Smooch wedding rings...have you used them???

I was at a wedding fair today and came across this company or rather they came across me. I let myself be talked into having them call out to my house one evening with a selection of wedding rings to view. I got the whole talk of how they have no stores as to save the customer paying over the odds for rings, Thing is i'm worried about buying this way as what come back do i have. Has anyone got their rings from these guys ???


  • We bought my fiances ring from them and they were great. No hard pressure sell, ring delivered when they said etc. I had no problems at all. I can't vouch for how they would be if I had a problem with the ring as we didnt have any but they seem to get good enough reviews on the subject.

    I hope this helps.

  • beesbees Posts: 835

    There have been some really mixed reviews of them on here. If you search for the threads I think that there will be quite a few.

  • I have heard more bad than good reviews so i dont think im going to risk it. My plan now is to find a ring i like, price it, wait for jan sale and see how much the price goes down and buy it then. That way i'll save a bit and get what i want...hopefully image

    Thanks for all the advice, helped make my mind up !!

  • I've never used them but I've not heard anything particularly positive. If it helps, we got ours from Hyde and Park Design in Hatton Garden and they were brilliant throughout and cheaper than the equivalent on the high street.

  • I have an appointment with Smooch next month, partly because the guy at the wedding fayre lives by me (I didn't realise he worked for them before that.) I have read a few bad things but I'll see how it goes on the day.

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