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Not having favours

My H2B and I think that we're going to give favours a miss. We're on a tight budget and would rather give the guests a nicer meal and better party at night than spend that little bit extra on favours. Is anyone else not doing favours or are we the only meanies? image


  • Pammyw77Pammyw77 Posts: 123
    I'm having favours n it cost me a tenner for 100!...small packet of love hearts in organza bag
  • MrsLlew1MrsLlew1 Posts: 116
    we did have favours but I would say that if doing it again, I probably wouldn't bother. I spent ages making mine (handmade lipbalms with personalised labels and bottle openers for the men) and was really pleased with them but I reckon over half were left on the table so really, a bit of a waste of money!
  • MRMRS2014MRMRS2014 Posts: 1,279
    I'm having favours but they are not costing much at all. I got some cheap organza bags off of ebay, i think they were £2 for 50 you can get them cheaper fron china but i wanted to get them from a uk seller and we will just buy some sweets/chocolates to go in them. There are lots of ways you can do favours that don't cost much.

    Can you bake cupcakes or cookies then just get some cake cases (ebay sell them quite cheap) or cellophane and wrap them with a bow? my cousin just put a little chocolate next to every name place which didnt cost her much.

    Just some ideas for you. Hope this helps image x
  • I don't think anyone would be annoyed if you didn't do them, but as the others have said you can do them really cheaply too. Ours have come out at £1 each for: netting pouch with 2 mini packets of love hearts, embroidered cotton reel with name and date (doubling up as place setting), bubble wand to have at the ceremony (included it in price of favour), 5 buttons attached to the cotton reel to signify the health, wealth, fertility, happiness and long life (the original meaning behind the wedding favour - thats why it was sugared almonds)

    We got the love hearts and bubble wands from amazon - much cheaper than even ebay!

    You could even put 5 pennies in a netting pouch or organza bag with a label explaining it - would prob cost about 25p per person!
  • MrsBiffyMrsBiffy Posts: 68
    You are not meanies, I don't think they will be missed at all. Think of how many get left on the table at the end of the day and can you actually remember any favors you have received? I was at a wedding in Jan and I can't remember what I had.
  • sarahjane1973sarahjane1973 Posts: 312
    We didnt have any and I don't think anyone even noticed
  • RapunzbelRapunzbel Posts: 402
    We're doing a charity donation to the hospice that cared for my dad and macmillan cancer support instead of favours.

    My cousin had mini eggs in an organza bag at his wedding in march, leaving the meal there was quite a lot left on the tables.
  • andiebentandiebent Posts: 62
    We're not doing favours either, they arent traditional anyway and I dont reckon most people would value them. We are giving the bride and grooms mothers flower bouquets though.

    Andie image
  • amyilovecakeamyilovecake Posts: 267
    nah, i'm not bothering. though place names are those cox and cox baubles, so i think i'll tell people they can take those home as a little keepsake, esp as we're getting married in december it ties in with xmas. save yourself the money! xx
  • hairy_fairy87hairy_fairy87 Posts: 342
    We wont be having any favours. Just having a sweetie table. Going to sell the jars once the wedding is over the sweets have only cost £10. The last wedding i went to people didn't really atake home the favours. Waste of money in my eyes.
  • SparklesSparkles Posts: 377
    We've decided to do the same as hairy_fairy.

    I think I'm going to personalise the sweetie bags and put them as place names with a card telling them what to do, as were also going to make donations to charities that are close to us.

    i think people understand. I can't remember what favours I've had at any weddings I've been too!

    And lets face it, other than your gran who likes sugared almonds?!!

  • i was thinking of doing favors but now wondering whether to bother its stressing me out and I dont fancy the hassle of picking up loads after

    I was thinking of getting some old refreshment tokens and getting everyone a free drink as a favor instead, as we are supplying all or own booze it will only cost about £30 possibly even less as we are just bringing great big crates of booze etc to the venue
  • MrsCocoRibMrsCocoRib Posts: 87
    We're not bothering, we have 140 day guests and I think (no offence to anyone who is doing so) sweets in organza bags are just pointless, if I could afford to give everyone some thing meaningful then I would but it's too expensive, i'm providing a lovely toilet basket and tonnes of flip flops which the ladies can take home if they wish!
  • maisiecupcakemaisiecupcake Posts: 517
    We have decided on either lottery tickets or scratch cards, i bet none of those will be left on the tables!! and who knows we could have a few winners image
  • bozzy120bozzy120 Posts: 13
    We're not bothering, personally don't see the point! Even if they don't cost a lot I'd much rather put the £20 or so towards another bottle of champagne!!
  • thirdthingthirdthing Posts: 582
    We have decided not to have favours - we had thought of mini jars of Bonne Maman/ tiptree strawberry jam to fit in with our afternoon tea theme - and Morrisons do them at 4 jars for a pound - but in the end it was just something else to remember and transport, and possibly make little covers for and tie with ribbon .... and then the ribbon comes off on the way .. and it is all just such a fiddle on!

    It is a small wedding with close family and I thought - what would my mum/nephew/mum-in-law/ brothers do with a miniature jar of jam? Either make fun of it (as big brothers like to do!) or bung it in the back of a cupboard. There's going to be too much on the tables anyway! I think the charity donation idea is quite nice - I know a few people who have done that. I may do that for the evening party a fortnight later - not the kind of donation where you get badges to give guests, just a quiet donation that no one will know about.
  • were not doing favors instead having a sweet buffet then any sweets left i can bring home and share with my 2 children image x
  • Well this has helped me decide if I'm having favours! Just seems such a waste if people leave them!
  • nearly Mrs Snearly Mrs S Posts: 370

    we are undecided about favours, only having a small wedding & have worked out cost about £35.00 for approx 40 ppl.  May not seem alot in the grand scheme of things but we have a tight budget & not sure if its worth it image x

  • jobean1985jobean1985 Posts: 161

    we bought foil wrapped hearts in asda for £1 for a bag of 13 (needed 5 altogether), so barely done favours really.

    A cool idea I saw recently were betting slips, your slip says:



    Your bet is for the total length of speeches. From the moment the first word is spoken, to the moment the last word is spoken. Suggested bet is £1

    Best man collects all money/hands out the pens/times it. Done!

  • jobean1985jobean1985 Posts: 161

    obviously each guest gets a slip/winner takes all!

  • MrsH2013MrsH2013 Posts: 842
    I LOVE that betting idea! Might tell h2b about that one! Otherwise we aren't having favours! To be honest I was stressing about what to do and the closer it gets to the wedding I just don't think I can be arsed! We're getting married abroad so it's just another thing to take and organise! We might do drinks tokens as we are going to try and have an open bar but keep it fair! Think guests would love that more! X
  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100

    Love that bet idea, thinking how I could work it into my day, as dont think we'll be having the formal speech bit...

    ETA We're also providing a free bar, I figure thats favour enough, lol and sure people will appreciate it more than a few sugared almonds, although loved the suggestion of the 5 pennies to symbolise the health wealth etc, might have to pinch that idea too! lol


  • TheNewMrsCTheNewMrsC Posts: 558

    The betting idea is fab!

    Guests won't be expecting favours so I wouldn't worry about not giving them. We are giving lottery scratch cards-knowing my luck no one will win but it's a bit of fun. The kids are having goodie bags to keep them occupied. I hate love heart sweets or cheap chocolate so I wouldn't wanna give out either to guests-same as the food we are serving,I wouldn't have anything we hate on the menu!1 & sweet favours are generally the ones that get left the most.

  • jobean1985jobean1985 Posts: 161

    glad you all like it! It makes the speeches so fun for everyone!

  • we decided to put cancer pins on our name cards and made a donation to cancer research the reason behind this was because both my partner and i have lost special people to cancer and thought i would put my money to something worthwhile rather than waste it on something no one wants image

  • No favours either, donation to charity instead. To be honest I'm not having any of the little extras, flip flops, toiletries in the loos, not even having centrepieces on tables, for me it's about celebrating with your nearest and dearest, doesn't resally matter where it is or what the place looks like in terms of decoration, just the importance of who is there sharing in your celebration and having a good time, that's what will make it special for us.
  • maccamacca Posts: 23

    So glad I saw this thread, really don't wanna do favours I'm paying enough out! Thought I was being a meany. Like the idea of a donation to charity instead. You can get ridiculous with extra's and November Belle I agree, its about sharing your special day with your nearest and dearest.

  • LilygirlLilygirl Posts: 429

    We are doing cookies with names on them as joint place cards and favours, should cost about £10 and we both love baking, so it works well

  • Lynn McLynn Mc Posts: 1

    we bought bubble wands for people to use instead of confetti and over bought so will use the spares on the tables together with chocolate hearts bought just after valentines day.. total cost £80 for 70 people.. and on the betting slips.. love it!  am drafting them on my mac right now!  thanks!!

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