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Invites - to post or not to post?

I was talking to my sister today (who is my MOH) and mentioned that our wedding invites are now done. I said that when she is at my house in a couple of days I'll give it to her. She seemed really shocked that I wasn't going to post it to her. I didn't really see the point as she only lives 5 minutes away and I would be seeing her in person anyway (before it would arrive by post). I said that I was planning on giving most of the guest their invites in person or popping them through their door as they all live locally or I would see them quite soon (there's only a few as it's only a small wedding party, going abroad). Is this a bad idea?

I get that it's nice to receive something formally through the post but they kind of will if I just post it through the door, why do I have to pay for postage and make them wait? Also we're not having a very formal wedding so why have a formality like 'the invites have to be posted'? After how she reacted and the things she said I feel like I'm comitting some kind of wedding faux pas! image


  • VictoriaLouiseBVictoriaLouiseB Posts: 2,951 New bride
    My friend recently got married and she handed out our invitations at university in person but said she had posted everyone else's, she also included a RSVP card which had a stamp on it for the guests to post back, I think it's a nice idea if your only having a few guests and your budget allows for it. However, personally. Even though my wedding isnt booked yet (still looking at venues) I will be hand delivering my invites except for people who live out of town, as i feel it's just an unnecessary expense. xx
  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848
    We handed out ours to people We were seeing soon after they weeper ready and only posted to people who lived far away or we weren't seeing, ignore your sister, posting them if you can hand them personally or pop through their door is pointless!!!
  • Thanks, I think I'm going to stick to my orignal plan of just handing them to the people I see over the next week and posting the rest through peoples doors. To be honest my sister does like to moan (about everything) and make a fuss, I just wanted to make sure this wasn't some obvious unwritten wedding etiquette rule that I didn't know about! x

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