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2nd time around. Help!

Hello everyone! I am getting married this year (hopefully) and would like some advice. I was married once before. Myself and my husband to be would like a short engagement (we are planning for October) as his sister is getting married and having a big wedding next year and we want to start a family straight away amongst other reasons.

We don't have a venue or anything yet. We are thinking of renting a village hall. I'm terrified about everything though. What if I suggest something that was like my previous wedding (my husband to be was a guest at my wedding!), what kind of dress is suitable for a second wedding, how will his family react to things knowing it's my second marriage....loads more thoughts and worries!

I'm so scared!


  • LE-DesignsLE-Designs Posts: 53

    I can see why you might be worried, but I think you just need to relax! A wedding should be personal to you and your husband and so long as you work together as a team and include aspects that you both want and agree on, then it will be your special day together that you are both happy with. If there are a few things that you had in your previous wedding, then I don't think that matters- if you knew it worked well then why reinvent the wheel?

    I think you should try if possible to forget about your first wedding, and spretend this is your first and just enjoy the whole wedding planning experience for the first time all over again.

    I'm sure your husband to be will not even notice if there are a few reused ideas.

    Hope this helps,

  • MrsWilsonMrsWilson Posts: 429

    Thanks! I'm feeling better about things now. Also we have pretty much set our date! No idea of the venue but to us that's not as important as making sure all our friends (lots of who are teachers) can come. So we are thinking of 20th Ocotber 2012! I have no idea who we can get everything done in such a short space of time but hey ho lets give it a go!

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