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Venues in Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells/ East Sussex area

Me and my fiance have just started looking at wedding venues and have shortlisted 4 out of the hundreds.  Does anyone have venues around these areas they have been to and liked??

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  • KatieJo2013KatieJo2013 Posts: 102

    I'm getting married at the Royal Wells in Tunbridge Wells, and we're really happy with it image It kind of depends on your budget and whether you are looking for a reception venue or something for all day. The Spa Hotel in TW is nice but they tend to have up to 5 Weddings per day. For a smaller budget and more intimate wedding there is The Barn in TW but was too small for us. There isn't a lot in Tonbridge unless you fancy getting married at the Castle and then a reception at Tonbridge School which would probably be very fancy! I've been to a Wedding at The Hadlow Manor hotel which was really nice and I recently went to a Wedding Fair at the Mercure in TW/Pembury which I thought looked reallly nice. We live in Tonbridge and explored almost every venue out there until we visited The Royal Wells, it wouldn't be right for everyone and I'd be lying if I said it was spectacular but we had a nice feeling when we went in and it just felt right for us. See as many as you can and as cliched as it sounds you will just know when you visit the right one x

  • MrsLC2014MrsLC2014 Posts: 157

    Thank you youngbride! My fiances sister is getting married at hadlow manor in august so we have kinda ruled that venue out as I wouldnt want her to feel that we were copying her.  I am making an appointment to view the spa hotel but hearing what you are saying about the number of weddings I wouldnt want to just feel like another wedding.  As my fiance is from tonbridge and some of my family are from that area I really wanted to explore our options as we are quite limited down in sussex as well.  I think after we have been to a few venues I will feel much better.

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  • KatieJo2013KatieJo2013 Posts: 102

    Yeh you'll start to realise what you do and don't want as you see more options. The Spa is beautiful but a friend of mine said that at a Wedding she went to there and there was another Wedding going on with a larger amount of guests and they were actually given priority when it came to taking pictures in the grounds, obviously the other group were spending more money so were treated as a higher importance than the smaller Wedding which really isn't fair but if your having a fair sized Wedding yourself then maybe it would be OK. Get the A Kentish Ceremony magazine as that has a list of all licensed venus which makes it easy, I just sat there with the mag and ticked all of them that were a possibility then did further research on them online. Good Luck! x

  • fairykittyukfairykittyuk Posts: 777

    We had our wedding at Blackstock Barn in Hellingly, East Sussex last year. It was excellent - really beautiful, play area for the kids and very picturesque for photos. xxx

  • CrowLadyCrowLady Posts: 151

    youngbride2013 hs hit the nail on the head. You will know when you start looking around whats right for you and you fiancee. We are having our reception at the Mecure and getting married in church, we knew straight away when we met the wedding co ordinator there, she answered all our questions and we could really see our friends and family there. High rocks in T Wells was the only other maybe for us x

  • TitianetteTitianette Posts: 88

    Have you had a look at Chiddingstone Castle?  It's not far from Tunbridge Wells.  We're getting married there.  Great rooms - and lovely if you want an outside do too.

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