughes2013 Posts: 2,063 New bride
    We are getting married in Crete hun and using Ruth at sun and snow weddings

    She's fabulous!

    Plus you meet her before the day and you don't have to be out there 2 weeks before like the travel agents say!

    Be wary of using a travel agent as you won't get to meet anyone til the day you get there!
  • Thank you; that's what I thought was the case with the UK travel agents and it really made me worried. Does the company you've used book the hotel and flights also? And do you know whether they book weddings on other islands than Crete? Do you have any contact information for Sun & Snow weddings? When are you getting married - how long has it taken you to plan it? It's such a mine field - too much choice!

    Thanks for your reply image
  • We have booked for next year using Ionian Weddings. I wanted a 'proper' company rather than an independent wedding planner in Greece who might not still be doing the job 18 months after we originally booked. They have been really good so far...just make sure you get them to spell everything out in terms of pricing. We haven't booked our holiday yet but will probably book through an online travel agent and shop around for the best deal. We are just using Ionian Weddings to plan the wedding part.
  • Hi,

    We are getting married in Zante in August this year. We have booked through have a website with all different packages and lisa has been brill. They have an office in sheffield that you can visit for your first consultation, we travelled there from Leicester.

    It has been really easy they arrange everything and give you a date for the wedding. they also email you whenever you need to do any paperwork then you send it to them.

    We booked accom seperatly through TC. Have had no stress at all. We are getting married on the beach and having a taverna reception in the same place it is the vardiola package on the website. If you need anymore info just ask

    Good Luck xx
  • Thank you so much! I am liking the look of Ionian Weddings - what have you opted for - a package or have they tailormade it for you? I am only having a small wedding but want something really traditionally greek, rather than a hotel wedding for example. Any more information you can provide woould be much appreciated. xx
  • thanks for your reply, did you look at other wedding planning companies before opting for the bridal consultant? What made you chose them? Its such a huge decision to make, and I know you'll understand how important it is to get it right. The travel agents costs seem to be cheaper than the wedding planners but most of them only seem to offer a venue for the wedding and flowers, and the rest seems to have to be organised when you get there...I would worry about that. Did you get a deal with the travel agent for booking multiple rooms for the guests, or are they arranging their own..that was another consideration... thanks image
  • I am getting married in Santorini next may and i am using Ionian weddings, they have been brilliant so far, i have gone with the silver wedding plackage they offer however they have made some tweeks to it for me as i didnt require everything on it and wanted somethings that werent on it, i am also having extras such as fireworks at my reception and greek dancers. I looked at a few before but i really liked Ionian weddings, they had a big selection of places to chose from, i have gone with Santa Irene chapel and a reception in a beach front Taverna, image A girl i work with is also using them and gets married in september. They have been excellent so far!!!!.... do you know which Island you are planning in choosing? xx xx
  • Thank you!!! glad I was recommended to use this forum. I am still trying to make up my mind which island to go for. I have been to Kefalonia, and love it there, and have been to Kos and Crete too but thought they would be too commercial. To be honest, I was thinking of going somewhere I haven't been before. I know its a risk, but the Greek Islands are lovely in general and its like a holiday - you don't know what you're going to get until you get there. I like the fact that Ionian Weddings have a face book page so I can see real photos and can contact people that have used them. I contacted the Bridal consultant last night and they were really quick replying, but when I replied with a question, I thought the response was a bit rude. Could have been me though.

    I assume like me you did loads of research - were they the most reasonable you could find, or was it the great packages they offer that swayed you? Have you arranged your own travel and flights?

    I really did not want a hotel wedding, and thought the offerings by the travel agents were very restricted. I was also worried that it seemed as though much of the planning would be done upon arrival.

    Have you been to Santorini before? Are you having a large wedding? I only want something for up to 20 people, so anything too fancy wouldn;t be right, though a good wedding cake, and reception in a traditional taverna is a must. Where is your colleague getting married? Any advice, or information you can provide would be great! Thanks for replying to me image
  • emmabb2bemmabb2b Posts: 10
    Hi, another good company (UK and Greek island based) is Exquisite Weddings - I booked with them for next summer in Rhodes. Company have been brilliant and answered so quickly to all my questions...and I've had many!

    website is

    Any questions, happy to help

  • thank you very much image
  • Hi, Sorry for the long reply, i havent ever been to Santorini before,however my parents and brother have. I originally was going to go with Crete as i love it there, and i searched alot of wedding planning companies however i found Ionian weddings to have the best packages and to be the most helpful. I think we will be having around 25 guests. We booked the hotel on thursday when they came out. I have given my guests out hotel details and other hotels in the same resort to choose from. I found with Ionian weddings there was alot of flexibililty, when i have requested anything from them, they have come back quickly and let me know if i can have i and the cost. I deal alot with a lady named Grace, she can come across a little sharpish via email however i just think thats just sometimes how things come across via email as is very to the point, she is very lovely and helpful via phone. I also liked the fact they dont have any hidden charges. Good luck with your decisions!! any more questions feel free to message me image xxx
  • Aw thank yoou so much hun image I have messaged you xx
  • Athena70Athena70 Posts: 7
    I am getting married in Zante in September.We are getting married at the Garden Village and soo excited.I booked the holiday myself and i know the owners so i have gone direct with them and saved a bit.Found my own photographer/dvd Wilburn Productions who are great and fab price.Ive booked the greek dancers and we have photos taken at the venue and then down on the beach.Its such a lovely place and i just have to step out my air conditioned apmnt into the garden to get married.
  • grweddinggrwedding Posts: 3

    regarding greek island wedding, the island of Folegandros, Spetses, Kimolos are unique and altenative destinations for an unforgettable wedding!! A small tavern with a simple but chic deco can be the ideal concept for a summer wedding in small greek islands image
  • Hi Fluffy, I booked with Ionian Weddings for my wedding last year and they were fantastic, I really could not fault them. It's coming up to my anniversary and I'm getting so jealous reading about all your weddings, I wish I could do it all again

  • mrshughes2013mrshughes2013 Posts: 2,063 New bride
    Thank you; that's what I thought was the case with the UK travel agents and it really made me worried. Does the company you've used book the hotel and flights also? And do you know whether they book weddings on other islands than Crete? Do you have any contact information for Sun & Snow weddings? When are you getting married - how long has it taken you to plan it? It's such a mine field - too much choice!

    Thanks for your reply

    Hi hun

    No we have to book the hotel and flights separately but we always do this for holidays anyway

    She lives in Crete and Finland part of the year do us a local and knows all the suppliers

    We went for her standard package then added extras and it's all come to just under ???????4000

    Google sun and snow weddings and it will come up with her website

    She's absolutely fab hun

    We are getting married next year and she's on constant contact
  • zoecnzoecn Posts: 84
    I can recommend Poema Weddings Planner, based on Santorini, if you want your wedding to be more personalised.

    She doesnt have wedding packages but working according the couples's budget.
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