My hair trial

I had my hair trial on sunday. I always thought I wanted it curly half up, but I decided I would get her to try a bun as well just in case it's really windy/rainy on the day. Turns out I loved the bun, really surprised myself. Only trouble is, my friend is getting married 10 days before me and she's having a similar bun with her veil underneath too. But my sister in law had her hair very similar to the half-up do, so I can't win!

Here are some pics











  • Chloe_B2013Chloe_B2013 Posts: 512

    I really like the bun! You look lovely image

    I wouldn't let the fact that someone else is having the same hairstyle put you off, I think a lot of brides go for certain hairstyles, particularly buns and half up, half down, so it won't look like you've copied anyone, just had a really pretty bridal style image

    Go with the style that makes you happy!

  • VictoriaLouiseBVictoriaLouiseB Posts: 2,951 New bride
    I think the bun looks really nice, I prefer that style over the down style but it's what you feel best in x
  • MrsBoz2BMrsBoz2B Posts: 126

    Thanks image I much prefer the bun. I think I'd be worrying about the curls dropping and fussing about them if I had it down. With it up I can just leave it and go. I shook my hair really hard and it didn't budge so it feels like the sensible option and I felt more glamorous lol. Just shows you should always try something you wouldn't normally do!

  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580

    love the bun it really suits you x

  • Bun x
  • iDLECHiLDiDLECHiLD Posts: 18

    Bun is lovely.  And you'll have different everything else to your friend, so don't worry!  Or if you have all the same as your friend, then the hair style is in keepingimage

  • MrsBoz2BMrsBoz2B Posts: 126

    Yay it's got to be the bun. Glad everyone agrees!

    Hate these pics, love the hair but hate my profile.

    Idlechild everything else is different lol

  • gildiusgildius Posts: 113

    The bun is just gorgeous image

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