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Winter colour theme

Hi iam getting married next december on 12th 2013. I was gona have everything white, sliver and lots of crystals like a winter wonderland. I was gona get sliver bridesmaids dresses and sliver bows for chairs and tables. My mum thinks it will look so cold and plain in a reception room! Do you think it will look too plain? Me and my hubby to be dont like the colour of light/dark blue, plum or RED (hate the colour). Iam stressing out over the colour theme now!!! haha! 


  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821

    I love the idea, it could look really intimate with lots of candle like the below





  • i like the idea! We're getting married dec 14th next year and aslo having the winter wonderland theme, we're having a colour scheme of deep purple & silver.x

  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311

    it would look absolutely stunning, and i was going to suggest candles too! I think it'll be beautiful x

  • amyilovecakeamyilovecake Posts: 267

    Yes, I've gone for this colour scheme too, with silver candelabras and a silver brooch bouquet instead of flowers.There's a hint of black in ours as invitations are black and white, in silver envelopes. If it's what you want, go for it!

  • We have an all white wedding with hints of silver/grey for our February wedding.

    So not Xmas theme, but winter and classic and elegant.

    Think.. all that candle light.. how could it look cold.. will look lush!

  • arrh thanks ladies....i want lots of candle lights! for my center pieces iam thinking of having candelabras lid up with crystals wrapped around it, i just hope my hotel will let me lid candelabras. I want to change the center pieces in evening cos i think candelabras will be bit dangerous with drunken people around! ha ha! i don't know what to have in evening cos the room will be dark. xx

  • ElleElle Posts: 11

    I think it will look gorgeous and very special! I think it'll all be down to the styling itself whether it looks cold or not but I love the scheme. I think it's one of those looks which can have a lot going on and it won't look over the top image

    Fingers crossed for them letting you light the candles as they'll look AMAZING! image

  • arrh thank you elle....fingers crossed!!! x

  • xayukxayuk Posts: 591 New bride

     I think white and silver wold be great! For ideas you might like to take look at:


  • Hello, we are getting married on 6th December 2014 and planning a Winter Wonderland Wedding - I'm having a lot of silver but also thinking of having Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses to warm it up a little. Holliebride2013 I think your plans sound lovely, it you maybe have some candles and fairy lights it will warm the room up a little, I think.xx

  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    I think it'll look lovely! I'd make sure you add lots of different shades and textures of white and silver though otherwise it could look quite stark. Get some silver glitter in there and you'll be good to go! image

    Oh, and hello fellow December 2013 Bride - I'm the 28th! image
  • I LOVE that colour theme - I considered it for our wedding but thought of it a little too late  so stuck to my original plan.

    It will look so beautiful and sparkly. Candles are fantastic for winter weddings (I got married in Feb and had loads of candles on tables, on the windowsills etc all around the reception venue), they make everything feel so cosy & look beautiful.

    As other ladies have said, just make sure you have a few different textures in there and it will look amazing!

  • Bride126Bride126 Posts: 150

    Sounds like a lovely colour theme! I'm getting married in Feb and will have yellow and silver completely NOT Winter colours but doesn't matter we just love those two colours together! As long as you and OH like then everyone's opinion doesn't really matter...image

  • Sounds lovely to me! My NYE winter wedding is all crystals and candlelight, and that's pretty much my theme! It will look lovely for you hun - I think if your Mum can't picture it or hasn't seen anything that illustrates what you mean, she just can't get her head around the idea of 'no colour'


    Check out some of these links for inspiration that you can share with her:


    I think your wedding will look fab!



  • What is the colour palette of the venue? Maybe if your venue is very pale and neutral, your mum might be right but don't forget it is your wedding and if you want silver and white to be your theme don't let anyone stand in your way.

    I'd make sure you can get the bridesmaid dresses you want in the colour you want to before settling on the silver theme as you might find they are more grey coloured than silver.

    My wedding is December 29th 2012 and we have an ivory and iced blue theme with silver candlebra centrepieces with ivory candles. Our venue has a rich mahogany interior and lit open fires though so much of the warmth will come from the venue.


  • im getting married on the 18th november 2013 and im having a navy theme it was navy and fuschia but i think the fuschia is a bit too much but i absolutely love candles so the venue is going to be covered in them. very exciting! 

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