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Due March 2013

Hi ladies just found out today that i am four weeks pregnant works out from LMP i am due around 30th March. This was our first month TTC used the website fertilityfriend recording my BBT and also used OPK which seem to have definately helped. I have had slight cramping from after O (going by chart) kept thinking period was going to start but this morning i couldnt hold back anymore had 2 do a test imageimage. Any other lovely ladies due in March?



  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Hi and congrats!

    Yes I am due according to online calculator on 5th March. Went for a private 7 week scan last week, and saw heartbeat. Have my booking appointment on monday 23 july and then going for another private scan at 9 weeks. I had a MC a year ago, so really anxious, although we have told a few friends and family already.


  • malibu-2010malibu-2010 Posts: 141

    Congrats to you both! image

    I'm very similar to you MrsGallacher -this is also our first month TTC, I'm 3+6 today and according to the NHS website will be due on 31 March.

    I'm feeling very anxious at the moment as it's such early days and I made the mistake of googling all the things that can go wrong :-S. That said I'm trying to stay positive and hope for the best image

    Here's to hoping we all have a happy and healthy 9 months

  • malibu-2010malibu-2010 Posts: 141
    P.s. really sorry to hear about your mc mubee, fingers crossed everything goes smoothly for you this time. Would you recommend a scan at 7 weeks? I want one but hubby isn't too sure... x
  • mrshappy123mrshappy123 Posts: 508
    Hey, I'm due march 10th! First month of trying, totally shocked when that line appeared but delighted now image

    I had an early scan last week @ 6weeks4days, we got to see the heart beat flickering away which was lovely, it's reassuring to know everything is ok for now but I guess it's still so early...It certainly puts your mind at rest a bit though! Don't think I'd pay for it- maybe the private ones are different but I was only on the bed for about 5mins once they could see that everything was ok.

    If you've had previous problems & are feeling anxious then I guess it's worth it. Plus you get to know your dates more accurately!

    It totally changed my dates- I was convinced I was due on the 4th match but I'm a week later now.

    I've got first midwife appointment on Tuesday, I'm excited about that image

    I'm having no symptoms other than sore boobies! They look great I have to say, I'm loving it!image x
  • MrsGallacherMrsGallacher Posts: 862

    mubee 5th March

    mrshappy123 10th March

    mrsgallacher 30th March

    malibu-2010 31st March

    Congratulations Ladies, mubee so sorry to hear about your previous mc fingers crossed we will all have a happy 9 months. I done another test this morning with the clearblue digital says 2-3 weeks so i'm 4-5 weeks pregnant image still getting slight cramping normally if i hold my pee in to long or just after i've been (any1 else having this) sore boobs and really tired my sleep pattern has changed so much.We told our parents and best friends today they areover the moon, not planning on telling any1 else after 12 week scan xXx


  • mrshappy123mrshappy123 Posts: 508
    When I was 4-5weeks I had awful diarrhoea & crampy feelings in my uterus- I knew they weren't bad though, it was more a heavy feeling like something was going on down there. Still get it every now & again (after sex, sorry of tmi) but I'm not worried- googled it & it's common after sex because of increased blood flow.

    We haven't told anyone yet & want to keep it to ourselves for as long as possible! I think it'll make the pregnancy seem quicker! Although 9months is 9months!!

    Oh this is exciting! A march 13 thread!! It's funny to think there'll be some ladies on here who are preggers & don't even realise it yet! They'll be joining us soon!x
  • malibu-2010malibu-2010 Posts: 141
    Congrats MrsHappy!!!

    Main symptoms I've noticed are feeling nauseous most of the day, no energy and very tired! I've also sometimes had dull cramping after going to the loo - thought I was imagining it!!

    We've told both sets of parents but won't tell anyone else until the first scan

  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    congrats everyone! There are a 4 of us now!!

    About the early scan, I wanted one, to try to help the anxiety, as before, I only found out at the 12 week scan, and did not want to go through this again. it is expensive but worth it, alhtough a week later, I am still worrying! We had to pay private and most places do not offer it unless there is a history. we moved area and our new area does not offer one. But it is quick, and apart from a blob and heartbeat, you do not see much. But all I wanted was to see the heartbeat.

    I also get lots of cramping on both sides of my uterus sometimes if I get up too quickly or when going to the toilet. I think these are normal.

    Going to my booking appointment in a little while!



  • NowMrsWoodNowMrsWood Posts: 438

    Please can I join?! I got my BFP on 8/07/12 after 2 months of trying we have ourselves a little honeymoon baby!

    My cycles are all over the place so I have dates between 9-15 March 2013, I am paying for a private scan on 04/08/12 and then my first midwife appointment is on 06/08/12.

    I have had constant period type pains and the nausea really kicked in yesterday image

    Looking forward to sharing this journey with you all!


  • mrshappy123mrshappy123 Posts: 508
    Congrats Amy! Welcome!x
  • malibu-2010malibu-2010 Posts: 141

    Congratulations Amy!!! image

    Do you mind me asking where you will be having your private scan? I've googled it and various places came up but would rather go somewhere on a recommendation!

    P.s is anyone else really bloated? I feel like I'm about to explode by the time it gets to the end of the day!!!


  • im v bloated at mo! and irritable and tired and spotty and the thought of certain foods makes me sick! early pregnancy is glamorous isnt it and no bump to show for it image  very happy to be pregnant though, 7 wks tomorrow due approx 12 March 2012.  midwife app 7th august and hopefully scan few wks after. so looking forward to 12 wk scan and hoping all ok, only told close friends and family. my new husband (we married 4th may) is wondering what he has let himself in for! been feeling sick on and off for a couple of wks and he asked how long will it last i said possibly 6 weeks lol. anyone finding it hard to not drink? i am not even a big drinker but the 3 wks i have known has been longest i have gone without a drink! baby is more important though! congrats to all on here image

  • NowMrsWoodNowMrsWood Posts: 438

    Thank you malibu-2010 - it was a recommendation from a nurse on the Babycentre website forum, they are in Yately so literally up the road from me and it was only £35, some of them cost hundreds! we are going on 04/08 so should be around 9 weeks, I just need to see the heartbeat.

    The sickness has really kicked in for me, it started yesterday which was exactly 7 weeks and today I have sent Hubby out to buy those sea sick bands which do actually help a bit. The sickness + spotty skin + tiredness + bitch from hell = not a very nice lady to live with! when do you get to that "Blooming" stage!?!? image

  • mrshappy123mrshappy123 Posts: 508
    I miss my red wine very much image I don't drink much either, but what I would give to have one last large glass of Pinot noir! Lol.

    The last drink I had was cider- cider I tell u!! I was watching some euro game & I keep thinking of I'd known then what I know now I would empty the wine cellar of that pub!

    Some people say your alowed one, I wouldn't let a drop pass my lips over the next 9months through. Alcohol passes through the placenta straight in to your babies blood stream- some are lucky and get no effects if this, others aren't so lucky.

    I'm a pharmacist do know a wee bit bout this. Think I'm typing it all out to remind myself to stay away from the wine rack!! Lol!

    We're going on holiday to Gozo on Thursday, I haven't had any nausea so far & I'm hoping it doesn't kick in while we're away! (will be almost 8weeks by thursday) Particularly since we're spending a day on a yacht- morning sickness & sailing- cant imagine that being pleasant!!

  • MrsGallacherMrsGallacher Posts: 862
    Congratulations NowMrsWood and Springbride 2012 welcome 2 our march thread. Had my first docs appointment yesterday just took my blood pressure, weighed me and gave me the number to make a booking appointment at the local hospital. 1st midwife appointment on 21st Aug image fingers and toes crossed everything will be alrite until then xXx
  • malibu-2010malibu-2010 Posts: 141
    Ooh first doc's appointment and booked in with the midwife, I bet it all feels a bit more real now!

    Can I ask you, did they ask which hospital you wanted? There are quite a few within my area and some of which I really wouldn't want to go to. I've tried finding this info on the internet but couldn't find much! X
  • Hi they asked me which hospital and said i could tell the midwife when i see her and speak to her about it. thinking which hospital makes it feel more real doesnt it!!  Im feeling calmer today thank god as my husband wasn't too impressed with my grumpiness last night. 2 wks today i see the midwife cannot wait!

  • malibu-2010malibu-2010 Posts: 141
    MrsGallacher your post that I replied to has disappeared!!

    Have you been suffering from the dreaded mood swings springbride? I haven't been too bad yet...either that or my husband's just being very patient!!

    We moved areas recently so I'm not even registered with a doctor never mind anything else. I think I better get moving!!

  • MrsGallacherMrsGallacher Posts: 862
    Does make it seem more real just taking each day as it comes don't want to get too excited incase anything happens fingers crossed it doesn't think I'm just thinking like that because of the cramps slightly more frequent today just uncomfortable so just been resting. Yeah think you just discuss it with the midwife which hospital you want xXx
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Hi Ladies

    welcome to the newcomers!

    About the hospital, you have a choice, and i went by recommendation of a reflexologist who sees a lot of pregnant ladies, and it was not too far from home.

    I have also booked myself in for another private scan. I should be 8+3 on Friday, and cancelled the one that I had initially booked at 9weeks, as I found a much cheaper place. now paying £75 rather than £200. I am sooooo anxious, as you may know that I had a misse MC last year, and since my scan at 7weeks this time, my symptoms seem to have stopped. I am not longer tired, no sore boobs, the odd dull ache/pain on right and left, but a couple of days ago, I got a really sharp pain on my left side, so worried, but of course no one will do anything unless you bleed, and I am not bleeding. Well onlhy 2 days to wait and then I should know. I am glad I found a cheaper place, much closer to home as well. I hope it will give me the reassurance I need, and maybe I am having a very easier first trimester! fingers crossed.

    Oh, another thing, I went to john lewis yesterday to buy some non-wired bras and they do some for £14 which are brilliant, supportive, comnfortable and gives a good shape and one called Bravado, which is also a nursing bra - absolutely comfortable!! but slightly more expensive. Worth a try if you need new bras.


  • MrsGallacherMrsGallacher Posts: 862
    Mubee hope all goes well with your scan on Fri and you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy xXx
  • i'd love an early scan even if means paying to see if all as should  be, my hubby said we should wait for nhs one. havent had any reason to think not going as it should think i have just been reading up things too much and need to chill out think hormones are doing funny things to me!.felt sick this morn - do most mornings and through day but today just felt drained and could not face drinking water or eating anything so took day off work and went back to bed.  first pregnancy related day and normally work through being ill and will go back next wk!  good luck with the scan Mubee!x

  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Hi All

    Had the scan yesterday, and all is well!!! I am 8+3, could see the baby shape clearly, strong hearbeat at 180bpm, so just know now that all is growing well, even if I seem to have a fairly easy pregnancy. I am relieved and feel I can now enjoy this pregnancy, and be proud of my little stomach that seems to have started showing already.


  • mubee that is great!! i am 7+5 today, that must be such a nice feeling! do midwives check for the heartbeat at first appointment? i read some try to but can't always be found (but doesn't mean not there).

  • MrsGallacherMrsGallacher Posts: 862
    Mubee you must b so relieved everything's alright, so glad for you image. Springbride2012 I really hope they do check it I'm 5+1 today and keep thinking to myself maybe I'm not preg and read the test wrong lol think it will seem more real when I hear the heartbeat xXx
  • MrsGallacherMrsGallacher Posts: 862
    Hey ladies how's every1 feeling? My cramps seem 2 have eased which I'm glad about now just feeling slightly nauseous and my boobs are really sore kept waking me up last night if I lay on my back 2 long and then tried 2 go onto my side it was agony xXx
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Mrs Gallagher, I have the same problem at night when I turn around on my side. I feel as if I have weights pulling my boobs down each time I turn. I sleep with a good bra and it helps a bit.

    We are going on hols tomorrow for 1 week so will not be on here till we get back, and will be 10+3 when we are back!!

    Hope everyone is doing well!


  • NowMrsWoodNowMrsWood Posts: 438

    Hi ladies!

    So pleased for you Mubee, you must be so relieved!

    We have our scan on Saturday, i'm quite nervous as going by the NHS calculators I am 8+2 but my cycles are all over the place so I think I could be 6+2 which means that they might not be able to see anything on the scan. I also have my first MW appointment on Monday at 10am so its all go!

    My sickness really kicked in exactly on the 7 week mark and I have felt awful ever since, I was in bed pretty much all weekend feeling so sick and exhausted - such a horrible feeling.

    Still getting the odd period type pain and my boobs hurt occasionally but its the sickness and exhaustion thats really getting to me, and not knowing what I want to eat - literally nothing appeals!

  • i agree the tiredness and not knowing what to eat is hard, i can change my mind daily on what i like to eat  and what i cannot stand.  8 +1 now and can't wait till my MW app next tues but i had to do go to docs today as i felt ill yesterday, hot then shivers and exhausted and blurry vision on and off.  Woke up with swollen tonsils feel bit better knowing i felt so rubbish because i was coming down with something not because of pregnancy, so i am signed off rest of week with tonsilitus. The doctor couldnt give me antibiotics as no medication allowed before 12 wks.  so gotta rest for few days which i can def do as been feeling tired in general!!

  • Well over the last couple of nights i have slept with a sports bra on which has helped loads image nausea has definately kicked in doc says to drink plenty and rest also gave me lactulose as got really bad constipation (sorry if tmi) will see how it goes. Hope you have a great holiday mubee. NowMrsWood and Springbride2012 let us know how you get on at your first MW appointment i've still got 2 and a half weeks until mine image but i'm sure it will be here before i know it xXx

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