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El Dorado Royale

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We are going to the El Dorado Royale in Mexico on our honeymoon (cant wait!!). I'm starting to look at clothes now, when the shops have everything in, and was wondering if anyone who has been can tell me - For the evening meals, what are the restaurants like in terms of what to wear? Is there a mix of places which are 'casual' and some which are more 'formal'? I have a mixture of dresses - some maxi, some knee and a selection of smart tops. But do I need anything very dressey?

Thank you in advance



  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    When I went what you have described would fit in perfectly. There are a lot of Americans there, and some tend to dress very casually, however some of the restaurants are very smart and its nice to dress up. But normal holiday dress up is fine - Nice short dresses, long maxi dresses or skirts, nice tops etc, sandals.

    I am so jealous, flipping loved the place. Looking to go for a belated honeymoon over our 1st anniversary next May (we are getting married and honeymooning in Cyprus).

    Its an amazing place, with food to die for, beautiful complex, nice and big so you dont feel hemmed in or trapped, nice and spacious, if you can try and book one of the candlelit dinners on the beach, private little areas just for 2. You have to pay extra but is worth it and so romantic if you on honeymoon xx
  • Thank you for your answer, Im pleased we've made a good choice from what you've said! I cant wait x
  • barbie_86barbie_86 Posts: 626
    Haven't been to EDR, but have been to 3 similar adult-only resorts in Mexico.

    For you, maxi dresses will look great, as they're not OTT, but still pretty and smart. IME people don't get really dressed-up; and they don't apply dress-codes to women for some weird reason. However, we've found that most women will look smart; I think the most casual outfits I've seen have been tailored shorts and a vest top, or a sundress and foam flip-flops. I like to get dressed up, as for me it's nice to make an effort and my OH always appreciates it.

    My 'staples' are: 4-5 long dresses; 1 short/knee length dress; 1 pair white linen trousers, with a black vest-top. I team these with either a smart flat pair of sandals, or a pair of heels (I only bring about 4 pairs of shoes in total). I then accessorise with jewellery, and my hair; eg if I want to look more dressed-up I often take my hair up, and wear simple, understated jewellery; whereas if I want to dress-down a bit more, I wear my hair down in loose waves, and accessorise with chunkier jewellery

    Your OH will need to be more careful; so check out the dress-codes online. I would suggest he brings polo shirts/short sleeved shirts, and a couple of pairs of linen trousers, with at least 1 pair of closed-toe shoes (my OH is a fan of deck shoes and espadrilles atm)

  • Thats all very good advice barbie86, thank you xx
  • karynm123karynm123 Posts: 7
    We just booked El Dorado Royal today for our honeymoon next April!!! So excited! When are you going? There seems to be so much choice for food looks out of this world! xx
  • We are going this September, it looks amazing doesn't it x
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