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I want to make my own invitations and I want to find an invitation that is basically a normal square invitation but when you open it on the right hand side there is a pocket. I don't want the normal pocketfold, I have seen one website that does them but want to know if somewhere like PDA crafts does them as they are good quality and have a good reputation.

Here is the one I like; (called pocketfold book)




  • I used PDA for their pocketfold invitations and the quality is excellent. Ours had a pocket on the right-hand side when you opened it up; we put the travel and accommodation info in there.

    PDA are really good, although the website can be a bit confusing. You just need to get your head around all the different dimensions and layouts. I ordered their swatch samples, and after that, when I knew what colour/finish I wanted, ordered singles of the pocketfolds I was interested in to see which was best. Then finally ordered a hundred of the one I chose!


  • Ah Sophie - you have just helped me solve my dilemma of finding a decent Card stock supplier - everywhere i was looking seemed really expensive but these guys seem quite reasonable.


  • I made my own pocket to put on the inside of our invites - cut out in card with flaps, used double sided tape to stick to inside.  Massive cost saving compared to the pre-made ones.  But a lot of man hours.

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