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How the OH proposed

Thought i'd start my wedding planning thread as i've read a few and they all seem really lovely and it's been nice to have seen all that hard work been paid off.

To begin thought i'd tell you how the other half propsed. Last october 2011 we were frantically packing up all our belongings as we were selling h2b's house. To save some money we were moving in with his parents as were looking for some land to build our new home together. Our last week in h2b's house my Dad had come to visit from Scotland so as well as packing we were trying to entertain in an nearly empty house. Lots of wine seemed to do the trick. My Dad was going out with my Aunty so we thought we'd get on with more packing. Anyway on our last night staying in the house we had carried the last box over to his folks and were both absolutely knackered. We weren't due to move out for a couple of days but we were going to see my dad off on the friday night so wanted to get everything done on this particular thursday.

Fighting sleep I'd got into my PJ's and was ready to get some shut eye when the OH came into our bedroom and said you need to sit up and close your eyes and put your hands out. My first thought was if he bloody puts a spider in my hands i'll kill him!!! Well i did as i was asked and he placed something in my hand. He asked me to open my eyes and there it open black box with a white gold and diamond ring. I was absolutely gob smacked. In my shock i asked if he was being serious as he asked WILL YOU MARRY ME and i said "What really" before bursting into tears and sobbing of course i'll marry you. He got off the bed and went down on one knee and properly  asked me again while putting the ring on my finger. It fitted perfectly. It was a perfect proposal and had taken me completely by surprise. My first thought was i need to tell my Dad and in typical male fashion he never answered his mobile so i tried my aunty and my Dad answered her phone to tell me that she was driving. I said to him that i had some news and said that OH had just proposed and his reply was WOOHOO i get to do a speech. Hilarious!!!

 I had asked OH if he'd asked my Dads permission and apparently every time he'd mustered up the courage to ask my Dad i bounced through the door and he obviously couldn't do it hehe!!! I asked him when he'd got my ring and he said that morning. He'd snuck off to our nearest city in his work clothes and bought the ring. He knew that it would mean a lot to me to have my dad with me to share our special time and knew he had to ask me there and then that day. I thought he'd been acting weird that morning as he'd come back in the house twice to kiss me goodbye before going off to "work" put it down to him feeling soppy about us moving. Didn't know he could be so sneaky and romantic!!!


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