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laser tattoo removal???

hi everyone,

Just wondering has anyone ever had a tattoo removed, I have got a love heart on my chest that is so tacky its untrue, i really regret having it done, i was only fifteen at the time, but now it is just not me, have been thinking of getting it removed for a while, i even made an appoitment at a skin clinic but bottled it at the last minute.

If anyone has had tattoos removed before, how painful was it? did it work? Was there much scaring?

I do have other tatoos that i love and are classy but i didnt think it through when i had this done and the ink is patchy and faded in places, it is really getting me down.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • Shelley06ukShelley06uk Posts: 2,474

    I am in the early stages of planning a tattoo removal too by laser. Its going to cost me £60 a session through laserase and it could take quite a lot of sessions to remove it. Its worth it to me though as its a reminder of a time I would rather forget.

    I will update you on my progress if that will help :\)
  • Shelley06ukShelley06uk Posts: 2,474

    I am in the early stages of planning a tattoo removal too by laser. Its going to cost me £60 a session through laserase and it could take quite a lot of sessions to remove it. Its worth it to me though as its a reminder of a time I would rather forget.

    I will update you on my progress if that will help :\)
  • Hails1982Hails1982 Posts: 365
    thats about how much i was quoted, I think i am going to make an appointment for a consultation.

  • futureMrsLeefutureMrsLee Posts: 1,872
    Hi, I'm having it done at the moment as well.Only had 3 so far and the black outline has gone and the colours look like they've been in the washer so it is much easier to cover.

    The pain is just a bit uncomfortable, like an elastic band snapping you, not too bad.

    Yours sounds as though it wouldn't take much to remove and the skin looks the same underneath. Mine costs the same too. x
  • Hails1982Hails1982 Posts: 365
    Thats it i am convinced, will make an appointment tomorrow.

    Thank you

  • emmabaleemmabale Posts: 85
    hey all, does this scar though please? x
  • Hi there

    i'm currently getting a tattoo removed with laser- i've had 4 sessions so far and it's definately fading- looks blurry- just like another poster said- it looks like it's been in the wash.

    Im getting mine done at a clinic in Cambridge by a doctor. Like you i was very nervous and i felt by going to someone with a medical background they were more likely to understand the healing process and reduce the likelihood of scarring.

    The process itself is uncomfortable if not using a topical anaesthetic- kinda like hot rubber band being snapped on your skin- but i've been given a topical anaesthetic which numbs the area and i've found this really helps- in fact i wish i had got it removed sooner!!!
  • ali_d32ali_d32 Posts: 1
    I have been going every few months for FOUR YEARS now and the tattoo still hasn't gone completely.

    I find the pain excruciating, but you can get a local anaesthetic cream called Ametop that is very effective.

    You shouldn't have any scarring, but your skin will lose its pigment in the area treated - this comes back patchy to begin with when you sunbathe, but should eventually go back to its normal colour.

    I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It is slow to begin with but does produce results eventually
  • Hails1982Hails1982 Posts: 365
    thank you all for your replies and help i cant wait to start now.

  • jodi73redjodi73red Posts: 221
    hey girls just read about this for tattoo removal certainly sounds less painful and cheaper and easier than laser.

    worth looking into

    it was on gumtree and the lady to get in contact with is Call : 07780 600 576 or 01603 764454

    hope it helps
  • TwitchyukTwitchyuk Posts: 485
    I'm having mine lasered out too at the moment and as mine is slightly larger its costing £120 a session.

    I've had 3 treatments so far and it is fading nicely however, the lady doing it reckons it will take at least ten to get rid of the vast majority of it, so hopefully by next April most of it will be gone!

    I do find it extremely painful though when having it done. Where od you get the anaesthetic cream from that was mentioned. Last time I had it done I was on my period and the lady doing it said this makes the treatment more painful, she wasn't kidding, it hurt like buggery!
  • Your post is very informative about the laser tattoo removal, its very useful to me and also the other people,Please give me such a nice updation aobut that.


    numbing cream

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Just in case anyone is actually interested in having tattoo laser removal and not the spam above....... (PS I wouldnt trust that cream as far as I could throw it!)

    Then I can give you some info.

    I have just had one removed from my hand, I had 4 sessions and they ALL hurt.  I havent been left with any scarring but its not all completely gone either, I need at least another 2 sessions but dont have time to do this before the wedding as you have to wait 10 weeks in between each session and I want to have some sunbeds before the wedding so cannot have any more laser treatments.

    All in all I would say its worth having done if you have a tattoo you dont want but just know that its a long slow and painful process.  The tattoo I was having removed was on the side of my hand and no bigger than 3cm x 1 cm

  • Im currently in thr process of having a tattoo removed, i have had 3x sessions so far at £25 per session. (alreadt cost 3x the cost of the tattoo!) It has faded loads already, in some places it has gone completely. I'll probably need a couple of sessions before the wedding as i want it gone completely before the big day (tat is of an ex's name image  ) you have to have at least six weeks in between treatments. The cost depends on where you go, for me its £25 per 2 square inches. The pain is, like has been said, an elastic band striking the skin. Or more for me, it feels like hot fat spitting from a frying pan onto bare skin. It does hurt, but each time i just keep thinking im getting closer to removing that one last thing.

  • This is so helpful,

    especially about how long you have to wait in between treatments, I had no idea I could take up to 10 weeks!

    Umm about the pain, would you say it hurts more than the having the tattoo in the first place, having my tattoo didn't bother me I just worry about the not knowing if that makes sense, i have just one of mine that I would just love to get rid of, and looks like I need to do it soon, got till August 2013 to do it hopefully?
  • Its a different kind of pain to having the tat done in the first place, its constant, over in seconds literally. Best description for me is the fat spitting! kinda makes you jump at first but then you get used to it. Good Luck image

  • Thanks image

    Will definitely look into it this coming week
  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    The pain is like an electric shock or an elastic band snapping - I personally found it painful but I think its because of where it is on my hand (I dont think having boney hands helps!)

  • Thanx manfaw

    Should be ok then it's on my shoulder/back and thats not boney lol
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