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Is anyone else sharing their reception venue with another wedding?

Hi all,

Am having a major upsetting morning after being told another wedding have decided with 23 days to go to book our reception venue on the same day as us.

They will be in a different part of the building but we have to share the entrance/courtyard (where people will no doubt smoke) and clockroom. We are forking out far more money than we can afford and feel the venue are being greedy letting this happen.

Am I over-reacting? Just don't want to see strangers - especially drunken ones - on my wedding day!


  • Hi, we are the only ones having a wedding in my venue which is part of the reason I booked it, there will be other people around the venue doing things like afternoon tea etc which I understand, but personally I wouldn't like another wedding to be on at the same time as mine, a friend of mine went to a wedding where there were 4 weddings on and guests were arguing and fighting etc which I wouldn't wanton my wedding day. However saying that if the venue is large enough it might not be too much of a problem, but I don't think you are being unreasonable especially if you are paying a lot of money to the venue x
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    If you didn't want another wedding there on the day, you should have asked for exclusive use of the venue. Or booked a venue with that included. I did and paid a lot of money for it, but like you. it was important to me.

    Don't really see that there's much you can do about it now. Hopefully, you won't notice them too much.

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    Thank you Mrs Brown! x

    We chose our venue exactly for the reason they said we would be the only wedding there. I've been to weddings as well where there's other ones on and it feels like a conveyor belt, plus you have to put up with their music/guests.

    I'm going to see the venue's planning manager this afternoon as it's not a huge building so I can't see how we won't cross over. They're starting at 5pm and we're booked for 5.30pm. 

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    My contract is at home but I will check it later. We were told it would be just for us but I'm sure there's small print somewhere that lets them do what they want, as is the case with big companies.

    I just can't believe unless it's Don't Tell The Bride who on earth would book a venue at that short notice which isn't exactly cheap. 

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  • Yeah speak to venue and see what they say but like others have said if they have th availability to more than one wedding a day they will do it, they are all about making money and having more than one wedding a day is a great way to do that. Although it isn't the best thing for any bride to have to share their day with someone else.

    When I went to look at my venue with my family on Monday my told me someone they know had a wedding at my venue and they had 4 weddings in one day, needless to say I started panicking, I loved the venue and didn't want to share it with other people, although I had been told they only do one wedding a day so I didn't know whee my dad was getting that from. Then I went to book the registrar on tuesday who informed me that someone else had booked them for a wedding at my venue on our day, so cue me getting really stressed and annoyed with the venue. However, it had all been a misunderstanding and the people that had previously booked my date at the venue had cancelled but not cancelled with the registrar. Some understand how you feel, it's not a nice feeling thinking you have the venue to yourself to be told otherwise. Hope everything goes to plan for you x
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    Thanks everyone. I guess I'm thinking with my heart and they're thinking with their pockets. Just thought we were in the final home stretch with most of the planning/stress done. Doesn't help that my mum is ill at the moment too.

    Mrs B, I'm glad you don't have to share your day with others. Four weddings in one venue would really stress me out!


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    I Hope you can get this sorted. I know I discounted one place when they quite happily told me I would share the venue with up to 3 other weddings.

    It does sound like the venue is being greedy in my optinion, especially if they told you it would just be yours on the day

  • It can be chaotic. I remember accidently stumbling into the wrong wedding assuming there was only one wedding happening that day.

    As a photographer it can get very frustrating - if the guests aren't kept seperate you have two options - ask people what party they're with before taking photos (which doesn't fit with my reportage style) or weed them out in post production.

    Simon Dewey

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    Is it written into your contract that you would have exclusive use? If not, I'm afraid you probably don't really have much bargaining power.

    Our venue have stated in the contract that they reserve the right to use other parts of the building for whatever the hell they want basically - but they have equally said that nobody else has access to the areas we use at the time that we use them. If it's a big venue, perhaps they're using a specific area image

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    Check your contract by all means, but I would also call the venue and remind them that they assured you  that you would be the only wedding. A sort of verbal contract - true, not legally binding, but you thought their word was their bond.

    this happened to a colleague of mine where I used to work - quite a while ago now - and she went to the venue with her MIL2b, spoke to the manager and burst into tears!  He discounted the package by 30%.  I think she settled for that.  I am not sure she could have done anything else really, but she wanted the manager to cancel the other wedding, but he didn't.

    I can't remember how it all turned out for her but it is definitely worth reminding the venue of what they said to you - and telling them you thought their word was to be trusted.

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    I had a meeting with our venue and they were extremely kind at assuring us we would be the priority wedding. They offered to open a fire exit for the other wedding to use so we could have more privacy and to separate the courtyard (as my main worry was guests from the other wedding smoking outside our reception room).

    After alleviating my fears, they called the other couple who refused to agree to share the outdoor space and pulled out altogether.

    Headache over. Phew.

    Thanks for all your replies! x

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    I didn't reply to the original thread but glad all has worked out for you image

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    Glad it is sorted x

  • ShruggyShruggy Posts: 126

    Cheers ladies image

    Have a great weekend everyone x

  • Glad that's sorted for you xx
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    Great result!
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