your wedding dress

what are everyone's plans for their wedding dresses after the big day?

I'd love to keep mine, but not really got anywhere to store it and I suppose the money would come in handy, altho not sure how much I would get for a dress that was only £750 and has been altered for my size/height


  • I am keeping mine forever!! and ever and ever!

    The thought of selling it makes me sad... no money is worth the sentimental value to me!

    it's my dream dress, and one day if we ever have children, I would love for them to be able to see it, and wearing anything that I have.. I am keeping everything..

    It will get wrapped up in a special (big) box with lots of acid free tissue etc then we cherished for ever lol

    But alot of people sell their dresses.
  • GattinaRosaGattinaRosa Posts: 822
    I'll be keeping mine and hopefully passing it on to my children.
  • DSWEDSWE Posts: 80
    Mine has been cleaned and beautifully boxed along with my underskirt, shoes, headband and our little girls bridesmaids dress and is currently sitting on top of my wardrobe. I love seeing the box sat there everyday - many happy memories! I also hope that one day our little girl will want to try on my dress. I'm not expecting her to wear it for her wedding but would love for her to have it one day. The magic is already growing - she's 2.5yrs old and already looks at the box and talks about my magical dress and how wonderful our day was! Cute!
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