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Diet food delivery recommendations please!


Has anyone used companies like Detox in the Box etc that delivery your diet food to your home? Can you share your experiences please?

I'm pretty crap at keeping my diet because currently my life is very stressful (work, commute) and I' away from home everyday for at least 12 hours image and find it very difficult to go to the gym / count calories :\(

Any recommendations please? I'm also thinking about these personalised diet plans but it has to involve minimum amount of cooking!

Thanks a lot


  • Hello,

    Diet Food Delivery is an important influence over the condition of our body and skin. This is where The Pure Package can help, with our diet meals delivered service. We aim to replenish nutrient deficiencies with antioxidants and create a diet that avoids foods that further deplete your diet food delivered nutrients.


    Diet Food Delivery

  • mrsmagoo2bmrsmagoo2b Posts: 113

    Diet Chef are good..... you get to eat real food - good luck xx

  • Lizard83Lizard83 Posts: 189

    Hi Girls

    I'm currently writing exercise and diet plans tailor made for you with on going text and email support. I guarantee you will lose weight and feel supported along the way, getting you to your wedding goal weight!

    Please reply to this post or email me at [email protected] if you want some further information/advice on weight loss.

    Liz xx


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