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HI All

I'm getting married at Orwell Park School in Ipswich next September and just wondered if anyone has had been to a wedding there or got married there recently? I'd really like to know what people though of it - good or bad!



  • Hi, Sorry can't help you with Orwell Park School but will keep my ears open for you.

    Well you make the fifth B2b from Ipswich. I'm from Ipswich and did look at Orwell Park School as it looked gorgeous but unfortunately budget wouldn't stretch that far so we ended up choosing Woolverstone Hall. We get married on 26th April next year.

    We've booked the caterer, photographer, church, mens suits and my dress so far. Next thing is booking the entertainment for the evening reception.

    How are getting on with your wedding plans? Have you picked a dress yet?

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    Sorry I've never been to a wedding there but just thought I'd say I'm going there tonight for a work thing,

    I went to the same event last year and it looked really nice, they have a lovely garden if you're lucky with the weather.

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    Samantha - Let me know what you think tonight!

    Just starting with wedding plans at the moment, so haven't got anything booked up yet. Can't beleieve so many people in Ipswich are getting a Maggie dress! I've looked on the website and think that they look gorgeous and they seem to be resonably affordable too.

    Only thing that we've really decided on is the wedding party which consists of

    2 best men

    3 bridesmaids

    2 Ushers

    What's everyone else going for?

    No colour scheme as yet, but I like the idea of either a sort of red wine/burgundy colour. I think it would be a good colour for an autumn wedding, but not sure how H2B will feel about wearing a matching tie/cravat!
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    Hi TSR!

    Another Ipswich bride - Yay!

    Congrats on your engagement and welcome to the forum - leave your life at the door though, you wont need it coz this site is addictive!!

    Orwell Park School was on my list of venues but they couldn't do the date I wanted due to staff going on holiday over the xmas period, the guy I spoke to there was really nice though and it looked fab! I never went to see it because we went to Haughley Park and fell in love with that anyway.

    As far as the wedding party goes we are having...

    1 best man

    2 ushers

    2 bridesmaids (my best friend and my sister)

    1 flowergirl (my god daughter who will be 18 months by then)

    We are also having a red wine, silver and white colour to fit in with the christmas feel. It seems a lot of us Ipswich brides ar having red! H2B and wedding party are having dark grey tails with silver waistcoats and red cravats - looks lovely, you should take H2B to Coes - they were great with us and very helpful.

    Are you marrying in a church or will you get married at the venue?

    Join us on the Ipswich bride to be thread - we will be organising a meet soon if you fancy it x
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    Hi TSR

    The event last night was really good, I can't comment on the rooms as we were outside the whole time because the sun was shining but as I said before the garden is wonderful, I had forgotten how big and nice it was.

    I think wine/burgundy is a lovely colour for autumn weddings and is quite a popular colour, I don't know what your H2B is like but I shouldn't imagine most men would have a problem wearing that colour cravat. And if he does you could always add another colour like gold and he can have a cravat in that colour but you still get to have wine/burgundy as your overall colour.

    We are having blue but its proving a bit tricky in some places as blue flowers aren't the easiest to find although we have found a few, plus our venue has a lot of red including red chairs which I need to tone down a bit so we think we may have ot have chair covers at the moment!

    I have started a thred for Ipswich brides in the Getting started forum so you'll see what some others are having there.



  • Sweets08

    I'm having my reception at Orwell Park ion 19th April 08!! Can't wait! It was my brothers old school!

    We are having a bbq instead of a sit down and Dan has been great!

    There is a wedding fair there in November so you'll have probably received the invite for it!!

    Some friends have just got married at Wolverstone and that was a good do as well!!!
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    HI Carolinehr

    So good to hear some else is going to be using Orwell Park School - most people I've mentioned it to either seem to have never heard of it, or have never been to a wedding there!

    I got my invitation to the wedding fayre too. I am really looking forward to it because I'm keen to see how they are going to set it up for the meal. We are having the whole thing there and using the orangery for the breakfast, but due to how decorated it is in there with all the differnt colours, I am having real problems with coming up with any type of colour scheme!

    so have you organised everything, or have you still got lots to do?
  • Hi Sweets08

    Can't remember the date of the fayre! Ghhrrrr!!!

    I can't wait to have the reception there! We are getting married in our local church!

    We've decided against a colour theme - also because that's all people kept asking - keeping it simple! Because the tiles in the orangery are green we didn't want to draw away from that! The only colour being tall vases with ivory and green floral displays! Got so much to ask Dan when we see him!!!

    As we are having a BBQ we have a mixture of tables inside and garden benches outside!! Hoping for nice weather!

    Feel like I have lots to do - bridesmaid dresses went back!! Got my dress from Grace and Lace! Love it! Having Big Fish Photography and an old Bentley! H2b is in the army so will be in his number 1s!

    How are you getting on?
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