Make-up trial 4 weeks before wedding- bad?

I have my make up trial booked for 4 weeks before my wedding- is that a good or bad thing? I' m really worried as I have had bad experiences with make-up artists in the past so obviously want to get it right. For me the trial is not just about choosing the wedding day look but seeing if you are actually happy with the make-up artist...right? If I don't like her I may not have enough time to find another one...She suggested I book 4 weeks before wedding for trial as as my skin tone will be the closest it will be on the wedding day?? Huh?!


  • boobear45boobear45 Posts: 236
    hi Alibuzz,

    did the MUA suggest/insist on the timescale for the trial? Personally, I think people differ and if anyone has had bad experiences and are wary of the whole thing, I ask them to see me as soon as they wish. If its months before he wedding, I suggest having another run through nearer the day which I do not charge for (so long as they come to me on the 2nd occasion). This makes both parties (myself and the client) confident in how everything will look and there are no last minute wobbles.
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    I wouldn't want it any earlier and I guess she means your skin tone will be the same incase you got a tan?
  • I always recolour match the foundation at the wedding to double check so it doesn't matter to me how far before the wedding a practice is.

    Juliet x
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